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January 2008 Email Newsletter
Bringing New Heart Opening to the United States
-Norma Gentile


Dear Friends

Below you will find my schedule, an article with information on energies we are stepping into, and some information from Mary.

I'm in PORTLAND OREGON (as Pluto goes into Capricorn)printable flyer here

Fri, January 25 6pm CD Signing (and singing) at Music Millennium, Free
Sat, January 26
Meditation Concert - Songs of Spirit (and Hildegard) The Old Church 8pm, tickets online now, at door 7:30pm
Sun, January 27
Songs of Spirit Workshop (a new and very participatory afternoon) Add energy healing to chanting, toning. 1pm-4pm New Renaissance $40 advance
Mon-Tues, January 28-29
Private Healing Sessions (SE Portland) Appointments now being accepted.

I have have new
Sound Shamanism Weekends (level one)
Feb 15-17 Michigan (in my home)
June 20-22 Ottawa, Canada
Sound Shamanism Weekend (level two): May, TBA


Article - Bringing New Heart Opening to the United States


Bringing in the New

I don't usually understand why Spirit has pointed me to do a concert or workshop somewhere on a particular date, until a few weeks beforehand. Energies seem to congeal, and slowly a pattern emerges. Who could have known (except you astrologer) that I would pick to be in Portland the very weekend that Pluto goes into Capricorn (after 13 years in Sagittarius).

I'm feeling those initiation energies focusing into the concert at The Old Church (Sat, Jan 26) and into the chanting afternoon (Sun Jan 27) at New Renaissance. You are probably feeling the shifting in energies that this brings to our lives also.

Astrological events don't rule our lives, but inform us of the background energies that constantly bath us. As humans, we tend to resonate to what is around us, often unconsciously. For example, if I stand on a street corner and suddenly feel the urge for a donut, I can bet there is an aroma wafting my way from a local bakery. I just need to ask myself if the urge is really mine.

So it is with the larger background energies that certain astrological events bring into our awareness. The movement of Pluto into Capricorn on January 25th is merely the crossing of a threshold we have been flirting with for nearly a year. Looking forward, I would say that the US in particular, and all that has grown from our government is up for review. Systems we take for granted, such as Social Security, are going to change. And the reason that they can change is because we have already changed.


From Mary-

When you take on things; be they items of value such as furniture or systems of exchanging money or hierarchical assignments of governing, you bind yourself to the rules that were present in your consciousness at the moment those things became a part of your life.

Your consciousness is changing.

Is it then no wonder that those things you embraced while thinking, feeling, and experiencing yourself as merely human-in-form would bind you back to the old ways? Feeling yourself as Spirit-in-form does not mean there are no systems of government or no furniture in your home or no money. It simply means that you recreate, reorganize, and reprioritize each of these systems. Just as you must untie a plant that has been held up by a stake from that stake in order to support it with a newer, larger, sturdier stake, so too your transition will be easiest as you release your beliefs of what 'should work'.

Notice when you are thinking "but I always do…and it works out fine" or "There is always…so that won't work" You will find the rules changing, more and more, in the next year.


From Norma:

Remember, this next dozen or so years is about releasing what we as a nation (in the US) and in the world (as a planet) held as agreements over the past two hundred years. Naturally everything that has grown from our agreements as citizens of the US and as humans living upon the planet is up for review.

A word from astrologer Mark Dodich, (

Pluto is responsible for breaking up old patterns of belief and behavior. This transforms the core foundation of society…"Accountability " will be an important word for both individuals and the collective in the years to come.

Pluto brings "burn your bridges" change into your life, and you wanted it! Know that those deeply felt needs and desires are coming to the surface to take an active part in your life. Like the little chick breaking free from its safe eggshell, you must be willing to go beyond your comfort zone. Capricorn urges you to go beyond personal gain in order to serve the collective. Pluto helps you step into your power and this power must be used for the greater good of all.


