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Singing Spirit
Hildegard's Medieval Healing Chants

by Norma Gentile


When I sing I become a vessel or channel for songs. Not just any songs however. Songs that are inspired by spirit draw back to this earthly plane those same spirits or angels that originally inspired the song.

This also happened to a woman who lived 900 years ago. Hildegard (born near Bingen, Germany) wrote books, sacred chants, and set her own play to music. She was consulted by Popes and kings on major issues of the day, led two monasteries as abbess in the Catholic Church, and was sought out as a public speaker. Her wisdom was extraordinary, creating templates for healing that mirror many esoteric paths today.

Those who were working with Hildegard from the angelic realms have returned. The angels and saints who surrounded her and whispered songs into her ears are with us now. Many, beside myself, hear them.

My connection to Hildegard is not unique, although it is very potent. All that she heard, saw, and experienced she attributed to divine source. Anyone of us can turn and face Divinity. It is our birthright, and our destiny.

Hildegard's particular gift, to bring into this world what she experienced from spirit, is one that we each have. Whether or not we have accessed it, we each are meant to be vessels and channels for spirit. The earth plane needs our bodies to bring forth acts of divinity upon the land. Humanity acts as angels-in-form, according to Hildegard.

Each of Hildegard's songs came from what she called 'The Cosmic Symphony'. These were sounds she heard while in deep meditation or trance. She then transcribed them as songs, writing her own words to each in Latin.

I believe that each of her songs was 'sent' to her by spirit, and that a specific group of angels was charged with lowering themselves down to meet her consciousness. In the moment of joining, words and music that reflected those angels came into Hildegard's knowing. As she wrote, that particular configuration of angels would return again, to help her sculpt the music and words to most accurately reflect what it was that they wished to help share with humanity. And so it is with all great music, literature, art and wisdom.

For you see, whenever a song is sung, the singer becomes the portal through which those same angels might return again to touch humanity. Each time the singer opens as a vessel and receives the angels who originally sculpted the song, the doorway also opens to those listening to hear not just the song but also the message of the angels.

In this fashion, each one hearing the song may turn inward, listening to how those same angels might speak to them directly. All those listening to the song may then receive the blessing that the angels offer, through the song. This blessing is always an offering, never more.

For me, it is the singer's responsibility to turn and face spirit as fully as possible. It is only in this way that the angelic muses are invited to return. For this reason I refer to myself as a channel.

When I sing I feel the song move through me from the inside out. It is as if my body opens from its central channel, and this channel grows larger and larger within me, expanding until my entire body and the space around me is a flowing river. Moving from deep underneath me to well above my head, this river turns different colors and textures as I shift from one song to another. I become the channel for the song, and for the angels who originally inspired the song.

Anyone can do this. Most of us have moments of doing this while singing or writing or painting or speaking with someone. We open so completely that we forget who we are, and become a vessel for divine expression.

Even as a listener to music, we can help to draw the angels through the singer. Just as we can help by listening to a friend who simply needs to talk through an issue. It is the same quality of conscious listening, of openhearted hearing without judgment. After all, it is not the words that you are hearing as a friend expresses deep sorrow, it is the emotion.

So too music is not about the notes but about what is carried within the notes. As any of us turns to spirit, our voices carry spirit to others. Speaking or singing, playing the piano or dancing or drawing; with our focus upon spirit, the door is opened for the angels to enter. And the invitation is shared with all those present to join in creation.

Norma Gentile
-(with Atamira)


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