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Spoken Meditations & Teachings CDs

an ongoing series of Teachings and Meditations from Norma and her guides, Archangel Michael, Mary, the Hathor Atamira.

Espanol Aqui

by Norma Gentile

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Albums of Healing Music

-Songs of Spirit
-Unfurling Love's Creation
-Meditation Chants
-Healing Chants

Spoken Meditations
& Teachings
an ongoing series of audioclasses on CD. Teachings and Meditations from Norma and her guides, Archangel Michael, Mary, the Hathor Atamira.

Songs of Spirit
sung by Norma Gentile

Live Sound Healings
with Tibetan Singing Bowls, Schruti Box, Guitar, Tibetan Flute, and Voice

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Recorded in live healing settings, the CD is designed to guide you into a deeply meditative state and release what is no longer serving your soul's journey.  An hour in length, the music is gentle, yet very effective in helping heavy emotions and even dark energies in a home or office space to release. Songs invite your healing team of angels and the Nature Spirits of your room or home (or even work cubicle) and land beaneth to support you. Deeply transformative energies abound in the soundscapes that are created by these songs, transmitted from spirit through Norma

from Norma
When I sing I see spiritual energies move in a room. Often I notice a shadow, like a density or gray mist, form in an area of the room or around a person. At these moments I know I must step back and let those that sing through me, such as the Hathor named Atamira, work with Archangel Michael and Mary to help these shadows find their way home.

During these moments in concerts, I feel the presence of each person's Angel listening alongside them. These angels work with my guides, Archangel Michael, Mary and Atamira, to lay healing energies into my voice. In these songs are the momentum for carrying all energies, light or dark, homeward. As you listen to this music, know that you too can release any shadows, within yourself or your surroundings, to complete their journey homeward.

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TEXT and NOTES Songs of Spirit
-------- by Norma Gentile

text and music by Hildegard of Bingen

The first two songs invite you to step into Sacred Space. The first, O Factura Dei, opens your heart, and the portal behind your heart (The Heart of God) where you Higher Self, Guardian Angel or Spirit Guide connects with you. It is a song by Hildegard for which only the text exists. The music I'm singing came to me during several concerts. I found that I was singing nearly the same melody each time, and decided to write it down. The words mean

O creation of God which is human,
in the greatest of sacredness you were brought forth
when in humility, sacred divinity penetrated the heavens.

O what great compassion
allows divine brilliance in earthly mire
so that those angels ministering with God
might see God in humanity.

#2 THE THREE BEAUTIES - Creating Sacred Space
by Norma Gentile
Solo Voice

Three Beauties refers the three elements that create a Sacred Sphere around any room, and let it become a sacred place. Anytime, anywhere that we choose to, we can create and enter into Sacred Space. By inviting these three elements and recognizing their presence, we honor and ask for their assistance.

-The Pure Energy of Nature

-Nature Spirits and Intelligences of the Room

-Nature Spirits and intelligences of the Land beneath the Room

As you listen to this song, be aware of the sphere that is being called forth from around the room you are in. If you are outside, the sphere will be created using your physical body as its center.

by Norma Gentile
Schruti Box and Voice

Sensing the nearly intangible movement of Spirit, that gently brings new hope, possibilities, and love into our human range of vision.

by Hildegard of Bingen
Solo Voice

A song by Hildegard in which I feel the blessing of innocence revealed.

O blessed child,
the chosen Disibodi,
whom God so inspired.
that in time your sacred deeds
became the wonders of God,
wafting like the gentle scent
of a healing perfume

by Norma Gentile
Tibetan Singing Bowl and Voice

Plangunt is a lamentation for what was and can no longer be true for us. As we change so must our outer worlds. Sometimes it seems that our outer worlds, those around us leave or pass away and we are forced to change. It is difficult in these times to recognize that our soul has chosen to create new paths, and those who have left our lives have done so to open a space for new friends to enter

Guitar, tuned and played as an Indian Tambura, and Voice

Respire means Breathe. Remembering our natural breath is an important way to feel our body. Our navel is the center for breath, which generates our unique life-force. When we breathe deeply we build energy that joins our soul and body together. As this bond strengthens, we feel secure in knowing our body is supported by our soul and Spirit.

by Norma Gentile
Tibetan Singing Bowls and Voice

We create cords to those we love. When someone dies, we grieve, and release the body-to-body cords we share with them through our tears. This lets the underlying Soul-to-Soul cords be revealed. With these fully available and active, our physical body here feels the loving presence of those no longer in form. Sometimes we are reluctant to fully release the body-to-body cords, and instead use our own emotional energies to create an emotional ghost of the person we love so that it feels as if they are still with us. This is not a true ghost, but an image of the person we create ourselves, made with our own energies, and corresponding to our beliefs about the person. Releasing these emotional ghosts frees up our energies to build up our own life-force and to move forward into a new life..

by Norma Gentile
Schruti Box and Voice

Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you. (Matthew 7, 7) I love the word 'ask'. It does not imply project, demand or imagine. 'Ask' to me includes a sense of humility, which allows an opening through which we receive the gifts of Spirit.

