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How to Use these Meditations
It is best to plan on lying down and resting deeply as you listen. Do not listen to these meditations while driving or engaging with other activities. The general pattern of these Meditations is to begin with an invocation of Sacred Space followed by a bit of information. Then we weave in and out of gentle meditative states. Your guides and angels will work with you during these meditative states and for several days after.

Meditation #44 from October 19, 2014

Embracing the New by Releasing the Old
Nourishing Yourself for What is Coming

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In responsibly releasing energetic patterns out of our space, letting them move to wherever they need to go to now, we are also stating to all the energies interacting with us that we are ready for an update and upgrade. We are ready for something that nourishes us now - not something from ten or more years ago, but that which reflects our soul's journey now.

- Invocation of Nature Sphere and Archangel Michael
- Your Role in Stewarding Energetic Patterns Homeward
- Your Awareness can affect Weather Patterns
- Your Ability (and Responsibility) to Release what no longer Serves
- Your Questions Heal Yourself and Your World
- Your Brain and Healing (don't always mix well)
- Nourishing Yourself for what is Coming
- The Essence of Your Soul within the Earth is Your Greatest Healer
- Unlimiting How much Energy We Receive
- What is Your Next Step? How will You Know It?
- Some Results of this Meditation
- Why Release Angels and Guides?

There are two sound healing songs in this meditation. More of these healing songs, along with videos, can be found under Sound Healings and Recordings.

An edited transcript is given below. This is not exact, nor is it complete. The audio version is meant as a healing meditation. The transcript is provided only for brain candy.

download text as a PDF
Embracing the New by Releasing the Old

from a telephone conference meditation (#44) held on Oct 19, 2014
by Norma Gentile

If you haven't already done so, find yourself a nice, quiet location where you can lie down and rest&emdash;someplace where you won't be disturbed, and we should conclude the meditation in an hour or less.

Each of you brings to this meditation, not just the world that you think of as your world, your family, your friends, your job, but also, a representation of where you live, your neighborhood, your city, your town, and yes, even the country.

Our souls have come in and specifically have come in to work in different geographic regions and with different groups of people. Sometimes we forget that our souls are called to be in relationship to the Earth in certain locations for a reason. This idea of grounding, centering, Earthing…whatever you want to call it, has not only to do with the body coming forth out of the Earth and needing to maintain its connection to the Earth itself, but grounding, centering, Earthing also has to do with the fact a part of our soul is also contained within the Earth. As our physical body moves from point to point upon the Earth, that aspect of our soul legally incarnating into our body has access to its own energies from within the Earth. In certain locations, some of these energies may be more magnified.

While living in the Southwest briefly, I found it very difficult to access certain qualities of energies that I find help me generate flow and ease in my life. These are qualities of energies that I do find possible to access here, where I live now, in the Great Lakes region.

As we travel from one place to another upon the Earth, it's not always about just where the job is or where it looks like it would be a nice place to live. It's often about the soul. What are the qualities of the soul that want to come forth now? As those qualities of soul want to come forth, we will be drawn to live in different locations. It is the rule of resonance. In simpler terms, we tend to surround ourselves with different colors &emdash;the idea being that if you paint your bedroom a certain color that it impacts the dream state. Likewise if you're looking at certain colors, then related qualities of vibration within the brain are stimulated.

Your Role in Stewarding Energetic Patterns Homeward
Because what is within us comes into resonance with what is outside of us, we are very susceptible, some people would say, to the external world. My guides and angels say that we are actually interactive with our external world. For everything that can possibly touch us from the external world or have any impact upon us, there is an equal and opposite reaction from us back to whatever that thing is. So whether we're feeling upset or anxious by news stories or whether we're feeling at peace and at ease -- whatever it is external to us that we are reacting to or responding to, we have an equal amount of ability to offer back to that external event something from ourselves. Not all external events want peace and quiet. For this reason, I developed the habit of asking, well, what would you like? What does the consciousness within the event desire as their next step? What do the souls impacted by this event want?

