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On Earthquakes and Hurricanes

Dear Friends,

So many people have asked my guides and me about these recent events that I thought it useful to share what has been pulled through me. Below is a summation of information, primarily gathered over the past 24 hours from that portion of Archangel Michael that often sits with me during healing sessions. My thanks to those individuals who had sessions and let this information come through me as a larger service to all of us.

Earthquakes are the result of a change in consciousness. Both the consciousness of humans, as well as that of the soul within the Earth, who we know as Gaia, experience changes in consciousness. When we together make a choice to release a certain quality of consciousness, the release must happen simultaneously. Both the Earth, the physical manifestation and body of Gaia, as well as our physical bodies change when we move into a new quality of consciousness.

When Gaia's body changes we experience Earth changes, such as earthquakes, tsunamis or even unusual or strong weather patterns. Our bodies resonate and change as well. The recent earthquake and current hurricane are typical illustrations

Changes in consciousness are constant and ongoing. We make choices in almost every moment, some of which we recognize reflect new concepts and hence new qualities of consciousness. Our ability to move easily into new qualities of consciousness is dependent on our ability to find a sense of grounding and comfort within those new qualities of consciousness. When we feel unsure of ourselves, we are more apt to pull back into old behaviors (and their underlying qualities of consciousness) than move into new and uncharted areas of consciousness.

One way of making sure that we move forward and can't step backwards into an old quality of consciousness is to have the physical Earth move into a vibration that matches or resonates with our new quality of consciousness. This is what Earth changes do for us.

EARTHQUAKES - a short primer
Gaia, the soul within our Earth, communicates with humanity's consciousness and the consciousness of those many beings who are working with us. When all are in agreement and decide it is time for a step up into a new quality of consciousness, changes begin to happen in the invisible electromagnetic field of the planet. Simultaneously our own auras begin to shift. For simplicity's sake, my guides have shown me how the first inklings of change begin with the introduction of charged particles, somewhat like magnetized iron filings, moving through the central channel of the Earth's tube torus.

Think of an apple whose core is missing. Energies can move both down and up through that core. If the Earth is like this apple, then energies move up and down, exiting and reentering at the poles. The metal filings that are introduced into the stream follow the natural flow of energies within the tube torus. For example one energy stream moves out of the South Pole, then turns and bends to flow over the surface of the Earth towards the North Pole, where it reenters into the central core. Another stream of energy moves through the core and out of the North Pole, where it turns southward to enter into the South Pole. One difficult aspect of this motion to grasp is that this flow exists in both directions simultaneously and within the same space. Because the tub torus and its related toroidal field lies outside of our 3rd dimension it does not need to follow the physical rules of our 3rd dimension.

See a sample of a one-directional flow at Dan Winter's site:

Once the flow of magnetized iron filings containing the new quality of consciousness is flowing within the toroidal energy field surrounding the Earth, this same quality of consciousness is available to all humans, animals, plants and others whose consciousness is intertwined with the Earth's. As humans, we each have a toroidal field around our hearts. In the moment that the Earth's toroidal field receives the new quality of consciousness so does the toroidal field that surrounds our own heart. (Note: we have many of these fields within our bodies, more later)

This is the moment where our soul and body begin to let our personality know that "something is about the change." To the extent that our personality digs its heels in and says "no", we will experience this change as difficult, and our bodies are apt to feel discomfort. Even if our personality says "yes", the outer world in which we live and to which we have energetic resonance will still have resistance to these changes. We may also experience this resistance around us as discomfort within our bodies.

When enough of humanity's incarnated souls are in agreement that the new vibration of consciousness can be successfully held by the human personalities of those incarnating, the new quality of consciousness is released into the 3rd dimension. This happens first by releasing the pattern into the etheric level of the electromagnetic field surrounding the Earth. This etheric level changes, and since it is the energetic blueprint for the physical planet, the physical form of the Earth responds and also changes. Sometimes that change is an earthquake, sometimes a volcanic eruption or weather pattern. Most of the time the earth changes are so subtle that humans don't even notice them. But sometimes we do.

When the electromagnetic field of the Earth shifts our bodies feel it. We become ungrounded because the quality of earth energies beneath us has changed. How we used to ground doesn't function anymore. While our deeper connection to Gaia and Earth remains, the exchange of energy on the etheric level that nourishes our bodies is suddenly lessened. Typically this manifests as feeling fatigued, being unable to sleep, being both cranky and over-stimulated or an inner feeling of being constantly on edge, as if needing to be on guard or on high alert. Your body knows something has changed. These symptoms are how your mind is interpreting the energetic changes.

Our physical bodies eventually become accustomed to the new quality of energy within the earth and over time establish a new grounding connection between our bodies and the etheric body of the Earth. In the past this took a few years time, and since it happened rarely our bodies could handle learning to make a few adjustments in grounding within a lifetime. However, as we are now moving quickly through so many qualities of consciousness, our bodies are being constantly uprooted from one quality to another. I am finding new ways to release the grounding connections from the previous quality of consciousness that is past and open one's physical body grounding into the new quality of consciousness quickly and more easily.