Wooden Tibetan Flute and Voice

The flute here is a wooden Tibetan Flute. It is not in the modern tuning our ears expect. Often when we ask Spirit for something we receive not quite what we expect.

by Norma Gentile
Tibetan Bowl Choir, Wooden Tibetan Flute and Voice

Compassion is sitting with another's pain. A true friend let's us be as we are, and listens. Receiving sorrow in an attitude of compassion creates a sacredness that energizes understanding of ourselves. This understanding is the 'light-bulb' that let's us see the new possibilities in our life Spirit is offering.

by Norma Gentile
Tibetan Bowl Choir and Voice

A space to receive nourishment is opened within us after we have acknowledged and released what we no longer need. Nourishing ourselves at the level of consciousness we now chose to live in lets us build our body and life circumstances to match. #13 is a bevy of Tibetan Bowls, sounding together

#14 O DELECTABLE ONE / O dilectissime
by Norma Gentile, based on the poetry of Hildegard of Bingen
Solo Voice

Based on the opening line of one of Hildegard's poems without music, I am amazed by the sensation of Spirit as delicious and delectable.

by Hildegard of Bingen
Solo Voice

A song with both music and text by Hildegard, this song leads us into stillness at its conclusion. Here is the sacred void of creation. What do you want to create differently in your life? Relax your grip on what must be, and let yourself imagine what might be.

O ruby-red blood
which flowed from on high
where divinity touched.

You are a flower
which the winter
of the serpent's breath
can never injure.

by Norma Gentile
Monastic Tibetan Singing Bowl and Voice

Those beliefs that we are unwilling to examine and the resulting actions that we insist we as well as others take, become like layers of dark winter coats we wear year-round. As I sang the previous song, O Rubor Sanguinis, I became aware of a thickening in the air around the altar of the church. Growing larger and larger, I felt the beliefs of hundreds of years of humans who had worshipped in this sanctuary rise from the sacred vortex lying underneath the central altar of the church. I sensed that these beliefs had been superimposed upon the sacred vortex within the land.

Bound together, these beliefs were limited to the concept of love that each allowed themselves to experience in life. The thickness and darkness I experienced was the limitation placed on the vortex by these beliefs. Each concept limited the vortex's ability to express true unconditional love to those humans worshipping today.

As we expand our ability to receive love more deeply from Nature and Spirit, we expand our ability to love each other more deeply. This song helps those energies trapped, particularly in the land or a building, to find their way onto their next step of growth and evolution. This allows the land to reflect those living upon her now.

by Norma Gentile
Schruti Box and Voice

Sometimes there are no words when Spirit is present, and in this moment, we as humans witness Grace.

text and music by Hildegard of Bingen
Tibetan Singing Bowl and Voice

A song with text and music by Hildegard, who saw beyond the human into the part of God hidden inside.

O wonder of such wonder,
who hides their form next to heaven,
arduously standing in honor,
where living mindfulness speaks of sacred mysteries.

By such a manner, o Disibode,
you will rise until the end,
helping all the world's branches to flower,
so that the first may then arise.

by Norma Gentile
Schruti Box and Voice

Birds singing at dawn and the brilliance of the sun streaming across the grass entice our bodies to awaken. The touch of Spirit reminds us of this brilliant inner light, which we can turn on each morning, even if the rain is coming down. Come out, come out of bed, awake and play!

by Norma Gentile
Tibetan Bowls and Voice

Here a choir of Tibetan Bowls accompanies a spontaneous lullaby. It is the sense of gratitude and thanksgiving that allows all those of the elements of Nature, Nature Spirits of the room, and the Nature Spirits of the land beneath release the Sacred Sphere. This same sense of gratitude allows all the assembled angels to gently release themselves and lets your body return to a wakeful conscious state. A final 'thank-you' from Spirit and with much joy, I offer it here to you, as the cycle finds completion in your act of listening now.


How does this CD work?

---Opens the Heart of God Portal behind your heart, through which your Guardian Angel speaks to you.

---Creates a Sacred Sphere around the room using Nature and Natural Spirits of the room and land.

---Releases your body from past issues and past relationships.

---Clears homes, land and buildings of dark energies.

---Replenishes and renews your body and your home with healthy life-giving energy.

