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The Sacred Masculine

posted 8/28/99

published in
The Sedona Journal of Emergnce

A Personal Note:

Many years ago I began consciously inviting one or more Hathor beings to assist me while I sang Healing Concerts of chant. This past spring spirit asked me to allow another being, known while incarnate as Lahiri Mahasaya, to work through my body for a melding of energies into the earth. When the process was complete, Lahiri spoke to me, and said he would give me the gift of structure and writing. Several weeks later, at the outset of the Kosovo conflict, another being from off-plant came to 'live' with me for several months, helping me to learn, inspiring me to write, and in turn experiencing my polarity of light.

The Sacred Feminine energy referred to in this channeling is a band of energies which many races off-planet are interacting with, including the Hathors. The CD 'Unfurling Love's Creation' is channeled from these Hathors, and is an example of their laying Sacred Feminine energy directly into the music.

The information in this current channeling comes from a group of Beings on the 6th dimension who are organizing the dispersal of a new energy into this area of the galaxy. They reside, (or in their words, 'find their energetic focus') in the same region of space as our 3rd dimensional human race does. For this reason they use 'we' to indicate an activity which effects us as well as them.

Finally, after years of inviting, coaxing and encompassing the energies of the Divine Feminine, we have arrived at a point as a solar system (and beyond) where the Sacred Masculine can join us in our dance.


Sacred Feminine Energy reaches Golden Mean Point

Since the late 1950's a series of energies referred to as the 'Divine' or 'Sacred Feminine' have been moving through your planet. They are now passing their golden mean, or 3/5ths point of incarnation into this level of the 3rd dimension. Each dimensional level carries a unique blend of these energies. As you reach into the 4th dimension there will be new aspects reveled to you of what now appears to you as two energies.

During the time of mid-August, we saw an increase in the events and energies associated with the new Sacred Masculine energy. The Sacred Feminine reached its golden mean point at this same moment in time, thus supporting the planned influx of Sacred Masculine energy. For this and other reasons it was experienced quite strongly among the incarnate human species on your planet. The Sacred Feminine, cresting at its golden mean point, helped to stabilize the portals through which the Sacred Masculine entered. The various unique astrological events occurring in mid-August allowed different aspects of the Sacred Masculine to enter, each in a very potent manner.


Sirian Portal

Every year a particular portal opens between Sirius and our solar system. During this time, usually July 23rd until September 17th, there is an especially strong connection with the Cosmic Masculine energy from which your planet, sun, solar system and entire region of space were born. It is meant to be experienced as a reminder of the loving stream of energetic consciousness which emanates constantly from our Father region of space, Sirius.

During the portals of 1999 and 2000 this influx of Cosmic Masculine energy will be particularly notable. In fact, this year the flow of energy began to impact your lives a good 10 days before the portal 'officially' opened!

The flow of Sacred Feminine energy has been ongoingly assimilated into our planet on the physical plane now for nearly 40 years. We don't anticipate that the assimilation of Sacred Masculine energy will take as long. In fact, we postulate that by 2012 the Sacred Masculine energy will reach its own golden mean point, a mere 13 years from its introduction to your physical plane.

A few years before that, say 2009 or 2010, we would expect that the total amount of Sacred Feminine energy that can express itself into your 3rd dimensional world will have been reached. It is at this point, with the complete entry of Sacred Feminine and the Sacred Masculine at and beyond its golden mean point of entry, that you will have the ability to change your reality in the manner that you are anticipating happening in 2012. Not until there is sufficient understanding of the consciousnesses that exist within the Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine energies will this shift occur.


Historical Perspective

We do not wish to make this sound as if the Sacred Masculine energy is arriving out of the blue. In fact, it has been a behind the scenes player for some time. Bits and pieces of it have been 'leaking' into the planet through larger acts of the mass unconscious since the 1960's. In fact, the turbulence of this time period is due to the availability of this energy. However, because of the level of understanding on the part of humanity at that time, it manifested with an edge of chaos and violence that need not be present now.

Symptoms of Sacred Masculine energy not being assimilated may include feeling off center, ungrounding more than usual, being frantic to complete a large number of tasks immediately, feeling pulled off-track or noticing that you are in your head more than usual. Just as the masculine archetype is associated with action, so too this Sacred Masculine energy helps to create in the physical realm. When used in tandem with the Sacred Feminine energy, it will allow you to manifest on the physical plane more and more quickly.


Multidimensional Creation

A warning here, however. That which manifests always reflects your unconscious choice, which seldom is in perfect alignment with your conscious mind! For this reason, and others, the Sacred Masculine energy is coming into the planet slowly, so you as a race might learn how to use it and your powers of manifestation accurately. Think of it as kindergarten - here is another crayon to color with, but we won't give you the whole box and leave you unattended just yet as you would naturally begin to draw on the walls and floor. So too this Sacred Masculine energy, wielded without constraint, can cause extreme damage to the planet and other areas of space in nearby dimensions, including ours.

Any creation, regardless of the dimension, impacts all other creative power in all dimensions. As you learn to use this power of the Sacred Masculine and Sacred Feminine, new creations become possible to others in all dimensions, at all points in time. It is for this reason that you are asked now to step into this new power. Doing so allows those molding events which are unfolding elsewhere additional tools and creative abilities.


Our Experience of the Sacred Feminine and Masculine

Let's take a moment to define Sacred Masculine and Sacred Feminine energy. It will not be experienced the same way in all dimensions. For example, as you move closer to Unity Consciousness in the 8th dimension it appears to be a continuum of ideas and energies. On your level of the 3rd dimension it appears to be two disconnected energies, each defined by, and creating, unique qualities.

The Sacred Feminine energy appears motionless. It is that which fills. It might be comparable to air. The Sacred Masculine is that which acts. It would be considered that which puts the Sacred Feminine into motion. It would act upon the air by bringing direction and movement.

Oftentimes the profane masculine has been mistaken as being the Sacred Masculine, and the Sacred Feminine as being the Sacred Masculine. The quality of energy of the Sacred Masculine is always gentle, never invasive or intrusive. Those latter qualities occur only as a result of its being interpreted by profane masculine energy.


Creating with the Sacred Masculine and Sacred Feminine

Within your reality no human may fully embody the Sacred Feminine or the Sacred Masculine. Each person who embraces these energies will continue to embrace a trace of the profane versions also.

Knowing whether one is creating out of the sacred or profane can be felt and also witnessed. Actions born of the union of Sacred Masculine and Sacred Feminine energies will feel complete in the moment they are decided upon. These actions will feel uncommonly easy to those involved, and are apt to be quick to manifest into physical reality with little or no resistance.

If an action should be born of the marriage of profane masculine and feminine, it will veer away from its path, manifesting immediate chaos. It will be hard to miss the 'crash' of the resulting energies - somewhat like cars racing toward the same intersection - without braking!


Evolutionary Results

Embracing the Sacred Masculine is releasing the archetypal profane masculine and releasing the need that it has presented for external leadership. As you use the Sacred Masculine energy, you will find that another layer of your personal ego drops away. You have the opportunity to become more honest in wielding your own power. This is the act of dethroning the worldly King, and embracing your personal King.

-Norma Gentile

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