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March 2005 Email Newsletter
Life-force and Cancer

Dear Friends,

Over the past year I have seen a strong increase in the number of energy healers with cancer. As we all learn to feel and express spiritual energies, we are charged with the responsibility of caring for ourselves as physicalized spiritual beings. I believe that cancer is showing us the presence of an even greater potential life-force, not death-force, inherent in our bodies.

Our bodies are nourished by a river of life-force. As that river grows larger, and flows faster, our vitality, mental alertness, and spiritual awareness increase. As this same river expands, it may encounter debris, which it sweeps away. It may also flow over and around dams that have built up in our bodies.

A small river will eventually erode a dam, carrying away the pieces while continuing on its natural pathway. When a swiftly flowing larger river encounters the same dam, it may well tear it apart, tossing large junks of debris in all directions. If the larger river is redirected by some of this debris, it will form tributaries. In time, the river will develop a new flow.


from Archangel Michael:

Cancer is creative life-force thwarted. it is the essence of your creativity turned aside. The development of cancer indicates a misstep in choosing the direction and release of your creative talents. You can choose anew &endash; that is the basis of unconditional love, and your right as a creator being. This is what you are learning to do now.

Cancer is caused by the pieces of the dam, thrown hither and yon, blocking the simplest most direct flow of the river. The river is your life-force. The stones of the dam are those small things that you know about, but choose not to address. They lie in your emotional habits, your beliefs, and the small urgings of your heart.

Physical disease does not manifest from thin air. It is created because there are multiple issues coexisting in the same area of the body. All levels of the being must be breached &endash; mental, emotional, spiritual and physical &endash; in order for the body to manifest illness.

In the case of cancer, that manifestation is growing rapidly in your society. This is in part due to toxins the physical body is subjected to, and in part due to the increasing flow of your vital life-force. Few of you understand how to manage this life force at its increased flow.

A blockage in this life-force appears as a small problem in life. If you are attentive, you will notice an underlying pattern of behavior or coincidence. This pattern is what holds the dam in place.

When you sense a dam, a blockage in the life-force, you wait. In the past the dam (life issue) was slowly dissembled and carried away by small life shifts. Once you, or anyone, begin to walk as a creator being, the river of your life force opens more fully, and your dams are quickly broken apart. But the underlying issues they represent, as well as the energetic pieces of the dam, lie in your body and aura. Here is the cause of the recent surge of cancers in your world.

Cancer is a matter of choosing dams over the flow of the river of life. It is the result of re arranging the river of life to fit what your minds would have it serve. This life force, found in everything, gives consciousness to life, even to us.


from Norma:

I am most familiar with lymphatic cancer. A large number of clients have come forward and asked for assistance in removing the dam that causes this cancer. One thing has been said to each of them; that the lymph system flows only inward, to the heart. it begins in the head, the hands and the feet. It starts with those parts of us that do the work of God, All That Is on earth. It flows into the heart and lungs, bringing all that needs to be cleansed from that work to our hearts, which love, and our lungs, which fill effortlessly with spirit on each breath.

The outbound flow of the lymph is purely energetic. The outbound flow of the lymph is what we choose to manifest in our lives. The outbound flow of lymph is what we do with our hands, our feet, and our heads. What we create then determines the inbound flow of the lymph. If there is a blockage in the inbound lymph, it is reflected as a blockage in the outpouring of our creativity in life.

It is too simple to say that when you do what you want to do the blockage in the lymph releases. I find that when someone understands with their mind the constrictions they have placed on their life, and feels in their heart the freedom that is possible, they are choosing to dismantle the dam causing the cancer.



from Atamira

We would speak for a moment of compassion. Compassion is the healing balm to cancer. It is not a compassion of thoughtless affirmations, pink lights and happy thoughts. We offer a compassion of understanding that as creator beings your own power has brought you to create cancer. Again, cancer is the result of thwarting the flow of your own creative energies. As that flow is restored, your life, your joy, and quite possibly your body are restored.

For energy healers, this means allowing what you have learned about leaning into spirit for support to come also from those in form around you. Ask for help, just as you ask for us to be with you. Invite those souls in form in your life into your life at a deeper level. Here is the learning and healing for your heart. Trust those in form, as you trust those of us not in form.

Do what you know to do, and step into what you don't know to do.

If simply doing energy work has allowed an imbalance to your body, then doing even more energy work won't change that imbalance. Isn't that simple? Keep doing what you are already doing, and you will simply continue the way you are. Try something different, and you are apt to change.

Energy healers tend to treat each malady as being rooted in the spiritual. True, you are each spiritual beings. But your bodies are subjected to levels of toxins previously unknown (and unimagined) which cause constant imbalances. Few of you have enough spiritual resources to counteract the physical toxins. It is more effective to balance the physical toxins at the physical level. Mindful movements like yoga, tai chi, and chi gong open and rebuild the flow of your creative energy river to its rightful positioning in your body.

While you can use purely spiritual energies to heal the physical body, these energies need to step down through the mental, emotional and etheric levels. As they pass through each level of the aura, they become subject to the flaws and imperfections of each level of the emotional and mental layers of the aura. Physical disease occurs only when all levels of the aura have been breached. When you move spiritual energies through auric layers that contain the pattern which caused the original disease, the spiritual energy simply remanifests it again. Passing clear water through a strainer full of salt yields salty water. You must remove the salt, in order for the water to pass clearly.

Healing therefore is a restoration and cleansing at all levels. Those who work primarily at the level of energy often re-manifest illness for this reason. Others manifest it much more quickly, for this same reason. If you continue to pass energy through the same patterns of thought and emotion that originally created disease, you will simply create more of the same physical disease.

Addressing the patterns held in the emotional and mental auric levels allows the spiritual energies to pass through more nearly intact to the etheric body. This creates healing in the physical body. The dams of the emotional and mental bodies are released. The life-force river flows again as the body and spirit desire.


from Norma:

In the northern hemisphere we are approaching the spring equinox. The stones of the field are needing to be moved, in order to assure an easy planting and harvest. As spiritual and energetic beings, we are aware of the stones, and we can choose to address them, or to continue to allow them to build into a dam.

When we address a stone, it becomes a stepping stone. Anytime we dismiss a stone, it becomes a part of an energetic dam.

Anything you notice you can change. If you don't notice something, you cant' change it. Why would God, All That Is, give us the ability to create change, without giving us the ability to know what to change?

Notice the stones in your field. Don't keep walking over or around them. Ask for help in moving them. Look for assistance in new areas of your life. Do what you heart is drawn to doing &endash; and do what you have not yet done for yourself. The time is now. Cancer is life force thwarted. Don't let the expression of God, All That Is, be thwarted in you. We deserve what it is that God, All That Is, desires to express through you.

With all of my love, and the support of Archangel Michael and Atamira,

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