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Unfurling Love's Creation -
Chants by Hildegard of Bingen

Songs of Spirit: Live Sound Healings

Healing Chants (a live concert recording)
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Meditation Chants
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Recordings by various musicians of Medieval, Renaissance and other music which lets spirit shine through the music and performers to those listening.



El Canto De La Sibila II - Galicia,Castilla
Jordi Savall directs Hesperion XX

Released: December 10, 1996

Is it real or a legend? The music handed down around the Sybil tradition performed provides an example of how music can provide a forum for transfiguration.

El Cant de la Sibilla I - Catalunya
Jordi Savall directs Hesperion XX

Released: January 14, 1997

ASIN: B000003II0

Tous Les Matins Du Monde
Jordi Savall directs Hesperion XX
The opening segment is a wonderful example of body-stirring dance music from the French Court, the rest of the disc more subtle, gentle music of voices and viols. From the movie of the same name.

Released: December 14, 1992

Johannes Ockeghem
The Two Three-Voice Masses

Conductor: Kevin Moll leads Schola Discantus in this choral music recording. The colors and expression in this CD have an emotional strength not often found in choral singing of this composer. You can feel the harmonies move through your body.

Released: May 23, 1994

Time Stands Still
Sung by Emma Kirby
Lute accompaniment by Anthony Rooley

Lute songs of the early 1600's by John Dowland, Thomas Campion and other composers. This disc was recorded at a remarkable hall built on sacred ground in England. It is an example of how music can provide an opening for spirit, in a simple, clear and gentle manner.

February 28, 1988



Pièces de Viole/
by Marin Marais
Jordi Savall is joined by Christophe Coin, Ton Koopman and others in this 5 CD set of Marais' music for gamba.

ASIN: B0000017MC

Ludi Musici
Music of Samual Scheidt
Jordi Savall directs Hesperion XX

April 15, 1997

The Spririt of Gambo
Savall, Hesperion XX

Released: September 9, 1997

Cançons de la Catalunya mil-lenària
Jordi Savall directs members of Hesperion XX
featuring soprano Montserrat Figueras

There are times when the most important thing to do is c ry. This disc is based on plaintive songs from the Catalan folk/early music tradition.

Released: November 11, 1994

ASIN: B0000017PW


 The recordings listed below are not currently listed with, but are worth hunting down through other sources.





Llibre Vermell de Montserrat
Jordi Savall directs Hesperion XX

EMI/Reflexe CDM 7 63071 2

From chant to amazing percussion these 14th century songs are reminders that this collection, 'Llibre Vermell" or 'The Red Book' was popular music meant for celebration and dancing. I particular love the contrast between the plainchant and the large ensemble pieces. It sounds as if Savall invited a hundred of his favorite musician friends over for a week of improvisation and jamming.

Les Voix Humaines
Jordi Savall, solo viola da gamba

AliaVox 9803

Released in 1998, the music on this CD is warm and very user friendly. The overall affect is gentle, relaxing and soothing. Jordi Savall has the ability to bring through spiritual compassion in music. His solo playing on this CD certainly does this. Solo works for gamba by Marais, Sainte-Colombe, Bach and more.