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June 2006 Email Newsletter
The Last Gasp
Don't put off today what you can't do tomorrow

posted June 12, 2006

For the past week numerous other channelers have been joining me in saying, "yes, the end is in sight!" I've been experiencing it as a pressure that is wringing the last bits of sourness out of my body. Everything that I've been trying to change, I now must change.

At dinner the other night a friend asked me if everyone is experiencing this energy. The answer is "yes". It is a planetary, even solar system phenomenon. It is meant to help our souls achieve what we have come here to do, by pressing out of us whatever is holding us back. It is pressing out of us our habits, beliefs, or weaknesses so that we can see them and change them.

On June 25th it will change. The energy will lift.

Meanwhile, are you contracting away, making the pressure come after you? Remember, this energy is being attracted by your soul, to help you clarify what elements of your earthly, human, personality no longer fit your journey. Shrinking away, contracting from the energy, merely makes your soul apply more pressure. Conversely, expanding into the pressure, feeling its life chanting messages, let's you step into the new possibilities now, that lie on the other side of this energy.

Don't put off today what you can't do tomorrow. This energy will soon be gone. Expand into it and learn from it now.

Every time we experience being "wrung out", we have the ability to then absorb even more from the possibilities that life (All That Is, God) presents to us.

Being wrung out is telling us that indeed, we are ready to be filled with new life.

Stepping up for more means opening to the very possibilities that All That Is placed in our pathways to find. Once clear of the old ideas, we should not be able to avoid these new possibilities and opportunities. Our paths are littered with them!

"If you don't see opportunities, it is because you have already tripped over them. What happened a few weeks back that was 'too good to be true'? Go back -- they lie there"
-Atamira (June 11, 2006)

So, you say, how can I do this? How do I step up to the pressure and let myself change.

By finding new groups, new people, new ways of seeing the world. By asking for help from those whose words, images, music or presence you find empowering, peaceful or steady. Remember who you are, by being with those who know who you are already.

If you feel that I am one of those people for you, I am honored. Consider checking out the events in my home, or a Private Session. I want to help us all take advantage of the wringing out and releasing nature of this time, so that we might all refill more accurately and easily.

Here are the gatherings, workshops, and celebrations I have planned:

These Special Events will take place in My Home June - July

With the help of many people, I now have a pond and waterfall in my backyard. The energies are shifting in the land, and I want to share this with you. Feel free to come 30 minutes early to events and spend some time meditating or exploring the new water and garden space.


Wednesday, June 14, 7:30-9pm
Evening with Medium and Author Linda Alice Dewey

n The difference between "ghosts," "spirits," and demons
n What it's like to be a ghost.
n What to avoid
n How to become aware of ghosts

The author of "Aaron's Crossing, A True Ghost Story," medium Linda Alice Dewey will talk about ghosts, mediumship, and her own experiences with Aaron. Join her at my home before she gets to famous for such small gatherings. $10 suggested donation, and her book will be available for purchase. Please call or email for directions. 734-330-3997,


Sunday, June 25, 2-5pm

Come and celebrate the end of the two-year cycle of clarifying intensity, and welcome in the new cycle with the Solstice and New Moon next to the new waterfall and pond on my property. Some channeling and chanting will no doubt break out. Bring your personal questions for Archangel Michael and Mary, a meditation pillow or outdoor blanket, and a snack to pass if you want. Live Food goodies and teas provided. Suggested Donation $25, all welcome to participate at any level of donation.


Friday eve - Sunday 2pm, July 7-9
SOUND SHAMANISM WORKSHOP WEEKEND (in my home and pond-space)
(for practitioners and advanced students)

Using a mix of sound, energy, and healing, you will learn methods that you can take and apply to magnify other healing modalities. These include creating energy grids around rooms, using sound to magnify healing intentions, channeling using the 55 feet around you rather than your own body, freeing the voice (opening the fifth chakra) and breath control. The group will decide the direction of some segments of the class. Chanting, meditation, Snacks and lunches are provided ((vegan, organic, primarily live food). $225 paid by July 1st, $275 thereafter. 734-330-3997 or Space limited. Online registration now at Fri 7pm-9pm, Sat 10am-6pm, Sunday 10am-2pm (includes lunch both days)


Private Sessions are available now through mid-July. Sessions are extremely effective in releasing old patterns that are ready to go, and can be done by phone (particularly good to shift emotional and mental patterns) or in person in SE Michigan.



July 22 Healing Chants: A Singshop of Tones, Mantras, and Ancient Songs of Healing

Gentle Wind Bookstore 2-5pm

July 23 Private Sessions


Saturday, Oct 14 Concert St. John Evangelist Church
Sunday, Oct 15 2-5pm Sound Healing and Hildegard Workshop (same church)
Mon-Tues, Oct 16-17 Private Sessions


more TBA in New York, Atlanta this fall


Norma will offer Private Healing Sessions in Michigan by phone or in person when she is not on the road.. Sessions are $165, one hour, recorded for you, To book an appointment time please call 734-330-3997. Leave the times of your availability for your preferred days.


For additional information on each event that I am doing, please seemy itinerary at


If you would like to receive this monthly email directly please reply to Likewise, if you'd prefer not to receive this newsletter let us know that too.

Norma Gentile, Healing Chants
PO Box 971020, Ypsilanti, MI 48198 USA

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