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Books on Spiritual Healing, Energy Healing, Channeling, Ancient Teachings of Egypt, Mystical and Native Healers.


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The Last Ghost Dance :
A Guide for Earth Mages
by Brook Medicine Eagle

Stories and ideas to help awaken and inspire. Brooke captures a number of healing tales and talks about her own experiences with spirit. I may be partial, as she includes me among the new earth mages.

This item will be released on October 31, 2000. You may order it now and we will ship it to you when it arrives.

Published October 31, 2000

The Woman With the Alabaster Jar:
Mary Magdalen and the Holy Grail
by Margaret Starbird


published in June 1993

Serpent of Light
by Drunvalo Melchizedek

Drunvalo has a lovely way of using stories to help us explore new aspects of ourselves. He reminds me of Garrison Keiler when listening to him in live workshops. The stories reflect his personal experiences with many cultures and sacred ceremonies around the world.

The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life Volumne 1 and 2
by Drunvalo Melchizedek

Five years in the making, this much anticipated book, volumne 1 of 2, includes diagrams, photos and many, many explanations to help us all see the interconnectedness and pattern of spirit in life. See the videos, take the Flower of Life course or read the book - this will shift you at an unconsious level. Includes the MerKaBa meditation in great detail, and all of the information you need to understand it.

Published: April 1999


Nothing in This Book Is True, but It's Exactly How Things Are
by Bob Frissell and Brett Lilly (Contributor)

Based on the teachings of Drunvalo Melchizedek, this book draws together sacred geometry, mathematics, cosmic history and present day events in a fun, clear and simple manner. Take it or leave it, you can believe however much of it you want to. I guarantee it will make you think and question things, even more than a weekend of X-Files viewing.

Living in the Heart:
How to enter into the Sacred Space within the Heart
by Drunvalo Melchizedek, CD with Unity Meditation and Heart Space Meditation


The Journey of Your Soul :
A Channel Explores Channeling and the Michael Teachings
Sheperd Hoodwin

The first third of this book is the author's own stories of how he 'stumbled' upon his ability to channel, his relationship with Michael, and how he functions as a channel. The remainder of the book lays out the MIchael system of personality typing, with plenty of humor and examples.  

Loving from Your Soul :
Creating Powerful Relationships
Shepherd Hoodwin (Editor)
Channelings from the Michael Group

Michael, through Shepherd Hoodwin, talks about aspects of love . Their kind and gentle thoughts on loving ourselves and others invite pondering larger life cycles. A subtle energy from Michael permeates the book, and supports change in the reader.


Channeling : Investigations on Receiving Information from Paranormal Sources
by Jon Klimo

The most comprehensive book I know of on channeling. It includes thoughts from various channelers on what they are dong, as well as their own experiences. A good book to read if you are interested in understanding channeling from many different cultures and times, including how it appears in the Bible.

Published: April 1998

Women in Praise of the Sacred :
43 Centuries of Spiritual Poetry by Women
by Jane Hirshfield (Editor)

Sacred poems from ancient times to the present. Most are simple expressions of how women relate to the Divine. One of my favorite inspirational bed-side books.

The Indigo Children :
The New Kids Have Arrived
by Lee Carroll, Jan Tober

Have kids that seem to stand out? A whole new generation of souls is incarnating now, and bring with them special gifts for the planet. More on who they are and ideas on helping them cope with real life here on earth. It's apt to help parents too.

Published in May 1999

Living at the Heart of Creation :

Practical Wisdom for Extraordinary Times
by Michael Exeter

Excerpts from spontaneous talks. Out of Print, but has a search program for it, and I believe it is worth the hunt. A good book for newcomers to New Age and Energy in general. Real life issues are dealt with, in a real life manner.

Awesome Designs
A Mandala Coloring book

by Wendy Riseman

Each page is a beautiful intuitively derived design of Sacred Geometry. Each tells its own story, and you are part of it. The designs are all hand drawn, waiting for you to finish them. Fun to color both for adults and children. A very nice activity for those of you with exceptional children.

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Basic Psychic Development :
A User's Guide to Auras, Chakra & Clairvoyance
by John Friedlander and Gloria Hemsher

Based on the Berkeley Psychic Institute classes, this is a simple step by step 'do it yourself' manual. It includes explanations of how you probably already use your intutition and easy ways to integrate more exploration of it into your life. Great for those feeling overwhelmed by other's energies and wanting to control their own opening to psychic or intuitive perceptions.
Released: March 1999

Making the Gods Work for You :
The Astrological Language of the Psyche
by Caroline W. Casey

Funny with lots of information and common sense insights from her background in astrology and shamanism.

Hardcover published in June 1998. Paperback coming in September 1999.

The Magdalen Manuscript
by Tom Kenyon and Judy Sion
Tom is a channel for the Hathors, and like many channelers has connections to other beings. This book is about 1/4 his material channeled from Mary Magdalen, regarding sacred sex and the relationship of husband and wife she shared with Jesus. The energy of the channeled text is very nice. The remainder of the book is a discourse by Tom on practices of tantra in different religions, and Judy writes an autobiography that is quite potent.

Softcover, $18.95 U.S , published 2004
Available from

The Tarot Trumps and
The Holy Grail

by Margaret Starbird



Published in September 2000

The New Natural Cat :
A Complete Guide for Finicky Owners
by Anitra Frazier, Norma Eckroate

Yes, what would we all do without our companion animals? For those who may want to understand the natural desires and habits of cats, this is a good book to read.

Published: November 1990

Walking Between the Worlds :
The Science of Compassion
by Gregg Braden

There is much to think about in this book. Gregg uses his own personal stories to illustrate the various points he makes. I found the mirrors of relationships extremely helpful.

Published: May 1997


Aaron's Crossing;: A True Ghost Story
by Linda Alice Dewey

Homegrown (in Michigan) the true story of a medium's encounter with an earthbound soul, his life's story, and crossing. Many nice pieces of information for those working and sensitive to spiritual energies. A fun read, with good concepts of energy, life and the evolutionary process of our soul.

Magic at Our Hand
by Nancy Rose Exeter

Written from a woman's perspective, this is a gentle and loving book encouraging each of us to see and use our own abilities to create magic in life. Each chapter gives ideas and actual situations of application. Many larger cycles of a woman's life are explored. Excellent for those wanting less theory and more heart issues in their spiritual literature.


Published: June 1988