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A shower of Grace
by Norma Gentile

reprinted from
August 2001

So often I feel within myself the need to match what is going on around me. Whether it's the busy shopping energy in the supermarket, or the fast moving traffic on the highway, I find my own values shifting away from spirit, and aligning more strongly with the obvious, external world.

As I do this, I lose my awareness of the beauty around me. I lose connection with the people that surround me. But most importantly, I lose contact with who I am as spirit.

When I see others losing this same connection, their awareness of the space around them diminishes. It is as if their aura shrinks. Pulling in is a natural defense. But when we pull our energies in too close, we lose the information that the natural world provides us through our aura.

As we open and expand our awareness, even if it seems to be in our imagination, we reconnect with the larger part of our aura that surrounds us. We feel more powerful because we are more powerful. We are connected into the web of energies that defines who we truly are as spirit.

I've been seeing for several years a larger part of the aura, one that extends 25-30 feet away from the physical body. This area is immensely important in defining who we are in feminine terms. It is this larger aura that determines how we relate to others, and how we create with others.

Remember in the Bible the phrase "where two or more are gathered, there I shall be also"? When we come together with another, creation is inevitable.

Our thoughts, emotions and unconscious perceptions determine the quality of what is created. To the extent that intent, both conscious and unconscious is clear, the act of creation will follow our desire.

Moving into oneness with our own spirit is the first step. Moving into unity with All That Is the second. Opening to the presence of spirit, to the gentle shower of grace and wafting of peace is the final motion. When this is complete all things are possible.

To put this in worldly terms &endash;

Step One: Take time for yourself and remember who you are by connecting within in meditation. Nurture yourself first, so that your own connection to spirit is unbreakable and unquestionable.

Step Two: Look out around you from your quiet knowing of your own power. See and feel the support that other people have for you. Know and feel the connection with your home, and be thankful for the support that this space provides for you. Let yourself feel the space all around you, even 25-30 feet away from you. Imagine that all of this might just be you!

Step Three: Breath as if you could breath from this giant sphere in which you sit. What would it feel like to own all of this space? As you breathe, let your awareness tune into your energy, and simply breathe out who you are into the entire space.

Play nice, and as you tune your space to your own energy, imagine that everyone else around you tunes to a different note. In this manner you can coexist, overlap, and even co-create with each person tuned into their own personal energy field.

Invoking the sacred feminine into your life is merely remembering that which you already are. Opening and surrendering to the larger world, especially to the world of nature, allows you to feel this tangibly. Your body is the world of the sacred feminine, whether you are male or female. Your physicality is the key to experiencing the natural expression of the feminine, the natural expression of spirit in wholeness.

Blending into the whole is the expression of the feminine. Extracting from the whole the natural movement of the sacred masculine. Neither is right or wrong. Both simply are. Balance comes from the movement of each.

Whether the sacred feminine is addressed as Atamira, Ammaterrasu, Gaia, Mary or Quan Yin, this energy is coming forward in abundance. As she expresses herself through each and every person, she is drawn out of the earth upon which we walk. As any one of us breaths, prays or considers a compassionate act, she is brought more fully into realization. As we each act with a greater awareness of who we are, she steps forward.

Her raiment is compassion, her power love, her home the infinite space within my heart. Blessing to all who read this,

-Norma Gentile
with the guidance of Atamira and Amano

Norma Gentile is a recording artist and intuitive healer. She combines her musical studies (master's in Voice) and esoteric training (channeling and psychic healing) into private sessions, workshops and concerts of sound and healing. Her CDs include Meditation Chants and Unfurling Love's Creation, both music of Hildegard von Bingen. She can be reached at: or PO Box 971020, Ypsilanti, MI 48197.  She teaches voice and shares private healing sessions, conducts workshops and sings healing concerts of medieval chant. For her schedule see her Itinerary.

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