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The Heart of Light

by Norma Gentile











a workshop and sound meditation
from Atamira/Amano

A personal note:

As an intuitive I 'see' energies around people. Usually this takes the form of an almost shadowlike vision with shapes, colors, textures and movement over, under and around a person's body. From time to time something will stand out clearly visible to me. This is how I first saw the Heart of Light.

This article is written based on the information given to me by Atamira and Amano which I have found to be true in my own life experience. It is offered freely, as Atamira desires that this information be available to all.

I feel that the art of spiritual healing is looking at a person with a sense of allowing them to be exactly as they are. They need not move or change in anyway. This is the basis of healing. This is unconditional love.

When anyone is observed in unconditional love, they are held within a space of compassion that exists within the beholder's heart. This space of compassion is filled with what I know as the Corazon de Luz, or Heart of Light. This space does not lie either in the thymus or traditional heart chakra, but in a space of infinity that exists between them.

This space is opened into when the lower heart chakra resonates in compassion with the earth. The thymus responds at a harmonic level of spiritual vibration. It is the sounding together of both upper and lower Hearts that literally opens a gateway into a new dimension of consciousness. Because of this the Corazon de Luz, a brilliant white luminous sphere, appears. This portal has been described in literature as Unconditional Love, Infinite Compassion, or can be personified by Bodhisattva.

This state of being is not limited to a chosen few, but is becoming more available to all. Many people experience this. Most of these people would not consider themselves enlightened beings in the traditional sense, although they do have an understanding of their own personal mastery.

It is pleasure, the enjoyment of Life, and the expression of Life in enjoyable fashions that nurture our convergence with this emerging portal of Compassion within the Universal Heart.

As we recognize our role in creating our own lives, we have at hand the reins to fully create that which we most desire. The ability to open this new Heart is the ability to recognize our place in the cosmos.

Each time one of us wishes for something, it is felt by the spiritual realms. When we become aware of the desire through our Heart of Light, spiritual beings experience this as pleasure. How wonderful to think that we give pleasure simply by desiring something.

When we create out of true desire we are creating out of our alignment with the universal. It matters less the method that we use than the quality of surrender we offer to the divine universal stream of creation. It is this quality of surrender that allows our desires to be integrated into the network of universal creation.

Creating out of one's own space, the Heart of Light, will soon be so simple that many will discount their ability to create. Indeed, my own sensation is one of ease and gentleness whenever I invoke its presence.

The Heart of Light is an aspect of that Heart of Creation which lies within each of us. Just as Christ Consciousness is the physical manifestation of Unity Consciousness, so too our unique and individual Heart of Light is a personal manifestation of the universal Heart of Creation.

-Norma Gentile (1/2/00)
reprinted from February 2000
PhenomeNEWS Magazine

The Heart of Light is being taught in a series of workshops. Please see the itinerary for more information. You may also wish to read the original channeling on the Heart of Light from Atamira

Norma Gentile is an intuitive healer using energy and music. She leads workshops, concerts and provides private sessions. Her most recent recording of healing chant by Hildegard von Bingen is Unfurling Love's Creation. She can be reached through her website: www.healingchants.com


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