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July 2005 Email Newsletter
Violence and Judgment
New Weather Patterms

(nota en espanol sigue mas abajo)


For those new to the list, welcome! Please feel free to share it with others. This newsletter comes out about once a month, when I feel that I have something of value to share.

I will be in Michigan for the next two months offering concerts, workshops and healing sessions. This is very unusual, and gives me an opportunity to sing two healing concerts in Ann Arbor. Aug 4th I'll be at the Art Museum in a free concert, and Sept 17th at the shared church/temple on Packard with a SingShop (come learn a chant by Hildegard) and a Meditation Healing Concert that evening. See the schedule at the end of this newsletter for more information.


This newsletter contains:
-Note for Spanish Speakers
-Violence (an article on current energies and events)
-Weather Patterns (a channeling directly from Thoth)
-My schedule of events (also at

A note here for Spanish speakers on the list-

Muchisimas gracias a todos quienes han ayudado y venido a mi concierto en La Cupula (un abrazo especial a Nestor y Michele). Regresare a La Cupula el ano que viene (marzo?) para dar un taller sobre musica y sanacion (Musical Shamanism). Puede apuntarle con Nestor o Michele. (

Tambien quiero agradecer a Kate en Estepona donde paseabamos un gran dia del canto y sanacion. Mi coraxon siempre estara junto a lo de Lahiri y la tradiciones de meditacion y amor que Miriam esta traendo al Centro de Santa Fe. Buen trabajo!

Me da pena que no tengo sufficiente conocimiento del idioma para escribir mis articulos en espanol. Al final de cada mensaje hay siempre una lista de conciertos y talleres paraque puede ver quando regredare al su lugar.

Si el espiritu toque a alguien para hacer tradicciones, me lo agradeceria.

Hasta entonces, pondre articulos traducidos por revistas en mi website,, bajo "Articles". Ahora hay uno sobre el corazon de luz.

Espero ver muchos de vosotros otra vez, y quedo siempre con un sentido de amistad en mi corazon para Espana. Hasta muy pronto.





(Some notes on information received from Archangel Michael and Atamira)


This past weekend (July 23-24) we began receiving a huge wash of masculine energy from Sirian star system. This happens each year at this time, and lasts until mid-September. This portal allows us in the Earth plane a chance to explore how we might utilize Sacred Masculine energies to recreate our world. Think of it as us as the teenagers who are allowed to drive the Porsche, rather than the old sedan, for a while.

Each year humanity's shared collective unconsciousness uses this energy to clear an issue. At this moment there is a movement afoot in the planetary consciousness which ignites all masculine energies and interprets them into violence. This is an interpretation, based on our beliefs, of what male, or active, energies ought to be like. It is our collective agreement as humans to allow this to happen. As the Sacred Masculine energies pass through the morphogenetic field (literally an electromagnetic field into which each human being is unconsciously connected) our shared beliefs turn otherwise Sacred Masculine (or actively charged) energies into energies of violence.

Remember, it is only by exposing something to the light of love that we can accurately see it for what it is and then choose to change it. In this way we (humanity) is exposing the misuse of masculine energies.

Holding the space of being, of Divine Feminine or receptivity, is most difficult at this moment. It requires the ability to be present with the non-sacred masculine blade of violence, and yet be in such a state that the blade does no harm.

It is not any one person's learning. This is an issue of the group collective consciousness. We are all learning how we create violence and use the blade. And we are each learning how to embody the Divine Feminine chalice.

The energies that enter through the Sirian Portal magnify that which is already afoot. Since Mercury in retrograde until Aug 14th, the effects are apt to be more and more obvious. Look for unusual effects, beyond that of mere computers and communications. Monitor your own intuition, and know that it will tell you with much more accuracy than any external media what is truly happening in your life.

Humanity is not used to the quality of energy that the Sacred Masculine brings. We, as a planet, are adjusting to Divine Feminine energies, which is the first step in awakening this time around. There needs to be Divine Feminine energies first in order for there to be an accurate reception of male energies. The feminine aspect, space, allows there to be a chalice into which masculine energies come to rest. The chalice then attracts energies that are in tune with it.

I recall seeing pictures of how lightening strikes the Earth. The lightening comes within several hundred feet and then there is an energy response from the land. That energy response creates the remaining hundred feet or so of what we see as a lightening strike.

In this way the land determines where exactly the lightening will complete its journey into the Earth.

