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Meditation CD #7 from March 3, 2008
Awakening Your Body's Natural Intuition
from a Sound Shamanism Workshop

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We are telepathic at every chakra, even our Navel and 2nd chakras. But we over-ride the information that they give us constantly with our minds.

Over and over again we listen to external voice, rather than our own internal voice. One result is that we do what we don't need to do, and end up with much more to do than our soul had planned for us each day.

In order to complete what we believe must be done, we often call in 'caffeine guides'. There are lower level guides that tend to be pushy, but help us do all thatt we think we must do.

My point is that if we stop doing what we don't need to do, we won't need to call in these pushy energies, because we will only have to do what our soul planned for us to do each day. While these energies are in our bodies, it is very hard to hear what are legitimately the issues and needs of our soul.

Here is a clearing meditation which allows you to release these 'caffeine guides' and attract guides who are more comfortable for your body and more deeply in tune with your soul.

This Podcasts contains
1. Intro and Explanation
2. Awakening to our Body's Natural Intuition
3. Clear Kidneys of pushy Caffeine Guides Meditation
4.Our Body Knows Best