If in reading a news story, I feel upset, I can take a moment and ask if the emotion I am experiencing is mine. As the emotion fades, I can then ask what the souls within that news story truly want. What is their journey of development? What is it within the Earth that wants to respond to this? In cases of earthquake or even weather events, what issue wants to be worked out now and what is the next step for whatever this issue is?

Your Awareness can affect Weather Patterns
We often forget that weather events have to do with enlarging humanities abilities to process emotion. Therefore, stopping, slowing, making a weather event more or less than what Nature, the Earth, our souls intend it to be, tends to stop a creative process that is ongoing.

Notice whatever weather pattern is around you at the moment. It could be simply a lovely, sunny day or a drizzle to snowstorm to some sort of thunderstorm or gusty winds going on. Notice how it feels around you. Notice how it feels to you. And ask if it's truly reflecting the souls that are now experiencing it.

Sometimes a weather pattern only partially reflects the souls that are experiencing it. Sometimes it is mostly reflecting the souls that are experiencing it. Just by asking, 'is the weather pattern truly reflecting the souls that are experiencing it', you assist Nature and Earth to bring their abilities forward and balance for those chemicals or artificial intelligences that may be trying to push or pull weather patterns one way or the other.

Your Ability (and Responsibility) to Release what no longer Serves
Because our bodies as well as a portion of our souls come from Earth, we each have the ability to find that larger picture of Spirit that exists within the Earth as well as in Heaven. We each have the ability, and perhaps even the responsibility, to ask those things that we notice and feel don't seem to quite fit if they really do fit. Just by asking something if it is truly in tune with my soul, or is it truly in tune with this other person's soul, or is it truly in tune now in current time&emdash;just by asking whatever it is that's going on those questions, our co-creative juices let the pattern know that it can change.

Whether it's a pattern of persistent anger, loopy thoughts, or perhaps it's a consistently odd sensation in the air that you can't quite tag, asking whatever you are noticing if it's truly in the present moment, if it truly reflects your body now&emdash;all these questions are ways of letting an energetic pattern and the consciousness behind it know that it can change. In the moment it feels permission to change from a human, it will begin to change.

Very often, those things that we notice that are a little antagonistic, a little not quite right-fitting in our lives, are things that perhaps served us 5, 10, 15 years ago. But they no longer serve us now. How we unwind the story of why we developed a relationship with the energy pattern or consciousness is up to us. We can unwind the story of something we notice in our lives now by just beginning to ask questions. Each question allows that object, that thing, that experience, that emotion, that thought to change. And as it subtly changes, we can continue to ask questions. Notice that in the questions that I'm proposing, the consciousness within the other that we are asking the question of is always honored. So yes, that which could cause us emotions to arise when we ask the emotion if it's really ours, the emotion is apt to fade. And that which is causing the emotion has permission to change, to depart and to evolve.

Just take a moment and if you would, bring to mind something that doesn't feel quite in tune with the rest of your life. It could be an issue, an emotion, a thought...maybe just a feeling in the ether today or even the weather you might be experiencing. Take a moment and feel it. Allow the feeling of slight discomfort arise in your body. That tells you it's not really in tune with you now. And the discomfort is saying your soul wants to make an adjustment. Now, ask whatever you are noticing if it's truly in tune with you now, in this moment of time. Allow it to shift, to change, to do whatever else it would like to do now. Give the consciousness within the pattern permission to go to wherever it needs to go to now.

Invocation of Sacred Space
So now, an invocation. This will assist all that is ready to go to go wherever it all needs to be.

We welcome those Nature Spirits, Nature Intelligences of the room that each is in&emdash;those that vibrate at what the Nature Spirits themselves know as unconditional love to step forward. And the Nature Spirits, Nature Intelligences of the land directly beneath that room, no matter how many floors down, just the Nature Spirits, Nature Intelligences, again, that vibrate at what they know as unconditional love, within the land beneath. Welcoming them to step forward.

