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(What we surround ourselves with helps our body remember to resonate with its own natural patterns)

Organic Cotton is incredibly soft and smooth. Using this for bras and panties means the most sensitive parts of our body are not exposed to the pesticides that cotton is typically grown with.

Blue Canoe has a good line of organic clothing, including plus sizes. They make bras with a special wide band underneath the breasts which is designed to not crush the underarm and outer breast lymph. Those red, sore marks on our shoulders, around our chests and under our breasts indicate that not only has the blood flow been affected, but the more sensitive lynphatic channels have most likely been blocked or crushed. The lymph flow carries toxins out of our bodies. Google for articles on lymph blockage and disease.

Wearable Art - bring your Inner Attitude to the Outer World.

3 designs based on Hildegards own poetry and art
-------- organic / cotton / plus-sizes / children / cards / tote bags / jackets / mugs

Hildegard's Heart
hand designed calligraphy
by Angela Michielutti

long sleeve

organic baby shirt

reusable tote bag

Hildegard's Self Portrait

polo shirt

simple t-shirt


Hildegard's Divine Heart
(see all 150 items)

cap sleeve shirt

colored shirts

even more shirts

In addition to what you see above, there are also things that I realize I purchase every so often for personal use such as water bottles, food thermos, jackets and sweatshirts. The selection varies under each design. The largest selection by far is under the last design. You will find all sorts of things there, including some humorous offerings for the feline and canine members of your family.


A Personal Note:

Sites and Suggestions

Water is the primary element of our physical bodies. The quality of water we take in resonates out into all of the water in our bodies. When we drink water with even trace amounts of toxins, we are putting those toxins into our body through the very source that our body relies on to be able to release toxins. So if the water flowing into our bodies is polluted, how can our bodies easily release stored up pollution?

This is for me a major source of Cancer and disease.

Chlorine is a toxin. Getting a filter that totally eliminates chlorine is the first step. The little Brita jars and such don't work that well. Invest in a reverse osmosis. I love my little unit and use it to make my own toxin-free water from tap.

Add a liter/quart or two of Penta water daily. And Trinity Water as needed.

Penta Water

The water molecule is small enough to pass through cell membranes, and let cells release toxins. As I understand it, other water's molecules are too large to do this. Highly recommended for Cancer. Pricey, but what is your life worth?

It has a very high and clean vibrational quality.

My own experience is that I can drink and drink and drink sometimes and it all goes through me. When I drink a bottle of Penta it stays inside of me. I use this daily, but especially when flying or presenting, because it keeps my body hydrated without lots of bathroom breaks.

While there are companies out there saying if you add a few drops of their structured water to make the equivalent of Penta, I don't find that to be true.

Reverse Osmosis Water Filter

This is the finest type of water filter. It will remove salt/sodium from well water that has been softened, remove lead and chlorine and other supossedly safe toxins from city water.

I have a portable RO filter called the 'Watermaker" that fits onto most taps. It was about $100, and lasts a year with a family of four without a filter change. You can make water into a large bottle or gallon jugs while you do other things.. There are also under the sink and above the sink models.

Dr. Emoto

You may know him from the movie "What the bleep do we know".Lovely work, both in books and lectures and workshops, illustrating how water reflects and absorbs onsciousness. In simple terms, if you hold a glass of water and are angry, the water molecules become chaotic. Drink it, and you are drinking in anger.

This is why I suggest the highest vibrational quality of water intake. Do this, and your body is constantly receiving clear messages of health.

Using programmed water (love, or from crystals) limits the water to whatever the person putting the love or crystals into the water believes. Do you really want to limit yoruself to someone else's belief?

For this reason again I suggest natural spring water, Penta Water, etc.

Living Foods

Raw : The Uncook Book:
New Vegetarian Food for Life
by Juliano Brotman, food guru in California who at age 24 developed raw food as a cuisine and lifestyle. He includes a sprouting chart, suggestions of stocking the raw kitchen, and lots of wonderful taste sensations, both in simple and more complex receipes.

