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Healing the Wound of Power

Atamira and Amano
through Norma Gentile


This is an excerpt of a longer version published in the November 2001 issue of Sedona Journal of Emergence.

A note from the channel:

Atamira and Amano have said that our expression of personal and global power has been warped into patterns of persecutor and victim. Between last spring and this past September 17 a major doorway opened for us to reexamine how we used this power, and potentially express it in a manner outside of polarity consciousness.

For several months now you as a planetary consciousness have been clearing patterns around power. This for many has meant re-feeling and re-experiencing patterns of victimhood. For the nation as a whole, this has been a challenge; whether to embrace the ongoing comfort of unequal power, perpetuating the roles of victim and persecutor, or whether to allow a loving balance of shared strengths to emerge.

We are not surprised that you have chosen to release, albeit slowly and carefully, the old patterns of power. Last spring the women (and some men) of primarily what you would call 'first world' nations spent many anguished tears revealing and relinquishing their dependence on the patterns of victimhood.

While it would seem impossible to imagine, most people still cling to some aspects of this painful behavior, and it is now imperative that it be let go of, so that what is meant to shine through each one of you can rightly do so.

We understand victimhood as the voice from within. It tells you that others are better than you. It is this inner voice, that you believe to be your own wisdom, that says others know better than you. Listening to this voice results in the futility, the frustration, and the unworthiness that you feel when what is truly meant to be expressed through you isn't. But you are the very one who thwarts your own expression.

From your perspective it usually appears as if other people, systems, or regulations seem to be hindering you. But it is how you meet them that determines the outcome of the situation.

Masculine and Feminine faces of Power

The masculine tends to push its energies outward. It becomes the persecutor. Where there is resistance, it pushes harder, meeting that resistance with equal or greater force. The resistance, be it other people or the situation, often increases its own power. Fighting back, casting anger at that which you deem to be stopping you merely creates a game of energy tennis. You can not win, but you can cast your energy away, losing it (temporarily) in the game.

The feminine approach is one of victimhood. The aura collapses, and the inner voice acknowledges the victory of 'the other'. The anger is submerged, but not forgotten. It turns inward, helping to foster more self-doubt.

In both examples there is a build up of anger. Neither is a proper means of allowing this anger to fulfill its mission - to show you your energy, your thoughts, and assist you in expressing them.

Your culture does not distinguish well between vulnerability and victimhood. The process your feminine sides began last spring to open unacceptable victimhood patterns will lead to a truer expression of feminine truth, and a true acceptance of vulnerability.

This is a clarion call to step forward, and release through the wounded feminine that which heals not only the wound of the victim, but the wounds of the Sacred Feminine in the world.


The Women of the Middle East

We have said this before: Those incarnating in female bodies in the area of the Middle East hold within them a very special key to compassion. Their bodies, minds and hearts are channels for a unique quality of energy which is crucial to your planetary cycle's evolution.


Releasing these beings to express who they are is the ultimate goal of the work you in the US and other 'first world' countries are doing now. As anyone in form upon the earth releases a pattern, all who share in that pattern have the option to release it also. As you release your victimhood patterns, you release the persecutor. One aspect cannot exist without the other. Victim and persecutor are the same energy of sacred power, bent through the profane masculine and feminine roles.


On September 11, 2001

The ceremonies held in September, and the ensuing re-arrangement of national alliances, has helped to reshape the planetary consciousness. One resultant is the deepening of heart connecting. For some people attending or watching the ceremonies of grieving in September served as a testing ground for expressing emotion. As the channel noticed, in the weeks following September 11, there was the largest public outpouring of tears by men yet.

It is this opening to spirit by men that is allowing new heart connections to be formed in the planetary consciousness. And it is these connections that are about to allow something new to occur. As you release the energy of power from its roles of victim or persecutor, you allow it to flower into a new form. One which steps outside of polarity. This strength, this connection to spirit, is seen within the tears of men.


Your Expression of Power

When what you have to offer is not received, most people will simple cease to offer it. There are of course a few of you that continue to offer what is not wanted to those who do not want it. This creates a backlash of energy.

We would hope that for your continued expression, you would gently chide yourself in such situations, finding humor in your stubbornness, and bring your gaze upward, so that spirit might direct you to those that truly are yearning for that which is seeking expression through you.

Have you noticed that your behavior changes around different friends, or according to the situation? That is most natural. With each person you build a different set of bonding cords, and so a different reality emerges. If you so chose, you can build a reality where your expression is quite limited. Most of you do that regularly, in order to more fully explore an aspect of your soul's journey.


Meeting your Sacred Power

Here now is the paradox. While you have built relationships that encourage you to remain in either a victim or persecutor role with one another, we suggest that moving out of that pattern is the means to movement upward in consciousness. Continuing in the roles, you may find some microcosmic manner of releasing them. Shedding them, you meet the macrocosmic energies of cocreation that await you.

Those of you who chose to remain in this consciousness pattern do so of free will. Those who move out, do so also of free will. Just as the planet now contains the realities of the upper 3rd, lower 4th and a pinprick of lower 5th dimensions, it also must contains physical beings in each of these areas. And it will remain so until there is a unifying force, which we will speak of more in a few years time. Again the sacred feminine of the Middle East is the key to unlock this force.

Today we speak to those of you who are ready to embrace a new reality. The anger felt by many is the broken boundary. You are angry because your victimhood has been snatched from you. Yes, you can be angry about losing even a bad habit or 'sin'.

Last spring you worked hard to be ready for this moment. Again in August you let go more and more…but as the moment has arrived there remains a few strands of victim and persecutor habits and beliefs to which you stubbornly cling. Know that as you release them now, you step into your power.

You can no longer withdraw from your grandeur. This wound is your doorway. As you step through it, you step into your abilities, your roles in uplifting the planet. Now is the time.

The isolationism that President Bush began to create last winter has been broken. That isolationism touched other nations as arrogant, self-serving and in many ways persecutorial. The events of September 11 connect the US into the world, much like the wounds allow spirit to flow through the heart, especially of men. This wound allows others to help the US, revealing the smallest beginnings of national vulnerability.


Spirit, Money and Power

Money is the motion of spirit. As we have noted, spiritual energies flow through wounds. The acknowledgement of a wound draws spirit through this wound and into your dimension.

A wound need not be physical or emotional. You most often create a wound physically or emotionally in order to allow yourself permission for meditation and prayer. Vulnerability, a yearning in one's heart for the sweet moment of spirit is a pure wound - one through which spirit flows, yet neither the body nor mind is harmed.

Just as the US is now in a position to allow others to assist and support it, you as individuals have permission to bring into your lives those who would draw energy and knowledge through you. Service is opening and allowing, that you might learn by being a conduit for healing.

May all who read this bless another,

Atamira and Amano
-Norma Gentile

Norma Gentile is a recording artist and intuitive healer. She combines her musical studies (master's in Voice) and esoteric training (channeling and psychic healing) into private sessions, workshops and concerts of sound and healing. Her CDs include Meditation Chants and Unfurling Love's Creation, both music of Hildegard von Bingen. She can be reached at: or PO Box 971020, Ypsilanti, MI 48197.  She teaches voice and shares private healing sessions, conducts workshops and sings healing concerts of medieval chant. For her schedule see her Itinerary.

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