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A Workshop on the Energetics Behind Singing (and Speaking) Well

Sound Shaman Norma Gentile

Sound Shaman Norma Gentile stands on the precipice between the worlds of professional music making and energy healing. Trained in both worlds, she holds a master's degree in Vocal Performance from the University of Michigan, and is a published author and channel for the Hathors and Archangel Michael. She appeared on CBS TV and has been profiled by NPR's All Things Considered and the Toronto Star. According to Mark Longaker (music critic, Washington Post) her singing has a "supernatural presence, concentration, and modal sensitivity. Norma's gift, to be deeply intuitive as a highly trained musician, allows her to step beyond even the extraordinary, into the truly new realms to which music leads us all.

Bringing all of who we are, both physical humans and spiritual beings, into our speaking and singing allows more of the natural flow of spirit to move through us to others. Opening our bodies, minds, hearts and energy awareness to include the new realms of spirit that wait to assist us brings about healing.

Sounds acts as a carrier wave. Any sound, whether it is speaking or singing, allows the listener to receive the intention of the speaker or singer. What would happen if the musician or speaker consciously focused on qualities that the music would easily convey such as compassion, gentleness, love or joy? Here is the world we will explore. We will use a chant by Hildegard von Bingen to demonstrate.

Using your own body, breath, and simple yoga, I'll show you how your energy field impacts your voice. We will clear the throat area, and empower our bodies, particularly in the navel chakra. I've shared these techniques with recording artists in early music, rock, pop and musical theatre. And they invited me back for more lessons! By request, I will do this in a group setting.


BREATH Opening the pelvis through gentle yoga and coordinated energy movements. This allows much deeper breathing, and a greater sense of ownership of the voice.

VOCAL CLARITY AND EXPRESSION What we express as ourselves comes from the Navel Chakra. Our vocal chords are merely conveyers of this expression. Releasing any energies that are taking up space in our navel allows us to more accurately express with our voices.

INSPIRATION The heart space both in the physical body and in the surrounding energy field contains the quality of warmth that people perceive in our voices. Opening into this space more fully and inviting our guides (some call them angels or muses) to truly inspire us allows this inspiration to move out to all those listening.

NATURE By inviting the participation of nature spirits in a room to join us consciously, we can gently change the quality of energy and even sound in the room.

SOUND HEALING Norma will provide a live sound healing experience for all those present using her own voice and ancient Tibetan Singing Bowls.

Who can come?

I can share the basics with musicians who have an awareness of energy. Energy healers who have some aptitude and experience making music can also benefit. I trust that those who are listening to their inner guidance will hear if what I offer, either in a workshop or private healing sessions, can assist them in their journey. If you feel drawn to come, please follow that call.

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Why I am offering The Conscious Singer Workshop and then Private Healing Sessions

Why I am teaching this workshop now: A personal note:

I've found a way of helping people to welcome conscious connections with the Nature within a room (or performance space), then open to their own guide (or angel, or Higher Self) and the angel of the song (the muse, the archetypal energy that inspired the composer). This magnifies the healing that the song intends to offer to the listeners. So much so that it is palpable to people who aren't used to feeling, really feeling, energy move with sound.

Most of the musicians I work with already have pieces of this (and I'm not convinced that I have the 'entire' picture myself.) Just that I have a few more pieces than most musicians. My experience comes from years of watching auras when other actors and singers are performing, and my background as a channel for the Hathors and others.