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April 2008 Email Newsletter
Love is Abundant (and so is guilt)
-Norma Gentile

 Dear Friends,

This is a very unusual newsletter. It has been several years since I put out an article like this one. Those of you who know me as an energy healer and channeler will love it. Those who know me as a singer and specialist in Hildegard's chant music will be scratching your heads and wondering what on earth…? I assure each of you, especially those new to my monthly newsletters, that each and every one is unique, and next month could be, and will be, totally different.

First, my Upcoming Events &endash; please share this with those you know living in these areas.

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April 27 Embodying Healing Sound Workshop
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Fri-Sun, June 20-22
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June 24-25 Private Healing Sessions

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About the Article - from Norma
Today as I was preparing for a healing session, one of my guides, Lahiri, said he had something to share with me. After the session, as I went to thank and release the guides and nature spirits, there he was, waiting for me.

This is the first time Lahiri has given me information directly, without the assistance of Archangel Michael or the Hathors. Some of the references in this text are a bit old-fashioned, probably due to his remembrances of his earthly life, (1828-1895).

As you read the article, let the flow of energy behind the words speak to you directly. In this way you will create your own connection to his larger soul, and receive whatever additional insights are meant for you to know.

For your left brain: Lahiri Mahasaya is known to many as the teacher or guru of Sri Yukteswar, who in turn was the teacher of Yogananda. He lived in the 1800's in India. Lahiri has been near me for many years, often helping me when my sense of humor was fading, or my appreciation for the unexpected was running low. His presence has been felt at my workshops and healings, usually alongside Archangel Michael.

My blessings to all who read and attend these words, given in the fullness of Spirit.


Love is abundant. Guilt is our mistress.
from Lahiri, through Norma


Love is abundant. This is a secret to compassion; knowing that love is expressing itself behind unkind or unpleasant acts. Knowing that in the midst of suffering, a touch that emerges out of an act of love eases pain.

When I was young, very young, several of us boys went to play near to the edge of town where two roads converged. As boys, we were unaware of vice or greed or even what a sin might be.

There we came upon a woman, what in the Western world would be called a prostitute, and a young man in his twenties.

Of the woman I recall very little. She was partially unclothed where the man had been touching her. Of him, I recall the shock on his face, and the terror that was birthed in his eyes when one of my young friends recognized him.

He backed away, eyeing us with dread, muttering to himself something that would translate as 'oh no, oh no". He turned and ran down what eventually became a major street of the town. At this point the road was very dusty, and he seemed to rock from side to side as he ran. He nearly fell several times. It felt as if he was trying to run fast enough to undo my friend's recognition of him. Or perhaps he felt he could separate himself from his witnessed deed with the fleetness of his feet.

We did not tell anyone of what we saw that afternoon. As boys we did not fully comprehend what we had witnessed. That there was guilt in the heart of the young man was clear. But our understanding and experience of such guilt was lacking.

That was most fortunate. In the warm afternoon sun we continued our exploration of the area, our time filled with banter and humor as we walked about the edge of town.

The Lesson

Guilt is an uncomfortable mistress, yet one that many people choose to court. Her glossy red fingernails are sharp as talons, and dig deeply into our hearts.

Knowing the guilt of another does not free you to absolve nor condemn that guilt. Each takes upon themselves guilt as a means of escaping true redemption. Or perhaps as a means of receiving true redemption. As long as the mistress Guilt is upon a man's arm, the wife, the true lover of the Soul, cannot be welcomed.

Courting Guilt, feeding her voracious appetite, leaves you little to offer to the spiritual messengers that visit you each day. With what do you feed your heart and soul, if the best that you have is consumed by Guilt?

The heart opens in both sorrow and joy. This we have shared with you often. Now, how would that appear in your life?

By what manner and means are you lavishly banqueting with Guilt? Do you escort her by your side? Or perhaps don her velvety dress, swaddling yourself within her confines?

Wrapped in Guilt, your soul suffocates. Swaddled in Guilt your body is crippled. Walking with Guilt you are deafened and blinded to those eyes lovingly gazing upon you.

Those who say they have never met nor walked with Guilt have her well hidden within their mansions.

Humility honors Guilt as its longtime helper

Over many years and even decades those who acknowledge their walks with Guilt learn also of that moment of surrender. In surrender is the motion of the human into God. It is the motion of prostration before Love. In surrender is the sweet sensation of belonging not to yourself but to Spirit. Just as a bride passes from her father to her husband, in surrender the mistress of Guilt passes from your humanity into Spirit.

Truly, you are freed in this moment of surrender. And in this moment, each time, your soul feasts upon humility. And it is fully satisfied with this meal.

Love is abundant.

-Norma Gentile
As given to me, from Lahiri, written to the best of my ability to hear and translate.

-Norma Gentile

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