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Atamira and Amano
through Norma Gentile

posted 11/01

A note from the channel:

The following is a mixture of my own insights, based on information which Atamira and/or Amano have shared with me, and their own words.

The trauma of Sept 11 is continuing to work through the national psyche. Another way of saying this is to consider the collective unconsciousness to which we belong as humans - the morphogenetic field, as Rupert Sheldrake calls it.

The trauma and drama of the past 7 weeks is, for the US, a stronger emotional charge than has been endured in at least 3 generations. The collective unconscious which is shared with all nations across the planet is being affected.

Many people, in fact most people, are acting and reacting based upon the emotions emanating from this mass consciousness. Few are stopping to ask if what they are feeling is completely their own emotion, completely their own feelings.

Even beliefs that we have largely grown out of can be brought up in such a way that we perceive them as relevant. Watch for odd sayings popping out of your mouth - and ask again and always, is this a true reflection of myself, of who I am, right now in current time?

Whether it is beliefs or emotions that are being brought to the surface, this is an opportunity to do some housekeeping and create new space in your mind and heart for those energies that are you to be present. When and as you ask and release beliefs or emotions that aren't really you, that which is you comes forward.

One interesting note from the channel, is that people perceive energies that are in alignment with themselves as spacious, still, and yet full. We as incarnate humans walk around with so much energy, so many guides out of time, and so little sense of who we are that feeling energies is actually feeling that which isn't just us.

When you 'feel' something - warmth, cold, heaviness, lopsidedness in your body or a weight around your head or shoulder, that isnt' you. Your energy is tuned to who you are at all times. And so you won't perceive your energy as reacting to you. It is perfectly in alignement, and balanced with your body, mind and heart.

Since most people feel energies kinesthetically, it is important to recognize that much of the time what you are feeling are energies that aren't you.

These energies, which can appear as thoughts, emotions, or simply physical pressure, pain or temperature changes, can also be out of current time.

One piece that I've been exploring is that of the Personal Sphere (the traditional aura, lying 3 feet away from the body in all directions) and the Unity Sphere (encompassing the body and extending 25-30 feet away in all directions).

The Personal Sphere is where our current time lives lie. All energies of this life, including guides, potential realities, probable realities, and all our friends and family are held inside of the Personal Sphere.

The Unity Sphere contains every thing else that relates in any way to our soul. In it are all of our other lifetimes, the possibilities and probabilities of all of those lifetimes, the guides and potential guides and family and friends of those lifetimes. And of course all of the lessons learned from each and every choice of all future and past lifetimes.

Before you get a headache trying to wrap your 3rd or even 4th dimensional mind around such things, let's look at what pertains to you as an incarnate human on earth in today's circumstances.

As our consciousness as expanded, we have begun to tap into the information held in the larger Unity Sphere. As a result, we have found it easier and easier to explore other lifetimes and even other threads of our souls that live in parallel realities or probabilities. When such explorations focus on realities or probabilites that are based on this same lifetime, this becomes a means of integrating the experience and expertise from the multiple choices that face us each day. As we integrate those choices and lessons learned we need not experience them in this lifetime.

As an example, one client found that she didn't need to experience a physical trauma in order to let the lesson learned from it some into her life. In the reality of this lifetime she made a choice not to get into a car with a drunken friend who was driving. She made the opposite choice in a parallel reality.

Because she had access to much of her Personal Sphere, the experiences related to the other choice was available for her to learn from and integrate into this lifetime. The lessons she learned from choosing to be in a fatal car accident in the parallel reality became aspects of her wisdom and compassion in this life.

The Unity Sphere has a similar function. Because it holds other lifetimes, and all their related energies, we can literally access any part of our soul, and hence much of the galaxy, through it.

In the past 120 years your planet has 'found' its connection into our shared reality. This reality is shared largely through your experience of what this channel refers to as the Unity Sphere.