From Norma:

Mark goes on to say that we are also starting new projects and cycles which will take until nearly the end of 2009 to come completely into form. I have felt that in myself starting this fall. You may notice my website has changed, but there is much more to do. This newsletter is now going out in a new fashion, from a new email, and my new CD has just started moving in China and world-wide at And there is another CD on the way….2009 seems realistic for that to complete itself.

All these things are like little snowballs, rolling down the hill of life. What snowballs do you want to roll down the hill? Using Mary's comment about moving away from doing "what always worked before", are you starting something you have not tried before, but now feel a desire to try? What snowballs are now ready to be started rolling in your life?


My snowball of Change

One of my snowballs of change starts directly on the day of Pluto moving into Capricorn. Portland, Oregon will be the stepping off point for my new concert format, based on the new album, SONGS of SPIRIT. More than just Hildegard's chants, I'm incorporating live sound healings, allowing my spiritual teachers to sing through me. Using my Tibetan Bowls as well as the new Schruti Box I can create new songs from Spirit that sound like old friends to the ear. Archangel Michael, as well as the Hathor Atamira, are my principle sound healing helpmates. But whoever is called through me reflects the needs and desires of those present in the audience. And of course, there is audience involvement and participation in harmonic toning and singing of many chants.

I'm retaining the candlelight format at The Old Church, and adding just a hint of colored lights so that my face and body are more visible. As before, we will start at 8pm, with doors opening for seating and tickets starting at 7:30pm. If you want to avoid the ticket line and save some money, you can purchase advance tickets now online ( or in person at New Renaissance or Classical Millennium (3150 E Burnside).

I'll be doing a FREE preview of the new concert and album on Friday, Jan 25 at 6pm at Music Millennium. It's informal, entertaining, and about 45 mins long Bring friends who you have wanted to introduce to the music and healing world. Children are welcome.

I anticipate creating similar concerts in other cities this spring. Look for the information at the end of future newsletters and on my website Calendar page.

So many of you who read this newsletter are practitioners and healers who are sensitive to energies. No doubt you are picking up on additional changes that are coming from me and for all of us. My own personal practice has shifted, and I'm finding myself more deeply than before, incorporating elements of mediumship as well as medical intuition.


Change in the Heart of the United States

Over the past five years I have questioned whether or not I wanted to continue living in the US as a citizen of the United States. Born in the US, I am blessed with close family ties to Canada, and the many friends that I made living in Europe for years. My decision to remain in the US was based ultimately on my sense that I have agreed to maintain a level of Spiritual awareness while in human form. That quality of awareness resonates out to those physically around me, and also to those with whom I share connective threads. One of those layers of connective threads reflects my connection to all who live, work or were born in the United States.

As a resident and citizen of the United States, I have access to this network of connective threads between every person in the US. My meditations, my 'ah-ha' moments and my vibrational quality move out in a specific manner to all others living here. As I stay connected to this network, I can feel it sway from forward-looking, embracing the changes to come, and then holding back, holding onto what 'always worked before' as Mary puts it.

I was told years ago by my guides that the only way elections in the US would reflect change was when the golden mean of the population embraced the new level of consciousness. Until then, external form would remain unchanged.


From astrologer Mark Dodich: (

Pluto moves into Capricorn later this month. The last time this happened was during the formation of the United States from approximately 1762-1779. Because Pluto rules transformation and regeneration, it is likely that the USA will go through a major transformation between now and 2024…


From Norma: How am I supporting this change?

With every concert, with every workshop, I offer a space where we may sit together and offer our shared collective unconsciousness a remembrance. We are all loved dearly by Spirit. As even just one person opens their heart, that message passes on through the shared threads of the network. And as the hearts of those of us here in the United States opens, fear dissipates.

Please join me in events, and if you feel so drawn, pass this onto organizations who sponsor consciousness concerts and workshops.

A bit more about my healing work follows. I wish each of you a wonder filled season of quiet light.

-Norma Gentile
sound shaman


A note about Norma's Healing Sessions and Workshops:

My work one-on-one is notably deep and most clients find that one or two sessions provides them with substantial, lasting and profound change. The kind of change that is so complete that there is little or no going back to the other ways of being. The real world version of who you are simply catches up with the spiritual foundation of who you are. After the healing session your soul and body reflect each other accurately.

