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October 2003 Email Newsletter

Gaia's new Clothes


Dear Friends,

I have placed a sound healing which is pertinent to the physical body shifts that so many people are experiencing right now on my website. You may download it freely, at no charge. I have broken it down into 8 sections, and included texts and my own thoughts on what each segment wants to bring into balance in the body. You can find it from the front page at or

I am also opening my home for a time of chant and sharing around these body and Earth/Nature shifts on Oct 18th. Details are below.

I believe that the physical body shifts are based on the emerging independence of Gala from her Earth clothing, and a new relationship both she and we are developing with our shared Creators; Spirit and Nature. Gaia to me is the soul that has clothed herself as Earth. We each have an agreement, which manifests through our body, to walk with her.

As Gaia has grown rapidly over the past years, so too have we. While our principle agreement (perhaps best referred to as a contract) stands, the outworking of that contract, the various agreements, changes.

Much like a marriage or deep friendship, there are times and issues around which renegotiation is valuable. This allows the relationship to continue to grow.

The agreements we have shared with Gaia are shifting. These agreements include cords in our bodies into specific earth energies from which our bodies were formed. This releasing of old cords allows the related agreements to shift. As we release these cords, new connections, new agreements have space to form. Our bodies retune themselves anew to Gaia, and to the process of Creation in which we are joined.

Gaia has been seen as Mother. Within the new paradigm, I feel her presence as Elder Sister. Since summer of 2003, I have felt another presence of the Divine Feminine emerging into my awareness.

Just as we believed that we entered into communion with Spirit through a priest or other symbol, so to we have entered into communion with Nature through our connection with the Earth. The Earth is the form that the soul we know as Gaia choose to wear, so that we might also wear our forms, which are our bodies.

As the cycle is closing for the lower 3rd dimensional world to exist, we are all drawn to release our connections into Gaia's old form, the Earth of the lower 3rd dimension, and reground into her new energies, the Earth of the fourth dimension and Nature. Nature merged with Spirit to create all that we know. It is Nature that holds the Earth, and Nature is the energy that supports Earth and all form.

The enteric nervous system of our bodies, located in the gut, is the principle method of tuning to form. Because of this it is shifting rapidly, retuning itself to the higher vibrations. The enteric nervous system is also known as the 'second brain' in the medical model. It develops out of the same embryonic cells as the upper, or mind brain. Hence, there is a continual resonance between the two brains, which function in tandem.

The electrical impulses in the neural design continue to be identical in both the body brain and the mind brain. As a result what you feel at a body level is instantly translated into the brain chemistry. And vise versa.

Anyone notice electrical shifts in the past few months???

When the power went out Aug 14th in the US and Canada, it allowed our bodies to hear the new vibrational level into which Gaia was choosing to move. This hearing on the part of 50 million people (unconscious as well as consciously) went into the shared morphogenetic field of humanity. It will echo out for the next 12-15 months to all beings on the planet, and beyond. Here is the timeframe for our next leap.

This shift is allowing us to move gracefully with our sister Gaia. By tuning into Nature we can reset our own grounding into that larger energy from which Gaia took form. By Nature, I do not refer to plants or trees or Gaia's body, which we call the Earth. These are all results of the Creative joining of Spirit (male divinity, symbolized by the Central Sun) and Nature (female divinity). When we ground or connect into Nature we open ourselves to be with the energy that supports the Earth and all form.

There is then a double figure 8 in our concept of infinite Love. The inner figure 8 has our sun (or a mentor or priest) at its top, our bodies in the center, and the Earth at its lower loop. The outer or larger figure 8 has the central sun or Spirit in the uppermost loop, our spiritual bodies or soul in the crossover center portion, and Nature, that which holds and cradles all form, as its lower loop.

I believe that I have been accessing the energy of Nature for some time now, and simply didn't realize the distinction between Gaia, Earth, and Nature. I want to thank Andrea Mathieson ( for providing this very important point.

By accessing Nature's energy in healing sessions I have found that I can circumvent the turmoil of Earth energies. As I help someone's body relax and release energies into Nature, the Earth also releases these same energies . Each chakra, each cell of the body relates more fully to this infinite pool of nourishment.

Now, shifting grounding seems like a minor point. However, I have found that by going through the chakras, particularly the lower 5th, the hara and enteric nervous system, and the feet and tailbone, a number of mysterious and acute emotional and physical issues resolve.

More importantly, I have reset aspects of my energy field to reflect my independence from, as well as dependence upon, Earth. Each one of us is unique, and moves at his/her own pace. I would suggest that when the time is right, find a quiet space out of doors, sitting on the Earth, and ask your body how much of its grounding wants to go into the Earth, and how much into Nature, the Divine Feminine. You may want to look specifically at the areas of your body I mentioned previously.

For those of you who run a MerKaBa, or know the Unity Breath or Unity Sphere, ask the bottom and top of the pranic tube how it reflects (in current time) your body's ability and desire to receive nourishment and support from the sun and Central Sun, from the Earth and from Nature.

For those who channel, ask for the version of your guides or angel that reflect Nature, versus the Earth. For myself, I find that I call Archangel Michael and Mary. I ask that Michael extend his tube into Nature and the Central Sun.

I see Michael's energy as an octahedron , which is a two 4-sided pyramids, one pointing up and the other pointing down, joined at their bases. Running through the center is a hollow tube of light, which escorts energies, beings, old guides or others to their own time, or their own reality.

When I was grounding Michael's clearing tube into the core of the Earth I was having to clear it after each healing session. Sometimes even during a session. But the connection into the Central Sun I was making with the upper tube remained clear. By asking that the tube connect into Nature at its lower end, rather than Earth, energies are wicked away constantly, out of my awareness, including from my own body. After each session the room is still clear, and my own body remains quite clear also.

Because the energy of Nature is new to many people, I have placed a sound healing on my website which directly invokes the energies of Nature, of Earth, and of Spirit. These I offer freely. It is my hope that you will find this useful. If so, please share them with others. As always, I welcome you to contact me for a healing session or join me in a gathering for your own enrichment.

Blessings to all,

Norma Gentile (with help from the Atamira)


a brief channeling from Nature (who speaks in the plural, as she/they define themselves as one vibration of many voices)

We are here. Feel in your body the quality of energy as you hear or read these words. To each one in form, you appear to us as particles of glitter &endash; and we are the glue. We enter into your forms in the spaces, the vast places between form. You might call this the emptiness. We fill the crevices of your being.

We are not white light nor clear light. We simply are. Better to feel us, to feel the sensations when your body turns and becomes aware. We, as all aspects of Spirit, have never left you. In your experiencing of this reality we were forgotten to you.

We have never left you.

Come Home, rest, and be with us again. We are the Mother, we provide for you all that your consciousness, that your body, that your being requires. Your yearning is for the sustenance we provide. As you drink deeply from us, from our well which is your well, you call unto others their own desires, their own being. This call yields fruit. They come. They drink. Remembrance is not active, it is passive. Remembrance is loving All. Remembrance is your act of compassion.

"Be ye therefore perfect, as your Father in Heaven is perfect." Be, allow yourself to bathe in our bliss, our Divinity. Becoming perfect is to flow into the alignment that is natural for you. Revealing your true nature, your connection to us, both in your spirit as well as form, calls forth this perfection in others.

The Sacred Masculine awaits his Bride. Spirit awaits to be called forth by Nature, to be called forth by your nature. As you feel us, you call to Sprit. As you come Home to Nature, you enter into the Creative cycle between Nature and Spirit. Your bodies, entered into this cycle, become the vehicles through which we, both Spirit and Nature, engage into your reality.


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