No larger than your thought, this sphere (or energy container, or awareness, from our perspective), locks into existence the essence of your being on earth.

Your exponential growth in conscious exploration is a vehicle, and the Unity Sphere is one of the pathways you will use to travel homeward.

The Unity Sphere contains all lifetimes other than the one we are living now. When we do past or future life readings, we are tapping into energies that exist within the Unity Sphere.

One danger of our growing awareness is that we sometimes pull the energies of these other lifetimes into our smaller Personal Sphere. The experiences of other lifetimes then become trapped in this time.

A symptom of such entrapment is to assume that because a habit (or strength or weakness) was present in another life that it is also present now. This thought merely indicates that you became aware of a parallel energy in another lifetime, and pulled that energy into your Personal Sphere, making it a part of this lifetime.

By doing so you cement the two patterns together, actually magnifying the energy, rather than resolving it.

Becoming aware of what has been done, you may choose to simply release the energy back out into its appropriate lifetime and time period. Know that as you release any energy, you allow it to move on its own journey homeward. As you do this, have no thought of what it should look like, how it should behave, or where it should go. Simply trust in love to know that it too has a home.

The energies of other lifetimes receive healing when we work on the issue that presents itself to us in this lifetime. As we heal whatever is before us in this lifetime, that healing echoes out across the planet to all those with similar issues. The healing moves through our entire Unity Sphere and through all of the lifetimes of our soul. By allowing the energies of other lifetimes to return to their own times, we allow them to be in the position along this continuum where they might best receive the information and healing desired.

We heal ourselves by letting each part of us, each aspect of us, and each aspect of our planet be in its own timeframe of change and healing.

Now, let's talk about this in terms of the planetary situation. There was a major shift in the frequency of the planet a few days before Sept. 11.

The process of opening the hearts of men is underway. As the hearts of men open, the inpouring of sacred masculine energy from your solar sun ( and beyond) creates a luscious zone of safety from the most delicate essences of sacred feminine to step forward from the women who embody it. These women are found primarily in the East

When and as this new aspect of the sacred feminine steps into itself, the key for the transfiguration of the planet, your reference to 2012, is given. If you do not accept this gift until 2035, that is also your choice! You will remain, and we will wait. For as was given earlier to this channel, all things heal in their own life's time, not according to our will.

Several days prior to September 11 the atoms of your planet changed the frequency at which they exist. Because of this energetic shift of the planet (on or about September 6-9), the potential energies that you use to relate to the planet have changed.

The emotional blast of September 11 obscured that shift for many lightworkers. Many are still grounding into the earth that was, rather than the new reality that is. In your terminology, your grounding needs to be reset.

If this makes sense to you, you may want to consider grounding in a new manner. Simply feel the presence of the earth in the air around you. The feminine face of earth energy is much more available. In many places it is now rising 4 feet, 6 feet or more out of the ground itself. Let the earth's energies rise up into your body. See and feel the earth as if you had never met her before. Let your body speak to her. Let your body receive her love and support.

The earth feels her own strength and love when it passes through her and into your body. Afterall, your physical body is also earth. In this manner, when you become aware of the loving connection between earth and your body, you are reuniting the earth with herself.

For those who want to ground, you may want to welcome the earth energy up, rather than going down or sending your energy down into the earth. Remember to greet the earth as if you are seeing her anew - and be curious about those new energies of your own physical body that are reflections of her new qualities.

A feeling of disconnect or isolation often comes from arriving somewhere before others do. It is possible that those in your life have not yet caught up with the emotional surge and heart openings of the past months. If this feels accurate to you, you may want to try going to a new meditation group, or a new church group or different gathering to find others who have arrived early. What new activity or group has recently come to your attention? That is most apt to lead you where you are now headed.

A number of psychics and light workers have been speaking of helping those that passed over on Sept 11 into the light. By my own count, many many more than 5,000 crossed over.


