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posted 7/2/03

Archangel Michael, Mary, and Atamira
through Norma Gentile

My heart opens and closes and opens again. But I can't make it open anymore. Why?

At this time on the planet you, humanity, are experiencing a 'hold back'. You were ready for a shift nearly two weeks ago, just before the summer solstice (June 2003).

However, the contract you made to create one single reality has held you back. More specifically, your agreement to incorporate dark energies has meant you are being held back.

Historically the dark energies have moved with your souls through the cycles of life and death. This has meant that when your body died, the dark energy simply ascended with that part of your soul that was incarnating. When you reincarnated, the dark energy moved with that portion of your soul choosing to reincarnate back into the physical plane.

Now here is where it gets complicated!

The dark energies we are referring to belong outside of the physical earth. They do exist, in a manner, all around the earth. These are the energies that hold together your physical planet. Like two magnets of similar polarity create a field of resistance, pushing against which lies between them, these dark energies surround your planet, your solar system, even your galaxy, and hold matter in physical form.

As all the physical universe exists, so too do these dark energies, and their related matter, exist. There is a balance, and if any dark energy or matter ceases to exist, an equivalent amount of what you know of as physical matter also ceases to exist.

If your science had the ability to detect it, you would see that there are also dark energies at the quantum level, and this is what gives cohesion to the atom, to each object in form, and to each of your bodies.

Just as psychics, such as this channel, see luminous auras and energy fields surrounding people's physical bodies and supposedly inanimate objects, there also exists a surrounding field of dark energy.

How is this possible?

Your world is one of polarity. You have created this world more and more in your mental plane. Your mind itself is polarized, at least the principal areas you use, into left and right brain.

When you create any thought, you create its opposite. When you strive for any goal you strive for the opposite.

This is not evil, it is the balance of polarity.


Why is there dark?

Because the dark balances the light. If there were no dark energies, there would be no light energies.

This 'free-will' zone that you have been participating in is unique to this area of the galaxy. You have heard this before. What you have not heard is that the experiment, at least the dept h of the experiment, is new.

Up until 36,000 years ago you had a safety net. Your vibrational level of consciousness could only fall so low. If anyone or any group needed it there was a net to bounce you back up.

That net was discarded. For the last cycle of falling consciousness you had no safety net. When Atlantis fell so did the level of consciousness. Much farther down than we (the hierarchy of angels) knew or believed was possible.

As a result the dark energy that balanced your physical reality was pulled inside of your plane of reality. It was never meant to exist at such a level of vibration.

This energy we refer to as dark merely because it defies your laws of light and refraction. This dark energy is not bad, nor is it evil. It is simply a manifestation of 'other'.

This other is the balance to your hearts. This other is that which allows your physical plane to exist. If any portion of this other energy ceases to be, some portion of the physical plane that you know also ceases to be.

Here is the quandary.

You are moving upwards in consciousness. It was assumed, we would say by your connected human consciousness, that you would be capable of releasing these dark energies out from your souls. This is not happening.

Your souls have been bound with these dark energies for a minimum of 13,000 years, and all the lifetimes and deathtimes there within.

While in physical form these dark energies weave themselves along your kundalini patterns. From here they can be released. But so many of you feel these dark energies as you, as who you are.

And you hold onto them, not letting them return home.

Crying out as they seek to be released, your body, your mind and yes even your hearts hear them as wails of anguish, of fear, or of helpless collapse.

These cries are not yours, but are of those companion energies your soul embraced and bound into itself so many years ago. Carrying these others for so long many of your souls have forgotten themselves. As the dark yearns for freedom, the energy tears itself from your very soul. A part of you rips away. The pain is palpable. You are no longer whole!

Is the pain you are feeling as you read this yours?

Is the anguish, the heart sorrow your heart's sorrow?

Who you are will never change. A long-time companion is leaving. At the end of the game of free will, there will be a new relationship. For now, there is a needful separation.

Why am I feeling depressed and foggy?

Your planet was moving rapidly upward. So rapidly that the majority of dark energies were unable to move out of the planet before you were ready for another step upward in consciousness.