The blade of non-sacred energies is created when the Sacred Masculine energies of Sirius pass through the shared consciousness of our planet. They are turned and twisted, and can then be more easily interpreted as a call to violent action. But each and every twisting and turning is a reflection of humanities, and our own personal, inner tumult. Unresolved issues that are not connecting us to spirit turn to violence. Just as the lightening comes to within a certain point of the Earth, these same Sacred Masculine energies come only so far. It is our own inner issues that determine how the external violence will be framed.

Remember; masculine energy is merely a quality of energy promoting action. Feminine energy is a quality of energy promoting Being and introspection. It is the balance of these two that we as humans seek in order to enter into Unity.

In order to allow the masculine energies to enter at a sacred level it is needful to allow the element of compassion to be present. Where there is compassion there is no judgment. Non-sacred masculine energies, which appear to me as a violent blade, are drawn particularly strongly to strike out at judgment. As the chalice, our heart, is tuned to compassion, the blade passes us by. As the chalice of our heart is tuned to judgment, we will feel its sting.

May all those who read this find a blessing according to their desire,

Norma Gentile
-with Atamira and Archangel Michael



As I was trying to write the newsletter last night, Thoth came in and asked me to write this down. No doubt these are related in some way…

- Thoth, through Norma Gentile

For eons your planet has existed within the walls of Divine Free Will. That wall has come down. As the new cycle approaches you are free to choose any path, sacred or profane, for yourselves. Each daily choice reflects your path toward Divine Will or away from it.

There is no right or wrong. There is your heart. When you choose with your heart you experience energy flowing freely through your entire body. This indicates that you are choosing your Divine Will. Choices are about exactly this: To move within your own divine state so profoundly that you cease to be aware of being contained within Divinity.

It is as two dancers, moving in perfect mirror images to each other. At a moment one ceases to focus on the other, rather the focus becomes the shared space between. The act of creation allows one to forget even that they are creating.

--What are Weather patterns?

Weather reflects your separation from our own (each one of you) Divine Will. It is not only about the patterns of living. Weather reflects those emotions that you cease to desire to reflect to one another. Weather patterns are one way for Gaia and the elementals (those of the second and first dimensions) to process on your behalf emotionally charged energies.

--How do we change weather patterns?

Live anew. Live as you would desire the weather to be. Cry and it will rain. Grieve and it will thunder and clear the air. Open your hearts and rain and sun shall balance. It is the Earth herself, the quality of etheric energies over the land in each area, which draws to itself the appropriate weather pattern.

--How do we as humans live now with these extreme climates?

Go outside whenever possible. Love the land which supports your feet and blesses your eyes with beauty. This love nourishes the land and those elementals working within your eyesight. Love without boundaries all that you behold. Transmute judgment of buildings and garbage into beauty. It is your judgment, which creates energetic grids around such things, and locks them into a stagnant way of being.

--Final thoughts?

Know that the time is not yet upon you. When you experience this much tumult it is natural for your physical bodies begin to tense, anticipating even greater changes. The more deeply you can relax, the easier it will be for you and your bodies to receive the continuation of changes. As your bodies dance more easily with each change, so too can Gaia's body, the Earth, change and continue to support your bodies.

What is the Bible quote; "Love one another". And if you so love all that is in your environment; the weather patterns, the piles of garbage, the buildings and factories, as you would want the most tender lover to treat your body, then their energies will be so shifted that they will become the quality of that most tender and cherished lover. Treat each element as you would wish to be treated. And so you change your world.

Thoth and the Ascended Masters
through Norma Gentile



N O R M A ' S I T I N E R A R Y

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MICHIGAN - Ann Arbor

Aug 4 Concert - Ancient Healing Musickes for the Future

University of Michigan Art Museum 8pm Free


MICHIGAN - Ann Arbor

Sept 17 (Hildegard's Feast Day!)

4-6 pm SINGSHOP (learn a chant)


734-330-3997 or


ASHEVILLE, NC (event was cancelled by the sponsor, I'm so sorry!)

Aug 15-19 - Sound Shamanism and Hildegard Workshop

Aug 15-19 Healing Sessions (long distance, by phone)



LONDON, Ontario

Viriditas Centre of Christ Church

519-438-1171 or


Oct 21 Meditation Concert

Oct 22 Sound Shamanism Workshop

Oct 23-24 Healing Sessions (



TORONTO, Ontario

Oct 26-28 Healing Sessions 416-873-1514 or



Andes Mountains - Colombia (limit 12 people) summer or winter solstice 2006

Spain - Alicante La Cupula, Taller y Concierto, marzo 2006



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