I don't heal so that your body looks perfect, or that your aura looks like it does in a book. My guides consult and follow your guides, asking at each organ, each chakra, each issue in your life, what is it that your body and soul choose? What is your next step? And in this process, allowing whatever no longer serves your journey to be released.

The final, and most important aspect of my healing process is that the released energies are ushered to their own home, or onto the next step of their journey. In this way, they are not pulled and left loose to hang about or return. I find that for most people, their soul has an agreement to help energies that contain a deeper consciousness to return home. Once the energy 'sees' it can go home, it released easily. Most of these energies will distort the body and cause chronic illnesses. Once the body is freed from the energies 'blueprint' upon it, the body's own healing process is more successful.

There is also a rising awareness on my part of the importance of identifying and releasing cords that perhaps in the past we were not responsible for releasing. As our consciousness grows, so does our learning about energy! Letting cords go that we have had to old guides and family or friends who have passed frees them up as much as it frees us up.

Guides that have come to us from our parents (DNA guides) or survivor guides can be assured that their task is complete. They tend to show up as "this is how to behave" guides, and keep us from seeing possibilities for stepping up into our power and unique creativity. I find that these are large guides, often even angelic, whose energies need to be released from the past in order to be available to assist others now in the present. Again, it appears that as we have graduated from spiritual kindergarten, we are now responsible for noticing and releasing these energies ourselves.

If any of this resonates with you, a private healing session is most likely in order. And I do teach these techniques to others in small workshops. The next workshop is in Michigan, Feb 15-17. There are plans afoot for another one in Ottawa in June. I do ask that people be on the receiving end of at least one healing session before committing to the workshop.

Private Sessions ( will be in SE Portland on Mon and Tuesday, Jan 28-29, day and evening. Please drop me an email with a few times that are good for you. Cost is $185, and is recorded as a CD or mp3 upload. The thing that still amazes me, is that when you listen back to the session the healing energies will return. Meditating or lying down and releasing into the energies allows your guides and healing angels to continue their work with you. Most people report they relisten to the session recording and the healing continues for many weeks, sometimes months after the initial session with me.

Payment can be made at the session with check or cash. If you prefer to use a credit card, please go to the Private Sessions Page (which you should read anyway if you are debating a session) and pay online.

My best to each of you, and YES &endash; please pass this email onto anyone you think would be interested. Just be sure to include my contact info below.

-Norma Gentile
sound shaman

Private Healing Sessions (phone, or in person in SE Michigan) available Jan 15-22, Feb 1-21.

PORTLAND, OREGON printable flyer here

Fri, January 25 6pm CD Signing (and singing) at Music Millennium, Free

Sat, January 26 Meditation Concert - Songs of Spirit (and Hildegard) The Old Church 8pm, tickets online now, at door 7:30pm

Sun, January 27 Songs of Spirit Workshop (a new and very participatory afternoon) Add energy healing to chanting, toning. 1pm-4pm New Renaissance $40 advance

Mon-Tues, January 28-29 Private Healing Sessions (SE Portland) Appointments now being accepted.



Fri-Sun, February 15-17 Sound Shamanism Level 1 Workshop

In my home, we will explore how sound and energy meet, learn to invoke the Sacred Grids to magnify healing energies and make performances come alive, while enjoying live food lunches (included in the tuition) and sharing experiences. $250 by Feb 8, limit 8 participants / 734-330-3997.


Saturday, Feb 23 4pm
CD Release Celebration at Nicola's Books (Westgate)



Atlanta Concert / Workshop Easter Weekend
Sound Shamaniam Level 2 May
Sound Shamanism Level 1 Ottawa June 20-22
Los Angeles fall 08

Now you can Download or purchase as CDs Norma's podcasts or iTunes for podcasts and music

Norma Gentile, Healing Chants
PO Box 971020, Ypsilanti, MI 48198 USA

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