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Meditation #37 from March 27, 2013

a meditation for
Breathing Stillness - Generating Peace
A series of Meditations to naturally Generate Power and Ease by Connecting Your Body to your Soul's Journey

Healing as releasing into balance

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There are two sound healing songs in this meditation. They are improvisations from Spirit recorded during live meditation concerts. Ode to Day features a schruti box, a common instrument of India used to accompany sacred chant. The other song, Completion, includes Gordon Johnston on harp and Jeremy Sills on singing bowls and bells. More of these sound healings, along with videos, can be found under Sound Healings or Recordings.

1 Introduction
2 Creating Sacred Space
3 Balancing Body, Soul and Spiritual Helpers
4 Good Brain!
5 Releasing Emotional Tumult in the Heart
Completion A Sound Healing to release High Heart tumult
- with Gordon Johnston, harp and Jeremy Sills, singing bowls
6 Rededicating your personal High Heart;
Sound Healing Ode to Day
7 Solar Plexus, Kidneys and Adrenals: Your True Power
8 Breathing Stillness / Generating Peace
9 Ovaries, Testicles and 2nd chakra; Deep Patience and Ease:
- How much ease does your soul want your body to experience now?
10 Summary
11 Releasing Sacred Space

From our heart down to our pelvis lie energy centers that are seldom spoken about, let alone cleared and consciously utilized by those of us in modern Western society. Here is a meditation that may assist in addressing issues commonly associated with mistunings of these lower energy centers, such as unfulfilling sleep, workaholic tendencies and the inability to breath deeply.

Your soul embraces your body in both the upper and lower chakras. The 2nd chakra, just below your physical navel, reflects the natural ease that your soul desires for your body to have in this physical world. When tuned accurately, this allows the depth of stillness that you naturally tap into to be available to you through your first chakra. With each breath you generate prana within your Navel Chakra which nourishes all of your chakras and brings this natural tuning of inner peace from your first or root chakra into all of your physical body.

1 Introduction
2 Creating Sacred Space
When we invite the Nature Spirits and Nature Intelligences to support us at THEIR level of unconditional love we move away from inflicting upon ourselves the polarity that exists within our human concept of unconditional love.

Archangel Michael's energy is an archetypal energy. It helps us to sort things out. One way it does this is by helping us create priorities in our lives. It also provides us with a touchstone into a dimension of consciousness beyond polarity. This quality of consciousness, just outside of our current reality, is best described from within our reality as neutrality. Neither good nor bad exists here.

3 Balancing Body, Soul and Spiritual Helpers
We often call in guides and angels and forget to release them. One of the simplest ways to feel more like yourself and feel a greater connection with the world around you is to take a moment and thank all those beings, guides or angels whose task has come to completion with you. If you call in a guide or angel you need to release them. Whether it was as a child, a teenager or yesterday, it is important to release all those spiritual helpers from the past so that there is space for those working with you today.

It is also helpful during times of meditation to consciously welcome a magnified awareness of your own higher self. The Higher Self can be defined in many ways. I feel it is a result of the ongoing process of your soul and body embracing each other.

The simplest description of healing is that of two steps; release and renewal. After the first step of release, comes that second step of allowing the body to be nourished however the body wants to be nourished.

In our culture we talk about energy healing, but what we really mean is releasing that which is getting in the way of the physical body having the balance that it desires to have. As the physical body returns to the balance that it desires, it does not mean that it returns to perfect health. It means that it returns to a balance that allows our soul to express through our body, and bring to us those events, circumstances and situations that our soul has desired for us to experience as humans.

4 Good Brain!
Over many years I have come to realize that the process of living is a spiritual process. Ultimately it is the process of letting our personalities be the RESULT of the expression of our soul through our body. That seems easy enough when written out. But in actuality this process is one that takes multiple lifetimes!

Every time we turn a corner and recognize that our brain's plan isn't appropriate to the situation we find ourselves in, we have an opportunity to turn to our spiritual nature. In doing this, we allow our soul to embrace our body a little more fully.

5 MEDITATION Releasing Emotional Tumult in the Heart
The navel chakra is the point in the body that is most firmly embraced by the soul. Within our low body (intestines, ovaries and testicles as well as navel) is the potential for deep stillness. But the tumultuous emotions that often exist within the heart can make it difficult to find this deep stillness.

Completion A sound healing to release high heart tumult
- Gordon Johnston, harp and
Jeremy Sills, singing bowls

6 Rededicating your personal High Heart
What would it feel like to have the space behind your High Heart, the thymus gland chakra, reflect your soul's journey right at this moment? All the guides and angels that support you here will also reflect the challenges and wisdom needed to navigate your life in this moment.

Ode to Day; a sound healing with schruti box

7 Solar Plexus, Kidneys and Adrenals: Your True Power
I am reminded that the great shifts in consciousness may appear to happen suddenly within our culture, but those shifts in consciousness begin at the great council table in Dream Time. It is only there that the new changes in consciousness can occur.

See also the essay Dreamtime Council based on this segment of the podcast
- Coming Soon: an essay and guide to Building Prana Consciously

8 Breathing Stillness - Generating Peace
I am sure you have had the experience of being faced with a decision. And as you are presented with the possibilities, one jumps out immediately as being the appropriate choice for you. It feels like a fit to you, and often there is a sense of relaxation or expansion when you are presented with this option. As you build more prana throughout your lifetime your connection into your body is enhanced. The sensation of what fits and what doesn't fit is magnified by the presence of your prana, tuned to your body.

9 Deep Patience and Ease; Ovaries, Testicles and 2nd Chakra

How much ease does your soul want your body to experience now?

There is an ability within the human body to generate deep stillness. And isn't it ironic that this stillness is generated within our ovaries, testicles and the root or first chakra related to them? The place from which we are able to generate the deepest stillness comes from this lowest portion of our torso.

Many of us have generated rather heavy energies here as a way of trying to ground or as a means of protection in order to be present with difficult energetic situations related to gender and survival issues within our culture.

10 Summary

from the first chakra, testicles and ovaries, comes a deep stillness
from the 2nd chakra a sense of ease, support and expansion
from the navel chakra, building prana within the breath, and creating within stillness

The breath can now generate much more effectively prana, tuned to you, at the navel. This prana reflects stillness and the presence of your soul in your ovaries/testicles. The quality of prana now reflects that quality of ease that your soul desires for your body to have.

As you breathe the heart chakras can open more. As your upper thymus gland and traditional heart chakras both open, each breath generates prana, tuned to your soul's journey, which in turn allows a greater ability for you to be connected from your heart with all that surrounds you.

With this meditation you have linked your heart to your body center. You are beginning to regain that conscious awareness of your body that you had as an infant. This awareness of the physical body ceased as you lived within your culture, but it can be regained. As you do regain it you open into numerous possibilities of sensing and feeling connections to others and to all that surrounds you, both in form and not in form.

Validate the changes you have made…this process will continue!

11 Releasing Sacred Space
When we release our conscious magnified to Archangel Michael, we are merely stepping out of the agreement to consciously recognize, in this magnified manner, Archangel Michael's energy in all the dimensions. This allows us to turn our attention to our own lives and what we need to be doing here on the physical plane.