And the Pure Energy of Nature, the grandmother energy, welcoming it to step forward as well. Altogether, forming a sphere that reflects the unconditional love of the Nature Spirits and Nature Intelligences of the room and land beneath joined with the unconditional love of the Pure Energy of Nature. Letting that sphere reflect their levels of unconditional love. And letting that sphere surround the room and be available to escort all energies that wish to depart to do so. They may move homeward or onto the next step of their journey. The consciousness within each pattern of energy knows where to go.

Archangel Michael
We welcome, as well, that aspect of Archangel Michael that reflects and works alongside each person's legally incarnating soul now. Michael is one of the four archetypal angels, and as such, is always connected to each person. You may know Michael by a different name, but you will recognize the quality of energy. Welcoming Archangel Michael to step forward, and letting Michael's energies drop down into second and first dimension, almost like an upside down pyramid from the floor of the room. Just honoring that Archangel Michael comes from second dimension, comes from first dimension, comes from within the Earth, just as much as Archangel Michael's energy comes from Heaven.

Michael's energy, as well, moves up through all those heavenly dimensions&emdash;goes up through sun and central sun, a fancy way of saying up through all of the Heavenly or upper dimensions. Archangel Michael's energy reaches to a point slightly outside of our world of polarity. In this fashion we welcome a conscious, magnified connection to the energies of Archangel Michael from the first dimension deep within our Earth to an upper dimension just beyond the polarized consciousness of our reality. And having established this conscious, magnified connection with Michael's energy in all dimensions, Michael's energy forms an elevator shaft that transverses each dimension. This elevator shaft allows all energies to go home, or onward to wherever their consciousness needs to go to so that each energy might continue on its own evolutionary path.

Your Questions Heal Yourself and Your World
You might notice a tangible sense of release or energy movement now. Whatever it is that you have thought about that doesn't seem to quite fit in your life can move through the energies of Nature in the Nature Sphere or through Archangel Michael's elevator shaft. By invoking Michael and the Nature Spirit Sphere, we release from ourselves any need to send something or direct something.

By invoking Michael and the Nature Spirit Sphere, we allow the processes of evolution and involution to happen, nearly spontaneously. As we can see or sense Michael, or just know that something more than ourselves is present now, the energies and the consciousness within the energies that we feel don't quite fit can also see Michael.

It's like you're standing, talking to a friend, and all of a sudden, you see something in the distance and you stare at it, and your friend spontaneously turns around to look at the same thing too. What is it that suddenly has your attention? So, by invoking Michael and the Nature Spirit Sphere, we are putting our attention upon them, and the consciousness within anything that isn't quite right in our life can also can also see them.

As that consciousness can see Michael's inter-dimensional tube or the Nature Spirit Sphere, it recognizes that it has options for where it can reside. It has a way to go home, or a way to continue to learn and grow and evolve. The consciousness within these energies or energetic patterns can choose their own path. And we release them onto their path when we ask if they are really in tune with us. We recognize that it has served us, and we recognize it no longer serves us. It has another place to be or another way to be. And in order for it to continue to learn and grow, it needs to move home.

Notice there is no sense of it needing to change before it leaves. There is no sense of trying to make it look like pink fairy dust or white light or anything. We're not enforcing or inflicting a healing upon this energy. We're simply honoring that the consciousness within it recognizes it needs to move on. It told us it needs to move on because it's no longer in tune with us and it is causing discomfort, loopy thoughts, or odd emotions. It's causing something that doesn't quite feel right to us. So, we have absolute permission to inquire, well, are you really in current time now? Do you reflect my physical female or male body now? Do you reflect that portion of my soul legally incarnating now? For weather or larger pattern of war or turmoil, do you reflect the souls that are experiencing you right now?

Whatever aspect or portion of something that is not in tune with you or the soul's experiencing it, has permission to go through Archangel Michael or move through the Nature Spirit Sphere to go home. There is no right or wrong. There is simply allowing the processes of evolution (moving through Heaven) and involution (moving through Earth) to occur.

