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September 2001 email Newsletter

Dear Friends,

At the moment you may notice a sense of uneasiness in the air, particularly if you are living in the US, and even more so if you are living on either coast. The impact of change often occurs near the oceans first, as large bodies of water, like vast old growth forests, are conducive to carrying the information of spirit.

This month brings a change of energy near November 10-11. Many folks are commenting on the 11-11 date as a group prayer time. I would note that the calendar numbering is arbitrary, and any energy shift is more likely the result of a wave of spiritual energies opening and closing.

Remember that even as the planet revolves around the sun we are also as a galaxy moving through space. Just as there are different qualities of silence in a room, there are different qualities to the space we move through. So Nov 10-12 is merely the marking of passing out of a more intense quality of energy in which we are currently located.

Over the next week and a half it might be helpful to keep this in perspective, and know that even those little things of life are apt to be felt with a level of intensity that is beyond normal. Give yourself permission to take more time and space with each task, letting it be three times larger than it usually would be in your estimation of time and energy.

Once we pass out of this current energy there will be more mental and emotional energies that can be applied to everyday tasks, as well as larger ones that are simply out of reach. It is OK to let large tasks or undertaking remain on pause until after November 12. It is very possible that you will see them differently and have choices that at this point aren't even being presented to you as options.

I have placed a number of new articles on the website, rather than sending them via long emails. Please have a look as you wish.

Healing the Wound of Power (from Nov issue of Sedona Journal)

Changes and Changers (Atamira/Amano, and what they have shared with me recently)

My love and blessings to you all,
-Norma (with Atamira and Amano)


(for details see:

Asheville, NC-----

Fri, Nov 2 CONCERT Unity Center

Sat, Nov 3 CONCERT - Unitarian Universalist Church, Grey, TN

Sun, Nov 4 WORKSHOP Unity Center

Mon and Tues, Nov 5-6 PRIVATE SESSIONS


London, Ontario-----

Fri, Nov 9 CONCERT Christ Church

Sat Nov 10 WORKSHOP Bishop Cronyn

Sun and Mon, Nov 11-12 PRIVATE SESSIONS



Fri, Nov 16 CONCERT - The Church of the Holy Trinity (near Eaton Centre)

Sat, Nov 17 WORKSHOP - Annex area

Sun and Mon, Nov 18-19 PRIVATE SESSIONS



Nov 24-26 Sat, Sun, Mon (limited times)


Chicago area -------

Fri, Dec 7 CONCERT (Healing Earth Resources) Peace Healing on Pearl Harbor Day


Sun, Dec 9 CONCERT Evanston Unitarian Church (amazing place for music, free parking, near Chicago)

Mon and Tues, Dec 10-11 PRIVATE SESSIONS



Jan 25-29 Portland Oregon (concert, workshop, private sessions)

Feb or March, Cleveland, Sophia Center concert, workshop

June 20-23, Still Meadow Retreat Center, Oregon

Practitioner Seminar, Healing Retreat on the solstice


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