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Meditation CD #9
from August 16, 2008 Full Moon / Eclipse

Filling the Void
Addressing Lack in Our Lives

Two specific meditations (Archangel Michael, Atamira) to fill the void of lack within our Hearts, and a song from the Hathor Atamira.

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They both address the need for us to look at and address what we feel as lack in our lives. Not to focus on it exclusively, but to honor its presence, and not hide it from ourselves.

Recorded during the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse of August 16, 2008.

1 Introduction
2 What is Missing in Your Life?
3 Creating Sacred Space
4 Finding the Void in Your Heart
5 The tapestry of Humanity
6 Sun Moon Earth -
A Healing Meditation from Archangel Michael
7 The Tree Meditation to Clear Body and Aura
8 Receive a Heart Message
9 A Song for Your Heart from the Hathor Atamira
10 Releasing Sacred Space
11 You can do this too

What is missing in your life? Whether it is the lack of something physical like a house or car, or a partner in your life, you have been working on this issue using all of the tools that you have. And yet it is still an issue.

Maybe its time to try using a new tool, and see if you can understand the issue in a new way, or change something that your other tools weren’t able to effectively change for you.

Here are two meditations, which provide you with new tools and the opportunity to use them in filling whatever void you currently are facing in your life. We start with a sacred invocation to define and charge the space around you. (#3 on the CD) This magnifies the two meditations that follow, and allow them to be fully potentized into your body and mind.

The first meditation (#6 on CD) lets your body connect into the power of the sun and moon during the eclipse. My guides, particularly Archangel Michael and the Hathor Atamira, lay their energy into my voice, so it comes to you no matter where or when you listen to this. The energies of the Full Moon and eclipse are also laid into the meditation. You may feel the natural connection your body already has to the solar and lunar energies awakening during this meditation.

The following meditation (#7 on CD) lets you release all that no longer serves you. As your body has reawakened to its natural connection to solar and lunar energies, it is ready to release old patterns of thinking and being. This meditation gives you the time and opportunity to do just that. This is also a good meditation to use when you need to quiet your mind, such as before a big meeting or before going to sleep.

There is closing benediction (#8 on CD) which provides you with a space to speak directly with your own guide or angel.

I added a special song from Atamira for our Hearts (#9) recorded during a live healing concert.

Together with your attention, we then release and thank those of Spirit and Earth who participated in creating the potent healing space, (#10) letting you come back into a natural waking state.