Here is what I have figured out so far:

- Every quality of consciousness that we pass through is being passed through simultaneously by Gaia as well as all the kingdoms of plants, animals, etc that live with us. Therefore we are moving as one large web of life. Our ability to feel or know that all life within our planet is moving simultaneously with us helps to stabilize our humans emotions, especially that of fear. The boat is rocking, but we are all here to help balance it with each other.

- When the etheric field of the Earth changes, our own etheric fields change. This change is the new quality of consciousness entering the edge of our 3rd dimensional physical world. We sometimes experience the difference between the new quality of consciousness in the etheric field and the old quality of consciousness in the physical world as tension in our bodies. This may last for moments, hours or days. The larger the upcoming earthchange the longer the tension lasts. Some people feel anxiety and tension several days before a major earthquake and actually feel better once it has happened. They are aware on a psychic body level of the vibrational dissonance between the planet's new etheric field and its older form of physical manifestation.

- The etheric field, as I am using the term, is the blueprint for our physical form. As the etheric field of the Earth changes, the etheric field surrounding our bodies changes. As each new quality of consciousness enters into the etheric field of the Earth it enters into our personal etheric field. Because the etheric field is the blueprint for physical form, our own physical bodies and Gaia's physical body change when our etheric bodies change. Therefore with each change in consciousness both Gaia and our bodies change. The physical must reflect the energetic shift of consciousness.

- In order to make each new quality of consciousness available to all of the dimensions of consciousness that make up our larger reality of 7 or 12 or 13 dimensions (whichever system you follow is fine), our dimension must participate. No doubt each new quality of consciousness is sending the equivalent of earthquakes and tremors through the other dimensions. Since we are consciously participating here in this dimension as physical form at this time we get to experience these changes as physical changes.

HURRICANES (and other weather phenomena)
The Nature Spirits within the Earth and within physical objects such as our homes hold emotions on behalf of humanity. They hold emotions that we are not able to fully process at the time we experience them. In contrast, weather patterns reflect those emotional patterns that we are able to work through and clarify. These emotional patterns become a cohesive quality of consciousness within the collective consciousness (and unconsciousness) of humanity.

Weather patterns may reflect one or more emotional pattern being worked out by a region of the planet on behalf of all humanity. Emotions such as jealously, anger and self-judgment are the most common emotional patterns that I see being expressed and worked through as weather patterns. The consciousness of all life within the planet is actively participating in this process.

When large numbers of people focus on what is most important to them (their own lives, their family members, beloved pets and friends) their hearts open. All of us in form feel this heart opening. We may also feel the uncertainty that comes with changes, and a naturally occurring small pattern of fear. (Hint: media is feeding this fear, but if you ask internally if your fear or anxiety is really yours, it will fade. Doing this sends a ripple out into the collective consciousness of humanity that fear need not be in charge of our actions.)

The path and movement of any storm or hurricane reflects the current-time emotions of the people effected by it, as well as the millions of people connected to each of these people. It seems simplistic, but by simply attending to our own lives and doing those things that help us to be more fully embodied we are of great service to all of humanity. This increased connection between body and soul helps us clarify emotional patterns within ourselves that the weather patterns are helping us to release. As we get even the smallest of an "ah-ha" moment recognizing a belief, habit or behavior that we no longer need to keep, we also release the related emotional pattern from the weather pattern.

The current situation with Hurricane Irene reflects the need to clear away the remnants of an old consciousness relating to polarity and judgment that was released from the Earth in the Virginia earthquake. Some aspects of judgment are simply no longer supported in the consciousness of Gaia. That means these same aspects of judgment are no longer available to be expressed by humanity.

Curious that the location of this release on the physical plane is so near to and impacting Washington D.C. Certainly the sacred geometry lines of energy upon which the major symbols of the United States were placed have shifted as a result of the earthquake. Something I never thought would happen. The earthquake in Colorado appears to be challenging what comfort means to us. Our soul's growth is "stagnating due to our ability to be comfortable being comfortable" is how my guides put it. Our soul is ready to change, and our consciousness is releasing old beliefs so that we will accept greater discomfort in order to let change happen in our physical world. We shall see how those of us living in and working within the shared collective consciousness of the USA respond to these and soon to come earth and consciousness changes.

We are also in the midst of the Sirian portal, a time each year when the Earth receives the consciousness of the Sacred Masculine from its Father Sun of Sirius. This portal has become larger over the past few decades. Each year at about this time I experience a sense of overwhelm as we are unable to receive the full amount of this energy and integrate it into our consciousness. As the Sacred Masculine energy spills over beyond what we can receive it catalyses world events. This lets the energy become a part of our planetary consciousness, but sometimes it is a bit messy. Within a few more decades our consciousness of the Divine Feminine will create a large enough chalice to fully receive the gift of this Sacred Masculine energy. That chalice is made by our expressions and experiences of the Divine Feminine, and in particular of compassion.

How do we (especially those in the USA) choose to express our compassion as well as our strength? How do we honor both Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine within ourselves as emotions? What does that even mean? Few people have a sense of what a true sacred masculine quality is. I'm betting this will change over the next few years. If you feel drawn, please join me for a
FREE PHONE MEDITATION on Sept 8 at 9pm (US eastern time). See Calendar for details.

May your feet remain firmly on the Earth, and your eyes see the beauty of Truth.

-Norma, with assistance from Archangel Michael.

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