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November 2006 Email Newsletter
Creating the Sphere of Spirit


Dear Friends,

When I write or speak or sing, I often feel the rich presence of spirit. Some might use words such as feeling God, or transmitting healing energies. No matter the words, when anyone is in the presence of those connected to God, Spirit, All That Is, our hearts open and our bodies relax.

It is in this state of open relaxation that we begin to review our life's patterns. What doesn't work is so much easier to bring up, consider, turn over, and see a new perspective on when we are within this field of radiant spiritual energy. Why? Because when we are within this sacred sphere of spirit we are allowing our minds to follow spirit. Without that sacred space, our self-critical thought habits and judgments kick in. All the voices of our parents, teachers, and even well-meaning mentors scold us and perhaps berate us. How can anyone hold up a problematic issue to the light of spirit when that light is being constantly overshadowed by these old ways of perceiving?

That is why so many modalities of healing exist. Each holds a sacred container so that the client may climb safely inside. Once held gently and yet firmly within, the client finds that it is their own inner voice of spirit that speaks to them the most strongly, not that of the healer.

In the ultimate act of healing, the healer relinquishes the act of healing to the one inside of the sacred space. In this act, the healer knows that providing the sacred space is the only active part they can play in healing.

During concerts and workshops I am aware of simply building a sacred sphere utilizing Nature, Nature Spirits and Intelligences of the room and the land beneath. These three elements are the Divine Feminine aspect of Spirit. Various angels as well as healing Reiki symbols can be placed upon this sphere (usually as South and North poles) to tune the entire sphere to a single healing quality.

I also use Archangel Michael as the face of the Sacred Masculine. This completes the healing space, and brings it out of polarity.

Archangel Michael I use for several reasons. Primarily because it is the energy quality that I have found come to me spontaneously before I knew who it was, and he continues to appear before concerts, workshops and private healings. Sometimes he sits in the background, allowing others to enter also. Regardless, there is a safety I feel with his energy consciously present.

I invite Michael to penetrate into the Nature Spirits and Nature Intelligences of the land beneath the room, and then to link into the pure energy of Nature. This forms a downward facing 4 sided pyramid. At the moment I feel his energy connect with both the Nature elements of the land as well as the pure energy of Nature, the upper pyramid appears. This is also a 4-sided pyramid, with the apex going up to the sun, and then beyond into the Galactic Sun.

What I find most noteworthy, is that Michael says he is always present, and that the process is actually there for my well being. I must recognize and remember this process, and acknowledge it each time I begin a healing concert, workshop or private session, so that I remember my roll in it.

As I work, I see energies move. And I spend most of my time asking them if they are ready to move to their next learning step. In this way, as the client mulls over options and moves from one thought to the next, I help them clarify the energetics behind the thoughts and possibilities. If the energies release, that thought or possibility simply won't seem as present or tangible. That leaves those thoughts and possibilities that are more in tune with the current time situation of the client. By narrowing choices, it becomes much clearer how to deal with a situation, or why something is occurring in one's life.

This is just a quick synopsis of an aspect of the healing I use and teach. Combined with sound, which magnifies the effect of spirit, many people find themselves transported into new bodies and minds and clear hearts.

If you feel drawn to this, there are several options. I am teaching this technique now in New York City (two full days, Sat-Sun, Nov 3-4) and have places available. I will teach it again in June near Ottawa Canada. I am offering a shorter version as a one-day workshop in my home on Nov 18, and a portion of the workshop in a 3 hour intensive, The Heart of Light, in Columbus Ohio Dec 3.

If you are truly drawn to this work, please consider attending one of the events, or ask internally if being on the receiving end of a healing session is for you. Allowing yourself to bath in the currents that are created by your guides, attaching onto the sphere and in the presence of Archangel Michael, is a powerful yet gentle way to potentize your own spiritual expression.

I close with a few words from Michael, excerpted from my upcoming trilogy of books, Sacred Sound, Sacred Healing.

Archangel Michael:

In the time before conception, your soul plans out this lifetime. The soul draws to itself all of the Earth energies you will need for this lifetime. This is possible because the soul has already laid its consciousness into the pure energy of Nature. Spirit has the ability to create by laying its consciousness, or any portion of its consciousness, upon Nature energy. The result is third dimensional form.

Humans can also use the pure energy of Nature to create. In the moment that a thought is thought, if any of the energy of that thought touches Nature, form is created as a result.

The question then becomes, not can you create, but with what thoughts are you creating your life?

The HOL assists humanity at this time to generate those thoughts and awarenesses that are of greatest benefit to the human body and physical condition. This is a matter of creating in a parallel motion with Gaia.

As Gaia changes her vibrational frequency, your dependence upon grounding into her weakens. Your ability to find and sustain conscious creation grows, because you tune into the pure energy of Nature. It is a balancing of male spirit and female nature. As you grow more open to your home being one of spirit, you have grown more capable of receiving the power of creating with Nature energy.

If you are feeling a sensation of being drawn to an event, trust that inner knowing. What I am able to offer is compatible with any healing system that honors the client as being in charge of their own life. And can be used in situations of speaking, singing, or performing before groups of people, large or small. I am writing as fast as my mind can grasp a concept and my fingers can type it into something resembling clarity. Don't hold your collective breaths, but yes, its coming.

Blessings to all who read this,




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