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The digital download version of these Spoken Meditations and Teachings are offered free of charge. If you would like to make a donation as a gesture of appreciation of what is offered, it will help me continue to offer these..You can access them to stream or download (playable on any mp3 player) at my podcast page: or iTunes.
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Meditation CD #24 from July 26, 2010

Manifestation 101
Working with, not against, the Creative Cycle

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"Nourishing what is not yet in Form"

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Here is a meditation supported by the energetic presence of Archangel Michael, Mary and Thoth to help you notice and attend to projects that Spirit is already working on bringing into in your life.

1 Introduction - Manifestation portion of the Creative Cycle  3:55
2 Creating Sacred Space: Why include Nature Spirits in Your Sacred Space  7:52
3 The Quiet Motion of Spirit   6:12
4 Meditation &endash; Allowing Spirit to Support You (even more)  7:40
5 Prioritizing What We Nourish in Our Lives  5:45
6 Meditation -  Letting Spirit Bless You  1:31
*7 Blessing Song  2:15
8 Tend your Garden, and Yourself  4:20
9 Our Shared World of Form and Global Environment 8:09
10 Releasing Sacred Space  10:21
11 Closing &endash; the meditation will continue  3:44

*excerpted from a live concert of spontaneous improvised songs given by myself and David Darling.  You can hear him playing cello underneath my singing. His music is available at iTunes, and also check him out on youtube and on his website,

In our western culture we think of manifestation as being a linear process. I think of something, I visualize it, I meditate on it and it appears. We don't often think of the creative process as being cyclical, in that it re-occurs regularly, and has various stages. There are quiet portions to the Creative Cycle that occur before anything comes into form. These quiet portions are seldom noticed. But it is while the energies of Spirit and Nature are gestating that we as humans can often nourish or accidentally trample upon something potentially manifesting in our lives.

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