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O vos flores rosarum video
click for mp3
(a medieval chant by Hildegard of Bingen, with harp improvization and voice)

NOTE: Hildegard's canonization was officially completed on May 7, 2012, and she will be made a Doctor of the Church on October 7, 2012.

Listen to (and purchase) Hildegard's Chants

For me music is a form of prayer, drawing from within us the peace that already exists. We can allow peace to be present on Earth, because it is already present within each of us. Within our hearts, our souls and our beings, we carry our unique connection to Spirit. As we feel it each day in ourselves, we will see it more in others.

Hildegard von Bingen Links

Hildegard Chant texts
(the original Latin words Hildegard wrote,and English translations)

Hildegard von Bingen Biography

Hildegard's Musical Notation/Sheet Music
(her original hand-written score,the Gregorian square note version, and the modern printed versions)

Recordings of Hildegard's Music

Videos of Hildegard's music
(Some show her own artwork, others photos of her monastery, footage from live concerts or sacred geometry mandalas that arise out of her music.)

A Workshop on singing Hildegard's music

Upcoming concerts of Hildegard's music

Hildegard's Artwork
(Six of her Illuminations)

Articles about Hildegard von Bingen

Chant is not a spectator sport
Hildegard's Chants
All of Creation
Hildegard and Healing Chants

Singing Hildegard's Music in Concert
Singing Spirit
Escorting Energies Home

I believe that singing, chanting, toning, prayer and healing are all one and the same. We are creative beings, responsible for our bodies, our emotions, our thoughts and minds. What we give our attention to we give our energy to. By consciously and intentionally using sound we discover ourselves as co-creators.
- Norma Gentile

"All the arts serving human desires and needs
are derived from the breath
that God
into the human body."

-Hildegard of Bingen