Your Brain and Healing (don't always mix well)
The easiest way to slow something down from releasing is for our human minds to get involved and for our human minds to say, oh, but it's dark, so I should turn it light or I should make it look light or I should wrap it in white light. The truth is, if something appears dark or grey or uncomfortable, that is our interpretation, our brain saying, hmm, this is an energy or something that is not useful to the life force of your body and the evolutionary process of your soul. Don't go there. It's the equivalent of a wrong way sign on the express way. Do not enter. Don't go there. It doesn't mean wrap it in white light and try to change it. It means don't go there. There is nothing wrong with an off ramp on the highway. It's fine. Cars need to come off. You just don't want to turn down it. The same thing is possible here. When something looks dark or grey or feels uncomfortable, it's simply saying, 'I am no longer in tune with your body. I am not in tune with the process or the evolution of your soul.'

Everything that is in tune with you will typically lead to an expansion, a sense of ease, a sense of heart opening. That which is no longer in tune tends to be uncomfortable and make us contract both physically and energetically. It is up to us, through experience, to recognize this and remember to ask the pattern, 'are you really all mine now? Is any of this not really mine now?' As we learn to do this we give permission for the consciousness behind the pattern to lift and to go where it needs to go to.

Most of the time engaging with a pattern more deeply than simply asking it a question causes us to grip onto it. If we can release it by simply asking the question, then we become more neutral towards the pattern, and less apt to grip it, grab it or to make it somehow into something it is not. The neutrality we gain from doing this over and over again assists us when we might reach a pattern that indeed we need to look at more deeply.

It is so hard for our brains to understand that they need to not intercede in the process of releasing and healing. It is much like a magician who waves the left hand in the air and motions broadly with a beautiful scarf while the right hand is positioning the next object for the trick that needs to be done. But we're not looking at the right hand because we're gazing at the scarf waving in the air. So, the same is true of this particular exercise. We keep the brain busy so that our soul and body can release what is ready to release.

Engaging your brain to focus on and ask questions of what it feels is not quite right, is akin to giving the brain permission to watch the scarf that is waving in the air. As the brain looks at what isn't quite right and asks the questions, it's kept very busy, while the our soul and body can create the appropriate relationship to whatever the consciousness of the pattern might be. That relationship could be none at all, if the consciousness is ready to leave and our soul has completed learning from the pattern. The relationship with a pattern could be a little bit more space but not a complete release. It could be that we need to understand and change something more within ourselves.

All this information can spontaneously occur in the moment as we are asking the question, 'Does this really fit my soul legally incarnating now?' Or, insights could occur in dream state tonight or in waking state tomorrow or the next day. When addressing a pattern, the answer to the question 'Are you really in tune with me now?' often comes through in different ways. We can get answers from the psychic levels of the lower chakras, (a body sensation of comfort or discomfort), or through the heart, or sometimes a yes or no in the head.

In most cases, our abilities to understand what is in tune with us and what is not in tune with us are being finely honed throughout our lifetime. For this reason, it is easier to begin with the idea of what is not in tune with us, as this might feel a little uncomfortable or uneasy. Focusing in on our ability to feel what fits and doesn't fit allows us also to begin to focus in on what would nourish us.

At those moments where cosmic events or political events or Earth events are magnifying various emotions, fear, anger, lack, then those aspects of fear and anger and lack that may be in our life are going to arise. It's an opportunity to release that which no longer serves us because the fear, the anger, the sense of lack that will arise are pieces and portions of energies that no longer serve us. Our fear, our anger, our sense of lack that we may still need for the journey of our soul will never leave. And in those moments where it's appropriate to have a bit of fear or it's appropriate to have anger over boundaries being breached or it's appropriate to feel a sense of lack when you suddenly realize, wait, I really do need a car now, whatever that issue is, the emotions we need to tag the issue cannot be dispersed. But when we ask a question, wait, is this really my anger, and it begins to disperse, that means at least a portion of the anger we were feeling was not really ours, not really in current time, not really serving the journey of our soul. And the consciousness behind that anger is appropriately releasing, moving through Michael, through Nature, and going home.

