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October 2005 Email Newsletter
as a grain of sand upon the Sea of Life
(Earth changes)

Dear Friends,

In the last few weeks I have felt like a grain of sand floating on top of an ocean wave. Hurricanes, earthquakes and flooding rains make up a new reality. And all of my friends and the world I know are changing, just as if we were all floating in a moving sea. Organizing events or making decisions isn't a part of this quality of drifting energy. Being with my inner world has taken precedence.

Since mid-August the planet has been moving from solid form into emotional energy. This causes our own bodies to feel ungrounded, and it is as if linear time speeds up for awhile, then suddenly slows down. This is a sensation somewhat like a carnival ride &endash; but without the knowledge of when it will end!

Certainly the shift into the emotional spectrum of energies is a part of the massive earth changes of this time period, but it is an underlying factor, not the acute cause.

In my understanding, the planet was formed when the soul known as Gaia laid her consciousness into the pure energy of Nature. Nature is the ultimate Divine Feminine energy into which the Melchizedek placed their own consciousness structure, thereby forming this part of the Universe. Nature energy then, is the ultimate Divine Feminine energy, responsible for creating all of the form that exists in the third dimension.

We are shifting and growing, and so too is Gaia. As she grows, she is becoming pure emotion. In time, that means the physical body she has held for so long will also transmute into pure emotional energy.

Where does that leave us humans?

As Gaia explores what her new energetic stance will be, she moves for longer and longer periods of time into a lower percentage of physical matter and a higher percentage of emotional energy. This has been happening for over a month, and will continue for another week.

Each time Gaia stretches into her new energy form, our bodies cry out, not knowing where she has gone. The physical human body is incapable of grounding into pure emotional energy. Physical must ground into physical.

When Gaia withdraws a portion of her being from physical form, we have the opportunity to adjust the grounding of our bodies more deeply into the Divine Feminine of Nature.

In the limitations of the third dimension, we limit our body's grounding capability also to only three dimensions. As our consciousness opens we move beyond the physical, knowing our spiritual or energy bodies, and can ground to a greater extent into Nature.

As we ground to a higher extent into the pure energy of Nature, those things that appear to be miraculous occur. Physical feats of healing and strength and endurance are possible, because, those involved moved out of the limitations of the physical.

Each person will have their own percentage of grounding into the Earth and into Nature. As long as we have physical form we will always have some portion of our grounding into the Earth. As each one experiences their own spiritual growth, they will also increase the percentage of Nature energy their body wants to use as a source of grounding.

Gaia will continue to shift between the physical and the emotional energies for many years. Each time it will be an opportunity for those in form to find more support and grounding into the energy of Nature.

During the last prolonged shift that Gaia made, I received many emails from people wanting to simply get through it. I would offer that these periods of transition are doorways of learning. Each time Gaia shifts we are thrown off of mother's breast milk, and are forced to learn to feed ourselves from Nature. Simply holding on and wishing for the best isn't truly taking advantage of the situation. We are meant to reach out and learn at this time.

While it is tempting for us to withdraw inward and wait until things 'calm down', it is in this exact moment that we have the greatest access to grounding into Nature. Learning this new grounding lets us float more easily in the Sea of Life as Gaia, and our souls, dissolve back into being.

To experience grounding into Nature, imagine grounding into a pond of water. Stand on a bridge that runs over water and feel the difference in your body when you have water underneath you rather than solid earth. For now, that is the closest energetic example.

In concerts and workshops, as well as private healing sessions, I am invoking the energy of Nature and asking that it be available to our bodies. Those who have received healing sessions from me in the last year know that I ask the body and in particular the feet and first chakra how they want to receive nourishment from Nature. I always use questions, asking the body what portion of its grounding is into the Earth, and what portion into Nature.

We each have our own time and way of shifting. Allowing the energy of Nature to be a greater percentage of our grounding and life-source can happen easily. I find that it is we who are unwittingly causing the process to be difficult.

If you have a sense to work on this or other life issues with me, I work both by phone and in person. My schedule is below. For additional information on the energy of Nature, you may want to read other newsletters available at no charge on my website, or listen to the chants. All are offered at no charge.

My best and brightest blessings to each of you who read and comprehend these works,

-Norma Gentile
(with Thoth)

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