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May 2002 email Newsletter


Dear Friends,

Are you feeling a bit different today? The feelings of the past week are shifting, as we are (consciously or not) stepping into a new world. My own experience is that I have felt a gray morass of energy encompassing everything, and that slowly my own self-center is growing clearer and repelling that cloud. As I'm watching my own energy clear, I'm feeling this cloud slowly lift from all around the planet too.

The issue that I sense is how we create. The events of 9/11 opened a grief pattern throughout the US, Canada and Europe. This past week's energies have been to bring up another aspect of that grief and transform it. We will have the opportunity to heal ourselves at least twice more as this pattern comes to a close in the next month.

The lunar eclipse (May 26) provides a feminine heart energy to receive our grief. The solar eclipse on June 10 will solidify the shifts, the solstice energies June 21 feed and nurture what we have planted, and the lunar eclipse June 24 connects these changes into the mystical or multidimensional aspects of ourselves.

All this is to say, remember that we will be experiencing days in the next month where emotions and energies will be magnified. It may help to remember that discomfort is a sign of bringing an aspect of ourselves up for review. Rather than turn away or hibernate until we feel better, we might chose to take advantage of the magnification of spirit to ask for help, to meditate, and to go deeply within.

Keeping in mind that all emotions are ultimately energies that can be transformed, each round of emotional discomfort is actually an opening to our own power, releasing energies that have been trapped in our hearts (men) and throats (women).

These energies have been bound up by our subjugation to external authorities, particularly those authorities which showed us one polarity as right and another as wrong. In this manner the true power of the blending of polarities has been hidden from us.

It is the deepening of our connection to spirit, both within and without, that blends a polarity. We have gotten much better at honoring the Goddess over the last decade, and now we are called to re-examine our connections and beliefs around masculine divinity. The opening of the masculine heart energies that began last September are now moving through each of us. Our honoring and connection with the true Father, the Sacred Masculine face of God, is at hand.

In the days and hours to come there will be breakthroughs in the Middle East. At some point, as my friend Diana Chapman commented to me, those involved will get sick and tired of killing each other. The energy of anger (and ultimately of grief) that is outworking there is also being processed In our own lives here. We each have numerous situations where we keep doing the same thing and no longer are creating a healthy reality. When will we give up on old habits?

This past spring our reality shifted, and I'm noticing that what used to create for us (in particular around manifesting money) will no longer create. The methods we have used with success before no longer create those same things in the same amount. We can no longer create without honoring and utilizing our own God power, which includes the Father or Sacred Masculine aspect of the divine.

The energy that I have been aware of for several years, which I call the Heart of Light, is an energy that manifests utilizing both the Sacred Masculine and Sacred Feminine faces of God. It has almost a slippery feel to it, and can easily be overlooked. It is so simple and easy to manifest with it that I often miss that I just received what I was asking for! It also, I suspect, has been held back until this time so that we would use it appropriately.

If you are interested in knowing more, I have placed handouts from my seminars, including a nice big picture of the sacred geometry form that illustrates this energy, on my website,, under the Heart of Light Workshop. Some people are able to 'tune' into this energy by just looking at the picture. Others may feel it as they are reading now. This energy is inherent in all of us, and is simply the result of our connection to both our masculine and feminine sacredness.

If you feel drawn to learn more about tapping into this energy, as well as your Sacred Masculine and Feminine energies, and to opening your creation energies (especially in your throat, heart, sexual body, feet and knees) consider attending the concert, seminars and private healing sessions in Cleveland, Ann Arbor or Portland Oregon. These events span the period of this final energy transition, and there will be a solstice honoring time during the Portland gathering. A brief itinerary is below, and detailed info is under ITINERARY on my homepage (

My best to all of you, from myself and from Atamira,



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