When you do step upward in consciousness, the dark energies will not go with you. They cannot exist at this new level of consciousness, at least not bound into you at a soul level as they are now.

Your planetary consciousness agreed to ascend all energies. Including those Luciferian energies that you created yourselves as buffers for the dark off planet energies bound to your souls.

You are agreeing, at this moment, to stall your ascension process until either all the off planet energies are released from your souls, or until another means of carrying these energies, and the resulting Luciferian energies of your own creation, can be found. The dark energies sucked into your plane of physicality cannot survive in your next consciousness. They would cease to exist. Therefore, an equal amount of your physical reality would also cease to exist. Can you imagine the planet with 1/4 less mass? That is the likely result if you had chosen to move upward in consciousness and allow the dark energies to 'die' or cease to exist.

Many souls are feeling the quandary of this issue. Many are agitated and depressed. It is as if you are being held back, while the stream of consciousness flows forward all around you. For it does.

The remainder of your galaxy is making the next step in consciousness. Your solar system is not.

You have chosen to honor all life. You as a race have chosen not to destroy, but to carry all that is in your reality forward with you. This has never been done before. That which you seek to do may be undoable. But we do not believe so.

We of the archangels would reveal to you that of great burdens come great surprises. We would say to each of you, that it is from within your hearts, and only through your hearts, that you will find the magical solution.

Your minds are only capable of prolonging your stay at this level of consciousness. It is the polarity of the mind that insists that the dark energy is you. Even meditations or mental processes that have let you yield into spirit are now void of power. Knowing what to do does not resolve your situation.

It is only through the heart that the grace, the magic is released. Your emotion is the doorway. By, diving into whatever emotions you are experiencing at this time, you open the portal and grasp onto the power of creation.

This is the power of All That Is. Your hearts leap ahead, creating a matrix which will become your new reality. Your bodies will step into this reality later this summer.

There are many more things we would share with you, but for now, this is enough. We would ask the channel to include the other information given previously.

Our love, our blessings, to all who would read this,

Archangel Michael, Mary, and Atamira, representing the Hosts of Heaven that surround and support each one

through Norma Gentile
July 2, 2003


-------Additional Information------


from Archangel Michael-

Sacred or True Male boundaries are formed by barriers which define what belongs inside or outside

Sacred or Divine Female boundaries are formed by quality. What is the quality that defines you or another? The distinction is made by the quality of energy, not by its placement.

The air in an empty glass yields to the water as it is filled. The quality of the air is such that it is naturally displaced by the water. Here is an example of both a masculine boundary (the surface tension of the water acts to hold the air out) and a feminine boundary (the quality of the air is distinct from the quality of the water).

There is no argument between the elements, no discussion, and no need for arbitration or mediation. The air simply allows itself to be displaced by the water.

A Real World Application
War is the holding of artificial male boundaries.
Peace is the holding of false female boundaries (it is all the same, it all belongs here)
Creation is the path of life between.


from Norma-

We use anger to 'kick-out' energies that don't belong in our space. Asking for what we need is a way of defining who we are and setting our feminine boundaries. As we are releasing dark energies from a deep level within our bodies, the quality setting of our 1st and 2nd chakras is changing. This is reflected in the planet itself, and in all other humans. We are recreating the comfort level and survival level of all humanity in the morph genetic field. May we do this consciously, with loving care for ourselves.

from Atamira (Mary)-

What is trying to leave from you first comes up as feeling and being dark and 'real'. It isn't. It is the backside of it you are experiencing. Drawing it in, claiming it as befitting to you, binds you to it. You are betraying your feminine knowing of boundaries.

You can dance. You can be free. You heal by being true to you. If you are emulating the world around you, you are merely proliferating that which already is. If you are holding true to your heart, you are healing what is in the world around you, and bringing it into what will be.

A Starting Point for Your Creation
I am living as I want the world to be. I choose to draw out of myself that which I do not see in the world around me. In this way, I manifest spirit.


Norma Gentile is a intuitive sound healer and writer. Her new CD, "Healing Chants of Hildegard, opens into the sacred masculine. For more information please see or 734-330-3997


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