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April 2007 Email Newsletter
Weather and Emotions
(this is the second of two newsletters this month)

Dear Friends

A number of causes are intersecting and creating unusual weather patterns. The resulting 'man-made' weather patterns may be a contributing factor to increased emotional eruptions and violence.

Please, let me start at the beginning.

First and foremost, our abilities to influence the elements of our physical reality are growing. Acknowledging that indeed, each plant, tree, gust of wind or molecule of water contains its own unique consciousness is our next learning step as a race of humans.

The first step on that journey is recognizing how we commune and communicate with Nature and all that is created in the world.

Within each of our chakras is the ability to be telepathic. In the west we are aware of the 6th chakra, or mind chakra, that is associated with telepathy. Our heart chakras can also create bridges between ourselves and other people, pets, or the natural world. Information travels across these bridges. We intuitively know when a plant needs watering. Our pets know when we are about to arrive home, dear friends or family often know when we are sick or injured.

This information passes between our hearts. It passes in bursts of small emotional bundles of energy. Sometimes we feel these emotions as emotions, other times the energy moves through into our bodies and our mind recognizes the pattern and turns each small emotional bundle into a word cluster or image in our mind's eye. We suddenly think of our cat sitting in the window, or we imagine a friend bursting out in laughter, or we know something isn't right with our spouse. Psychic connections are bringing us information through the greatest wireless connection of all!

Now, in the course of our planetary evolution in consciousness, we have arrived at a point in time where our hearts are building bridges into the natural world. This learning cycle will last several years, and it includes learning to honor the consciousness inherent in naturally occurring weather patterns.

There are so many reasons why weather patterns are in a state of chaos. Global Warming, yes. Human manipulation by technology such as HAARP and ELF, yes. Today I want to work with the cause that I know I can do something about right now. Human emotions and desire.

Yes; weather patterns are reflecting, and have always reflected our emotions. Particularly unconscious emotions.

We have recently, as of fall 2006, arrived at a point of consciousness where the golden mean of those awakened can consciously shift weather patterns. Now, most of the time this consciousness level is no at all malevolent. The level of consciousness most of us have around manipulating weather patterns is wishing it was warm and sunny, or wishing for rain at night for the garden. However, when enough of us are doing this, without quite realizing it, we create a stress upon the pattern that the natural world had designed.

Another aspect of stress upon weather patterns is those people who have learned to consciously manipulate weather (and earth patterns, such as earthquakes). Since fall of 2006, I have been aware of a number of people within these programs (not just sponsored by the US government, but small groups around the world) who are trained and are attempting to control all weather patterns, all of the time.

I believe that most of the groups were formed so that weather could be kept stabile for the earth's population. A psychic answer to Global Warming. If you can control weather, then greenhouse emissions are no longer important. Obviously, there are applications to cause drought or flood in regions also. While people with this type of training no doubt exist, my believe is to notice, and let them be. I do not choose to give my attention, and therefore my energy, to this particular aspect of weather control at the present time. Here is why-

Weather control has been taught using linear thinking. Utilizing the 6th or mental chakra alone to target, magnify, and then direct weather patterns. However, using primarily the left-brain has caused the groups training to run into trouble. The harsh weather was not intentional on their part. Rather, tumultuous weather results from the psychic impulses traveling through unconscious emotions in the heart chakra and then flowing out to the consciousness of the targeted weather pattern. So a psychic command such as 'create wind to clear smog off of a city', after traveling through an unclear heart chakra, becomes 'create windy blasts to level buildings'. And so strings of tornadoes are born.

Commands, again from the left side of the brain, to have the consciousness of the natural world create rainfall for crops travels through an unrecognized pattern of sadness in the heart, and becomes 'create deluge of water'. And so it goes.

When we speak to Nature, or the natural world, we speak through our hearts. No matter how potent the image or words or sensations we have in our brain, Nature hears only what is in our hearts.

Last winter I was driving and noticed a horrid sense of dread coming over me. I was in the mountains, and a storm was approaching. I pulled off to meditate at a Starbucks. (No one questions you sitting in their parking lot with a fresh tea in your hands, and your eyes closed). As I meditated, I asked if the oncoming sense of dread was mine. It wasn't. Suddenly, I flashed on the storm. The emotion of dread was in the storm itself, and I clearly saw a man's face, felt his presence, and was overwhelmed by his sense of dread. He was behind the storm. He had literally created it from a previously existing weather pattern of precipitation. And he just realized that it had gotten out of control and was killing people. He was unable, despite all his efforts, to stop the storm. Almost every time he psychically imagined it dissipating, it grew significantly worse and larger in size. He and his superiors didn't know what to do. Their sense of dread was in the storm. It was the fuel of the storm, and the reason the clouds were so black, and the rain was so dangerous.

The sudden warm pattern in March was also psychic weather manipulation. How can you tell regular Global Warming from psychic weather patterns? Any weather pattern created by a human is going to contain a clear emotion, because the command to create that weather pattern comes through the heart of the person or persons creating it. Naturally occurring weather can have a sense of presence, but the emotional content is not nearly as clearly defined and noticeable.

Now, I want to address why this is being shared at this time. Because we can do something about it.

Those of you who have followed my writings and workshops know that I have a few major rules. One of them is to always ask what the wound, or the person being healed, or the situation that appears to be out of balance, wants to do next. What is its next step? This honors the intelligence in the person or situation, and empowers the person or people in the situation to realize their own God within.

So I wonder, what does the weather (rain, wind or sunshine) really want to feel like? Is the rain, wind or sun truly reflecting the will of Gaia and the natural world in this moment? These are the questions I've been asking when I notice the cold, the sunshine or the wind on my face. What does it really want?

I sat yesterday next to my pond. Feeling the sharp cold wind on my face, I slipped behind the wind, and felt in my heart an emotion. It wasn't mine. Following the emotion, I saw in my mind's eye a small circle of seated people intensely focusing. They did not understand why they were not achieving what they wanted. I felt in my own heart a sense of compassion towards them. Here they were, working and focusing and not receiving what they wanted. As I communed with them, I noticed the wind softened. Could it be that simple? I lost my focus, and decided to stretch out my legs. The wind sharpened again. Sitting and closing my eyes, I again slipped behind the cold wind into the stream of emotion flowing with the wind. I followed the emotion to the same people, sitting in the same room, still focusing intently. Again, I felt in my heart compassion for their struggle. Again the wind calmed. In and out of meditation I went, each time finding the wind calm as I held these people within my own stream of compassion.

I wonder, what would happen if each of us who is able, were to do the same? Holding in our own heart's compassion those who cannot, or have forgotten, the calling of their own hearts, to create by asking Gaia, Nature, and the natural world 'what do YOU want?"

For this reason I invite you to join me Tuesday night, April 17 at 8pm eastern (New York City) time. We will speak more of weather and emotional energies and let Archangel Michael, Thoth or Mary lead us into a meditation of compassion. Some of this meditation will be recorded, so that you might download it and use it as a means to reveal your own gifts within you.

We will also touch upon how we are influenced by weather patterns whose energy is derived from the unclear emotions of those who are creating them.

Teleconference on Weather and Emotions, led by Norma Gentile

--Primary Dial-in Number: (USA) 1-641-297-5600 
--Alternate Dial-in Number 1-641-297-5610 (if you know you are a Sprint, Qwest and Cingular Customer in the USA please use this number)

As long as everyone participating in our conference enters the same Participant Access Code, we will be joined together.

---Participant Access Code: 6396666

This teleconference is offered freely. Portions of it will be recorded and available for download the next day from

May you each be blessed as you have read this,

-Norma, with Thoth

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