List Price: $35.00 / Amazon Price $24.50
Published May 1999  

The Complete Book of Raw Food:

Healthy, Delicious Vegetarian Cuisine Made With Living Foods--Includes Over 350 Recipes from the World's Top Raw Food Chefs

by Julie Rodwell (Editor), Victoria Boutenko (Editor), Elysa Markowitz (Editor)

List Price $25.00 / Amazon Price:$17.50 Hardcover: 440 pages ;
Published (December 15, 2003)

Eating Without Heating:

Favorite Recipes from Teens Who Love Raw Food
by Sergei Boutenko, Valya Boutenko Written by teenagers for teenagers.. You might want to check out their
family's raw food site,

List Price $11.95, paperback, 147 pages
Published December 2002

Raw Live Foods
(This diet asists the body in releasing toxins, helping the body to stay at an alkaline PH



serving Raw Live Food

The Raw Gourmet
site with information, free receipes, free video on-line raw foods preparation course

Rejuvenative Foods

makes and sells via the internet health-salted and salt-free raw-cultured vegetables, raw low-temp ground nut and seed butters, fresh, almost 100% raw organic chocolate spreads and fresh low-temperature-processed raw oils

Meet a Raw Foods Family, see how it changed their lives and health
for information, all sorts of seeds and nuts that sprout, mailed to you wherever you live.

Living Foods Receipes A huge assortment of (mostly) easy one step raw food dishes.

LIving Food discussion groups, postings and info

Miracle Bion

A Personal Note:

Sites with More Information:

What it Does

Last fall I was given a sample of the Bion while I was in Canada. At the time it was not available in the US. I have been using it ever since. Using it along with live food, acupuncture, energy work, massage and chiropractic, my body is feeling more alive than ever. There is a quality, a hum, that I know from Kundalini Yoga. I find it also present in my body with the Bion.

Be sure to read all three sites. Each has different information, ranging from the science behind the Bion to how to use it.

Nano Technology site (the development and science)

Spirit of Maat Shop (how to use it) US orders

Starlight Events Shoppe (Canadian orders)

I can only speak from my own, untrained perspective regarding its effect on illness and cancer. The Bion is said to create an alkaline Ph in the body. Taken as directed, and using a primarily live food diet, the body would most likely maintain that alkaline Ph. As I understand it, cancer flourishes in acid Ph, but does not grow well in an alkaline Ph. Therefore it seems logical to conclude that the Bion may slow or halt the growth of cancer. As with all diseases, consult a full range of practitioners, including medical professionals as well as alternative practitioners. Western medicine is wonderful at intervention and intercession, which allows holistic and alternative methods time to support healing changes in the body.

Kundalini and Lifeforce
(DVD and books)

Kundalini Yoga with Gurmukh
VHS / DVD by Gurmukh, who leads Golden Lotus Yoga, i(the largest studio in the US). This video is a good place to start if you are looking for your first Kundalini Yoga experience. It uses simple, repeated movements that gently release and open the kundalini channels in the body. an excellent beginner yoga video, as her life quality is loving and wise. The motions are deceptively simple, and build up slowly through the 45 min session. A very good overall intro to yoga or first step into conscious excersise.

Released in 2000, VHS tape format and DVD format

Kundalini Yoga:
With Grace and Strength
VHS/DVD Carol Carlson has put together an hour long taped yoga session that is great for clearing blocks in the kundalini channels of the body.

Don't be thrown by the simplicity of the breathing and motions - they are very effective.

Do use common sense - I suggest this as a second or third Kundalini Yoga video - some of the positions need to be modified for most of us, and if you have done other videos you will know the simpler versions to use.
Released in 1998,

The Eight Human Talents :
Restore the Balance and Serenity within You with Kundalini Yoga

by Gurmukh (Author)

Published September 4, 2001



Bountiful, Beautiful, Blissful:
Experience the Natural Power of Pregnancy and Birth with Kundalini Yoga and Meditation

by Gurmukh Khalsa (Author)

Yes, she is a yogini (female yogi), over age 60, looks at most 29, and has children herself. For moms, by a mom.