Released:July 2007 by Healing Chants Media


Norma Gentile's Songs of Spirit is a blessed gift from the heavens. Her beautiful music and glorious voice immediately clear away all energetic confusion and psychic disturbance, both in the atmosphere and in oneself upon hearing it. You need only listen to this wonderful CD to instantly restore your Spirit to perfect harmony with Divine Grace and align your vibration to love. It is beautiful.
-Sonia Choquette
bestselling author
Trust Your Vibes

Norma Gentile captures powerfully the spirit and the depth of Hildegard's music and message in these beautiful and timeless CD's.  She carries us to depths and heights that the soul yearns to explore and where Spirit and soul soar in unison.  Hildegard is proud!
--Matthew Fox, author, 
lluminations of Hildegard of Bingen and Hildegard of Bingen's Book of Divine Works with Letters and Songs

This exquisite music can heal and uplift both body and soul.
--Shepherd Hoodwin
-Michael group channel and author
The Journey of Your Soul

"...this CD is more than meets the ear." - Spirit Seeker Magazine

for Chiropractic:
Playing this music as I work makes my job easier; people shift and resolve their unwanted tension with much more ease. This is definitely Norma's best work so far! --Dr. Robert J. Koliner, DC

for accupuncture and setting space: After playing SONGS of SPIRIT my treatment room becomes clear with a lighter and more vibrant energy. Patients experience a deeper state of relaxation, allowing for healing at a deeper level.
-Susan Jakary, Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine

For surgery and injury recovery: Songs of the Spirit was exactly what I needed last night!

I had hernia repair surgery yesterday and listened to your CD before sleeping. Your voice is impressive, as always, and I really liked the arrangements with the other instruments supporting your voice. Aside from the sheer musicality, the CD gave me a nice peaceful feeling and a bit of pain relief, exactly what I needed. Thanks a lot.

I've benefited greatly from knowing you and hearing your music and ideas. I teach every one of my students how intention affects music. I suppose I knew it already but none of my teachers ever articulated it the way you did.

----John Temmerman, jazz saxophone, Chicago


Norma Gentile
vocals, Schruti box, Tibetan bowls

Candace Keach
Tibetan Flute and Tibetan Bowls

Jeremiah Benham
Guitar, tuned as an Indian Tambura

Phadia Adams, Reverend Raymond Gotko, Lucy Banks, Tibetan bowls

Released: and Copyright July 2007 by Healing Chants Media


Norma Gentile, Voice, Schruti box and Tibetan bowls

Candace Keach, Tibetan Flute and Tibetan Bowls

Jeremiah Benham, Guitar, tuned and played as an Indian Tambura

Phadia Adams, Reverend Raymond Gotko, Lucy Banks, Tibetan bowls

sound shaman, holds a masters in Voice and has been writing and verbally channeling Archangel Michael and the Hathors since 1991. She has recorded four CDs of healing chants by the medieval abbess and seer, Hildegard of Bingen (available at her webstie). Norma’s writings appear regularly in Sedona Journal of Emergence, her monthly podcasts (iTunes) are offered freely, as is her e-newsletter.o subscribe, and read additional articles, please see her website.

CANDACE KEACH ( is a classical flutist (New England Conservatory of Music) and sound therapist in Atlanta, Georgia. She leads the Spiral of Sound Crystal Bowl Choir and facilitates the monthly Atlanta Toning Circle, has been Principal Flutist of the Macon Symphony Orchestra for over 20 years. She offers workshops and lectures, performs, and maintains a private flute studio.Her newest CD, As above so Below, can be found at her website.

JEREMIAH BENHAM ( is a classical guitarist based in Chicago. He is a faculty member of DePaul University and Columbia College. He performs rock. country, jazz, classical and more.

PHADIA ADAMS is a Reiki and Shamanic Sound Practitioner residing near Columbus, Ohio. She can be reached at:

HILDEGARD von BINGEN (1098-1179) wrote the music and words for several songs on this recording. She lived in central Germany, writing books, music and serving as an abbess in the Catholic Church. She was consulted by Popes and Kings, known for her wisdom and prophetic powers, as well as her healing abilities. More about Hildegard can be found at

St. Andrews Episcopal Church, Ann Arbor, Michigan
St. James Episcopal Church, Marietta (Atlanta) Georgia
Unitarian Universalist Church, Evanston (Chicago) Illinois
St Patricks Church, Dublin (Columbus) Ohio

Edited by David Lau, Brookwood Studio
( Ann Arbor Michigan

CD Design by Karen Harkness

Title Illustration by Jerry Campbell

Cover: Bird in Tree, Villa de Leyva, Colombia

Back Cover: Photo of Norma by Ron Geitgey, Hildegard's monastery ruins at Disibodenberg by Norma

Center Photo: Condor reaching the Sun, Echo Canyon, Andes Mountains, Colombia by Norma