In this way, we don't need to experience those things that truly do not serve our soul, but we may still experience those things that do serve our soul, even if they do make us a little uncomfortable for a bit. Out of this type of discomfort comes our ability to take action and to recognize something that we need to make an adjustment about in our life.

When we experience emotions, loopy thoughts or just odd energies that are not really in tune with us, we are more apt to be reactive towards them rather than feel a sense of responsibility to escort them onward. We are more apt to simply not want to feel them, want to push them away, want to somehow make them go someplace else. In these moments where you feel like you just can't deal with it, don't want to deal with it, just want to push it away, or just want to put it in white light and send it someplace, those are the moments where it's most critical to sit with it for a moment and just ask, 'Are you in current time?' 'Are you really in tune with my body and my soul right now?' That begins to loosen it up, giving it permission to go to wherever it needs to go to.

Nourishing Yourself for what is Coming
In that very moment where something starts to move out, there is space for us to receive something different. In responsibly releasing patterns out of our space, letting them move to wherever they need to go to now, we are also stating to all the energies interacting with us that we are ready for an update and upgrade. We are ready for something that nourishes us now&emdash;not something from ten or more years ago, but that which reflects our soul's journey now.

In tagging that which is no longer in tune with us, we also invite that which is in tune with us to come in. Similar to upgrading computer software from 6.0 to 6.1 and then 6.2…when we tag that which does not fit, we create space for that which does fit. We're pretty good at doing this in the heavenly aspect of life, but not so good at doing this in terms of the Earthly aspect.

The Essence of Your Soul within the Earth is Your Greatest Healer
Over the past several decades certain qualities of Earth energy have been arising into my awareness. These Earth energies reflect the soul legally incarnating within each of us. It is that aspect of our soul which entered into the much larger process of creation on this planet when our reality began to take physical form, millions and millions of years ago. And at that point in time some aspect of your soul said to All That Is "yes, I want to create with other souls. I want to create something that does not yet exist." And your soul also said "Yes", at some points in this cycle, "I will enter into this project as a being that lives, moves and has consciousness within this creation."

And here you are! A physical form, a human being upon this planet. And your soul has been, for millions and millions of years, one of billions upon billions of souls within this aspect of our galaxy. All joined together in this amazing creative endeavor, a cosmic 'what if?' that your soul wanted to explore.

What makes those incarnating upon the Earth unique is that a drop of your soul's essence lives within the Earth herself. That essence became charged and enlivened to the point where It became the basis for your physical form here on Earth. That essence of your soul, deep within the Earth, is what says 'yes' when your heavenly soul wants to incarnate. That essence of you within the Earth helps to balance your physical body, and brings your soul and physical body together in their unique embrace.

What is it that keeps the soul in the body? It is this; this drop of your own soul's essence within the Earth generates a specific frequency that binds your soul into your body. As the quality of this frequency is more tangible, then those nourishments that your soul would love for your body to experience are easily present in your life. Who you are now, right in this moment, is reflected by how poorly or how well your soul and body are meeting. This drop of your essence, coming alive deep within the Earth, reflects your experience of living life. Your soul's essence, reminds your body and legally incarnating soul of their unique and perfect embrace of each other now.

Let yourself breathe as if your inhalation begins in your hips. Even better is if you feel your breathing begins at your feet. Now what if your breath were to enter through the feet, coming from that essence of your soul deep within the Earth? Allow that breath to arise and fill your feet, legs, hips and lower back.