List Price $25 / Amazon Price: $17.47
256 pages ;Publisher: St. Martin's Press; (April 21, 2003)

The Method -
Baby & Mom Post-Natal Yoga
VHS tape/DVD by Gurmukh, a yogini (female yogi) who happens to be a mom and run her own yoga center in LA. Intro comments, a live workshop with moms and babies, concentrating on slow stretches with a lot of abdominal work. The infants are included in some, as when the women roll back and forth with babies on their bellies or do "mama pushups" over the little ones. But once they are old enough to crawl, these exercises get difficult--as one baby repeatedly demonstrates. The 50-minute tape provides plenty of good ideas for moms who want to do yoga with their babies--or even on their own.
Released in 1998

Ravi Singh and Ana Brett have a series of Kundalini Yoga video's out. They are well suited for the intermeddiate to advanced practitioner. Ravi narrates and Ana is onscreen. They are well done, and include modern versions of mantras

Ravi Singh and Ana Brett

Ravi Singh and Ana Brett

Ravi Singh and Ana Brett

Ravi Singh and Ana Brett

Ravi Singh and Ana Brett

Body Healing Arts / Alternative Therapies



Network Chiropractic uses gentle touch and energy to relax the body and help the spine adjust itself naturally when you move

BGI Chiropractic is an energy based approach using sacred geometries in the body. It came out of the Network school of chiropractic. See both instructors and Referrals for a doctor in your area.

Medicine Hands - Massage Therapy for People with Cancer
by Gayle MacDonald, M.S., L.M.T.

from Laurette Blais, Reiki Practitioner, Gatineau, QC J9H 6Z3
This is one of the best book on working with cancer. It is also an energy healing book and it brings attention to the emotions that do or can come out when patients are receiving surgery and the release if understood really helps with recovery.. Findhorn Press, ISBN: 1-899171-77-0

Healthy Healing -
A Guide To Self Healing For Everyone

by Linda Rector Page, Linda Garland Page, Linda G. Rector-Page

Published in its 11th Revision, March 1, 2000.

Digestion/Intestinal Issues

Listen to Your Gut
& the IBD Remission Diet
by Gini Patel Thompson Available from Caramal Publishing She had crohns and has a pretty comprehensive programme full of ideas.

AMP Molocure
AMP is the most potent form of Aloe Vera extract, and is crucial to healing the tender tissues of the intestines. They also carry items that are good for all the auto immune problems that seem to be getting more prevailant and a product called Seacure predigested whitefish protein ( people with Crohns and other digestive problems need 30% more protein to heal and this is all prediested to easy to assimilate)

Many people find Absorb Plus, pre-packaged food shakes helpful to give the digestive system a break. 1-800-460-8606.

Sacred Sensuality  

Soul Sex: Tantra for Two
by Pala Copeland, Al Link
The authors are married, appear to be over 50, and teach tantric classes for couples, so you won't find those positions that only work for perfect bodies under 25. You will find ideas to modify positions for tender knees, and lots of sensual and gentle intimacy builders, along with thought provoking questionaires. Includes ideas on positions and how energies flow between lovers, as well as visualizations to enhance the flow. Nice and practical.

Softcover, 284 pages, published March 2003

The Goddess of 5th Avenue:
A Novel by Carol Simone

A lovely adventure with the new sacred feminine energy, the revealing of Quan Yin.

Hayden Publishers, April 9, 2001

Exploring the Hidden Power of Female Sexuality 
by Maitreyi D. Piontek


Published by Samuel Weiser in July 2001

Sexual Energy Ecstasy : A Practical Guide To Lovemaking Secrets Of The East And West
by Ellen Ramsdale (Author), David Ramsdale
Very nice explanation of how sexual energies and chakras interact, with ideas to try (visualizations, meditations) as well as positions and what sort of connective energies are built between two lovers. Exercises tie in kundalini yoga positions and sexual energy movements, chakras and more. The authors (married couple) have a nice mystical approach to the practical aspects of sexuality. Great for those that sense of see energies to bring their gifts into Sacred Sexuality and build upon.

Softcover, 370 pages, published in July, 1993.


Creating Bodies: Eating Disorders as Self-Destructive Survival
by Katie Gentile, Ph.D.

Katie is my sister, and a
trained psychoanalyst. She specializes in the impact of trauma. This book brings new ideas to the issues around eating disorders. Best for therapists.