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reprinted from PhenomeNEWS
Detroit, Michigan
June 1999




Simply Sound

By Norma Gentile


Within each individual there is the potential to create sound. Now, many of us have been told that for the benefit of others, we should not sing in public. I have found through my own voice teaching that most people who have a hard time carrying a tune actually are "over-hearing" sound.

Much like some psychics see more than the average person, some people hear more than the average person.

Imagine seeing energy and physical reality equally, without being able to tell the difference. How would you know if a wall were simply one of energy or one of brick? Certainly it would be unwise for you to drive a car in such a state.

So, too, people can over-hear, and be unable to distinguish between the single note the average person hears and the many notes they are hearing. Because each note contains a number of additional harmonic notes, those who over-hear often perceive a number of the harmonic notes, in addition to the fundamental note.

We normals simply hear the fundamental, single note. "Over-hearers" are treated to a symphony of sound by being able to listen to the additional harmonic tones accompanying each single fundamental note. What a gift &endash; to hear the cosmic symphony in a single note!

And yet this gift makes it difficult to join in singing with others, as over-hearers tend to bring their harmonic notes into the chorus. With time and practice many over-hearers can learn to distinguish the single fundamental note and match it with their voices, allowing them to sing with others.

This is a lovely metaphor for life. How often do we judge or push aside as being wrong something which simply doesn't fit within our preconceptions? Can we learn to pause at the moment of judgment and evaluate our motives?

As we move into a level of Christ consciousness, we are also moving out of polarity consciousness. Letting go of judgment, we allow ourselves to embrace both the light and the dark sides. We allow ourselves to hear both the single fundamental tone that society tells us is good to hear as well as the harmonic tones that may not have been previously sanctioned as belonging in the song.

Over the next several years there will be an opportunity to blend more tones into our planetary song. Just as each note actually consists of what is heard plus its "inaudible" harmonic component, so too each individual consists of visible and invisible aspects.

With each use of our voice, whether in speech or in song, we have the potential to bring our harmonic notes and invisible aspect into form. By acknowledging our pain, sorrow and other experiences and emotions often deemed "bad," we can bring the hidden harmonics forward. In so doing, we add new notes to the collective song.

When someone disagrees with you, consider it an act of singing an harmonic note, rather than matching your note. Perhaps the other person hears something beyond what you can hear, and is showing you a part of this invisible or inaudible reality.

It is the spiritual expression behind any sound, spoken or sung, which is the point of resonant connection between people. It is along the lines of this resonant connection that spirit moves, and healing is offered. As you sing along to the radio, or listen to a live performance, or perhaps even give the live performance, be aware that you are part of an active process of energetic exchange. Welcome the new tones, and explore the possibilities that spirit offers through your own expression.

Norma Gentile is a recording artist, singer, teacher and professional energy healer. Her specialty is in Attunement, a hands-off healing process using sound and energy which allows a deeper richness of spiritual and physical interaction. She has recorded two CDs of chant by Hildegard von Bingen, and leads workshops in Attunement. You can contact Norma on 734 332 4606, email her or visit her website at


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