Unlimiting How much Energy We Receive
Those qualities of energies that truly nourish you enter through all the cells, energy meridians and chakras of your body. Those qualities of energies that truly nourish you reflect not just what you know you are going to do today or tomorrow or this week, but they reflect what you don't know is going to happen and what you're going to be drawn to do. Some systems of healing entail directing your body to receive only a certain quality of energy. But in my experience our personality and brain are extremely limited in their ability to see, let alone comprehend, the infinite possibilities that come our way each day.

Openly receiving those energies that your body wants to be nourished by means receiving those energies that your brain just doesn't know you're going to need yet. And how wonderful it is, when we allow ourselves to release into the healing nourishment that our soul, body and Spirit desire. Then, when the unexpected happens, we are ready. We have all had that experience where just as we are walking out the door we suddenly think, I should bring this book or scarf or some such item with me. You're not quite sure why, but a few hours later you run into a friend that needs that item.

In the same manner, you can give your body permission to receive all the nourishment it desires right now, not just the quality that you think your body needs. As you listen to the body, you open your connection to nourishment that comes from deep within the Earth, from that aspect of your soul which has been present for millions and millions of years.

Nourishing yourself deeply allows for even more patterns to arise that may not fit you, and for them to easily move out. Nourishing yourself deeply allows all the bonds between your soul and your body to strengthen. It allows, particularly, your naval chakra to open and engage more deeply in this lifetime, helping to propel you into right here and now. Your naval chakra synthesizes energies from the external day-today world that you see, as well as the external spiritual world that surrounds you. This spiritual world is not just the world of Heaven but also the world of Earth. Deep within the naval chakra is your ability to move easily and gracefully upon the Earth. Deep within the naval chakra is your ability to sculpt in the external world whatever it is that is yours to sculpt in this lifetime.

Releasing from within that naval chakra any energies that no longer serve to support your journey, your evolutionary path; anything that no longer serves the journey of your soul within your naval chakra can gently ease out, and it can go to wherever it needs to go to now. The pattern has served its purpose. It is free to leave and the consciousness within that pattern knows where it needs to go to now. So, we gently release the consciousness, the pattern, and create even more space, particularly around the naval chakra, for those energies that truly nourish the soul now and the body now.

Again, releasing out of naval chakra everything that is ready to be released. Letting it move through the Nature Spirits sphere, letting it move through Archangel Michael, letting it move however it wants to move; the consciousness within the pattern knows where it needs to be now so it can keep learning and growing. And our own soul's essence, deep within the Earth, invites our soul and body to bond even more strongly, particularly here at naval, deep within our bodies.

How is it that your naval chakra wants to feel now? How does your naval want to feel? How does that space deep within your body want to feel? How does your lower back want to feel? Where are those energies that perfectly balance, perfectly support your physical male or female body now? And just releasing all else, with our gratitude, onto wherever it all needs to go to now.

With ease and flow of creating whatever your soul desires to creating your life is more accessible to you now.

What is Your Next Step? How will You Know It?
What is yours to do in your life now? As an expression of your spiritual journey, what is your next step? The answers to these often asked questions comes, of course, from within each of us.

There is a space&emdash;a space of deep stillness that we each as spiritual beings can access. It happens as we breathe our breath out and come to a moment of rest before we breathe in again. It happens in the spaces between the beats of our heart. Accessing this space of deep stillness becomes easier and easier when the energetic patterns within the naval chakra reflect us; just our souls and our bodies.

Nourishing yourself from that essence of your soul deep within the Earth, is how you build more availability to experience this stillness. As you sense that essence of your soul deep within the Earth, that which is not you begins to vibrate, perhaps flutter or feel heavy, in the naval chakra. Releasing those patterns as you notice them arising allows for that essence of who you are to bloom, like a flower, within your naval chakra.

Feel that blooming now. Feel that expansion within the naval now of who you are right now, and allow yourself to know within that naval chakra what your next step is. Do not force it into form in your brain. Just feel the bloom at the naval. Be content, knowing that within that energy bloom is much information. Your soul and your guides and angels will reveal more and more to you over time.