During the process of death oftentimes parts of a soul's energy will sheer off to complete a task or to wait at a lower dimension to be carried back into another incarnation.

Sometimes the majority of a soul's energies won't 'go through the tunnel' as you say, but instead stray into a middle space between dimension.

The event of September 11 and related emotional energies shook lose the portals between dimensions, allowing vast numbers of soul parts and souls to complete their ascension. Particularly souls related to North America, but not exclusively.

This sets up a new generation of incarnation in 2002 which we mentioned before. These beings will have access to nearly all of the soul's presence and energies. To put this in perspective; those that ascend, consciously, have mastery of a similar nature.


Not quite a week after the destruction of the towers, I was approached by a presence I didn't know. He identified himself as a relative of mine from the 1700's. He explained that because a part of my DNA family pattern extends back to the Mayflower, all those souls from the New World (Canada, US and Mexico) which were part of my physical family were crossing over.

I believe that with so many lightworkers helping, and the emotional energies available from this country and others, many souls or portions of souls that became enmeshed between dimensions were able to continue their journeys homeward. In effect, those that died that day opened a portal through which an enormous number of other souls were able to ascend.

I have seen souls from all nations, from all over the planet crossing through this portal

Those that physically died that day provided connecting links into their own DNA and cultures for related souls to walk with them to the other side.

Many who see energy say that the site of the WTC in New York is now hallowed ground. From a shamanic perspective, it always has been. The quality of energy in bedrock is higher than what the human body can comfortably ground into. And so that area of lower Manhattan was used for sacred purposes, not for everyday life, by native Americans.

My sister says that as she looks across the river from New Jersey the smoke rising from the site looks like the towers themselves. So many people have become accustomed to seeing them that they are still there on the astral plane - and so appear to many when seen out of the side or corner of their eyes.

The energy of Manhattan is changed by their physical departure. Once the queen of the city, the Empire State Building again stands as the tallest structure on the island. As such, its connection to heavenly energies is more potent.

In most areas trees serve to escort energies between the earth and sun (or anything of heaven). In New York, and a few other areas of earth, this connection is made by buildings. Ever wonder about the pyramids? Native American mounds? It seems odd, but the sky scrappers also connect earth energy upward into the sun and into heaven. And allow the energies of heaven to return into the earth.

The towers of the World Trade Center were created to carry a specific energy. Without them physically present, the island's energy shifts, and the feminine becomes dominant.

This is a major shift for your nation. And one that may be more easily made by remembering that change is only as painful as your resistance to it. There are plenty of jobs, just not the ones that existed before. Allow yourself to feel the meaning of your life, and you will be drawn to doing what you are here to do.

Any change can be used by spirit for the betterment of the earth and all its people. The blessings that we often disbelieve are possible come about because a force greater than our disbelief is at work. As you each find that sense of security within, your world will mirror that externally.

If you are one of the many people who know the MerKaBa meditation, I would suggest doing it for yourself. Simply with the intent of updating your own body, your own mental and emotional realms.

Atamira and Amano have said that a resonant grid, formed by a large number of folks who understand and consciously use their MerKaBa, can create a stabile field for others to resonant with at this time. Because of the recent earth shift you may wish to reset those MerKaBas (or any conscious tool) you are using that relate to the earth.

Do not inflict on another or any other meditation or healing. Just know that if you are centered, those around you are reminded of their own center.

Blessings to all who read and practice love in their life

Atamira and Amano
-Norma Gentile

Norma Gentile is a recording artist and intuitive healer. She combines her musical studies (master's in Voice) and esoteric training (channeling and psychic healing) into private sessions, workshops and concerts of sound and healing. Her CDs include Meditation Chants and Unfurling Love's Creation, both music of Hildegard von Bingen. She can be reached at: or PO Box 971020, Ypsilanti, MI 48197.  She teaches voice and shares private healing sessions, conducts workshops and sings healing concerts of medieval chant. For her schedule see her Itinerary.

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