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Notes on Releasing Dark Energies
by Norma Gentile

July 2, 2003

I have found that the dark off-planet energies are releasing out of the kundalini channels quite easily when Archangel Michael and Mary are invited to be present. Michael connects between earth and the outer heavens. His energy allows the energies to feel safe, and he provides a conduit, a tube of ascension, for them.

From teaching the Practitioner's Intensive, I have found a way to share a few basic ideas. My purpose in sharing is to let more people learn their own method of assisting the dark energies, both off &endash;planet and those of our own creation, to move homeward.

The off-planet energies tend to congeal into a thick energy. They resemble snakes, 6an inch or two in diameter, and 6 inches to several feet in length. They curl along the pathways of the kundalini. Both their head and tail are often visible sticking up from the body. You can gently move both ends to see in which direction it wants to release out.

The Luciferian energies, those energies of addiction that we have created, lie predominantly in organs and soft tissue. They may also appear as snakes, but tend to be more numerous and smaller, only a few inches in length, and seldom more than 1/2 inch in diameter. There are guides that hold these energies into our bodies. Releasing the guides lets the energies release. The heads of these snakes are visible, the tails are usually quite small and lie deep inside the tissue of the body.

If you do not release the guides, you will tear the aura when you pull out the energy. This results in pain and soreness in the area for several days, often weeks. This may also leave the aura open, and the energy may reinstate itself.


Guide Release:

Most dark energy guides appear to attach onto the backside of our bodies. Clear the backside of the main chakras. You may use any technique with which you are comfortable.

Do include, in some manner, the following intentions in each chakra-

Releasing and thanking for their service, all guides, angels and energies that are no longer in current time. Support them in moving to their own time period, or to wherever they would feel to be in current time. You need not follow them, just offer the suggestion, and see them moving on.

Releasing and thanking for their support, all guides, angels and energies that are no longer in tune with the physical male or female body. These energies have been holding parts of our physical body together. We are grateful that they have been present to keep us physically in form when we were not able to be present in this part of our body. Noticing any energy, or its related guide or angel that no longer is in tune with us, simply means we are ready to take responsibility for this area of our body. Sensations of hot or cold, pressure or pain are indications of energies that are no longer in tune with our bodies. We thankfully let those energies that kept us safe and whole now move to where they can be of service to others.

Releasing and thanking for their service all those guides and angels and energies that have walked with our soul, and no longer journey on the same path. All energies seek to learn and grow. We release those guides, angels and energies that no longer serve to support the growth of that part of the soul legally incarnating in our body. We allow these energies, guides and angels to move to where they can serve others, and continue to learn and grow themselves.

Areas of physical release:

The energies release out of several areas on almost everyone. Here are the most common areas.

A spot one to two inches below the navel, which is related to the hyoid bone and the base of the tongue. (in the upper neck, top of the throat)

The back of the 6th chakra (the mouth of God opening in the back of the head at the base of the skull) which relates to imbalances in the pituitary, resulting in thyroid and ovarian imbalances. Releasing energies from here often eases menopausal symptoms.

Top of the spine (literally the top most part of the first vertebrae, the atlas). The energy often releases through an area above the tip of the nose. This opens the body to additional physical and psychic energies. There is a timing to this opening, as it allows energies to flow into creative projects that may need wisdom born of experience.

Physical heart. I allow the energies to dissolve while still inside the physical heart. It takes longer than moving the energies out, and requires much concentration, but is not likely to cause palpitation or concern in the client.

Refilling the energy field and body:

To finish the process, give attention to rebuilding the body's energy field. Include in your intention that the energy be in current time, suitable for the physical male or female body, and tuned by the part of the soul legally incarnate. Rather than seeing the energy fill the body from the outside, imagine that the energy emerges from the space between the atoms, even the space between the protons and neutrons. I find that this allows the spirit of God, which dwells in the innermost space, to be present.

Norma is using these techniques in Private Healings and teaching these techniques in her Weekend Intensive.

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