Some Results of this Meditation
For now, it is enough to know that your soul incarnating from Heaven and the essence of your soul deep within the Earth are intimately bound together, nourishing and communing with each other through your physical body. And as this nourishment continues, your physical body and your soul incarnating into your body have greater access to each other. Your heart may feel different. Your brain may feel quieter. Sharper thoughts may occur. There may be a clarity, both in terms of physically moving through space when you get up, as well as a clarity in thought or intention. All these things simply reflect that you are releasing what no longer serves, and embracing and welcoming what does serve and nourish you now.

Releasing from Sacred Space
And for right now, we're going to go ahead and thank and release all those guides and angels that have been part of today's journey. And gently, releasing and thanking the conscious, magnified connection to Archangel Michael. Releasing Michael out of those upper dimensions, those heavenly dimensions, our conscious, magnified awareness, as well as releasing Michael, our conscious, magnified awareness of Michael out of second dimension and first dimension. And just allowing Archangel Michael's energies to step back into relationship to each person, however that might be for them in their normal waking state or in their dream state. And just allowing that aspect of Archangel Michael that has been present to continue to be with each person, but releasing that extended, magnified connection to Michael as we return to our normal waking state, knowing you can always call on Michael again. But for now, as we return to normal waking state, we release Michael's energies.

And looking at the Nature Spirits sphere all the way around the room and just thanking them, and just letting the Nature Spirits, Nature Intelligences of that room, those vibrating at their level of unconditional love that have been holding the sphere, just thanking them. Letting them cleanse and clear themselves and the sphere and the room and you.

And any energies that are no longer needful in your life, by your legally incarnating soul can be swept away. It's much like just one big, nice whiff of fresh spring air moving through that room.

We thank and release the Nature Spirits, Nature Intelligences of the room. Again, releasing those that have been forming the sphere from our conscious connection and releasing them from holding the sphere.

From within the land beneath, Nature Spirits, Nature Intelligences, thanking them so much. Again, those at their level of unconditional love, letting them clear and cleanse themselves and the land beneath and the lower portion of the sphere from any energies from the session. Cleansing and clearing themselves, the land beneath, the lower portion of the sphere, of any energies from this meditation. And just releasing those energies from the meditation to wherever they need to go to, as we thank and release the Nature Spirits, Nature Intelligences from holding the sphere, and from the land, and from our conscious connection to them.

And then, the Pure Energy of Nature, that grandmother energy, we thank it so much, just letting it cleanse and clear any last bits of energies, intelligences, guides, or angels that may have come through it for this meditation. And we release it from holding the sphere and we release our conscious connection to it.

Again, releasing the conscious, magnified connections to the Pure Energy of Nature, the Nature Spirits, Nature Intelligences of the room and the land beneath.

Why Release Angels and such?
Releasing our conscious, magnified connections to all the different elements that have been creating sacred space allows us to move more fully and completely into waking state. It also means that our psychic energy isn't bound up, trying to keep connections with them, when those connections are not serving us in a vital, meaningful way in this moment.

Invoking sacred space before a meditation, healings, ceremonies, etc. is perfectly appropriate. Releasing our connections to those who assisted us in creating sacred space afterwards is also perfectly appropriate. By invoking and then releasing, we're defining sacred space. In defining the beginning and the end time of sacred space, we give ourselves permission to be completely present in sacred space while we're there, and then we give ourselves permission to integrate and come back out and be about whatever it is that our journey upon the Earth is about now.

So, as you return from sacred space, go ahead, give yourself permission to move for a moment. Give yourself permission to just wiggle those toes and those fingers. Give yourself permission to take a few deep breaths into your low back. And just remember whatever it is that you need to remember from the meditation.

I thank you for your presence today. I thank each and every one of you for going into sacred space, for releasing what no longer serves, and for nourishing yourselves with what does fit and serve the journey of your soul now. Please know that the changes will continue over several days, weeks, and even months, and feel free to drop me a note and let me know how you're doing.

-Norma Gentile