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by Norma Gentile

posted 8/4/02
in remembrance of September 11, 2001


I have had the opportunity to be in New York City twice this past year. The first occasion was directly after September 11th. My sister, a trauma therapist working with WTC survivors, escorted me to the New Jersey shoreline. She pointed out where workers in the Jersey offices of a company watched as their coworkers in the Manhattan offices perished.

We parked two blocks away from the shore, and slowly walked toward the river. The site of the towers was smoking, and the smoke filled in the outline of the astral bodies of the towers which were visible just as an aura is visible to many of us.

As we walked I became aware of a density in both the air and the earth beneath my feet. About a block away the air became so thick with energy that I found it difficult to walk. Much like a strong wind blowing against my body, yet there was no movement. I became aware that the energy was actually the emotional bodies of those who had witnessed the events of that morning. Unable to cope, their emotional bodies had sheared off in shock. These energies have since integrated as each person processed their grief.

As I gazed at the towers I became aware of one or more vortexes of energy, and a flood of energy being projected into the area by lightworkers across the planet. Rather than add my own, I called into my conscious awareness the land and the nature spirits. I asked them what they wanted, and how the energy flowing into the vortex might serve the earth. Immediately I felt a connection between the vortex over the WTC and vortexes around the planet, particularly in Israel.

I became aware of numerous beings ascending through the vortex &endash; those who had died in the planes and buildings crossed quickly and were moving on their ascension paths quite easily. Those that were crossing over now (2 days afterwards) were beings who had become disoriented and lost, or had a portion of their soul trapped (according to their belief system) in a dimensional purgatory. As the vortex grew from the attention of so many lightworkers, more and more souls and beings (including a number that did not seem to be from this planet's current time period) were freed. As their souls ascended, the mental plane of energy where many were trapped opened up and has since become quite clear. This may be another reason why psychic mental phenomena are occurring to more people.

I realized that one immediate impact of September 11th was to help free numerous souls so that they might merge with their God Soul once again. Those who chose to do this by being in the planes and buildings served to open the vortex anew. The land of southern Manhattan Island served well for this purpose as it was, until the Europeans settled upon it, a sacred land used only for religious practice.

This spring I returned to the island, this time with no intention of visiting the WTC area physically. Sprit had other ideas!

As I negotiated traffic one afternoon I found myself turning repeatedly down one-way streets, and right into the heart of the WTC rubble. Befuddled as I was by how I got inside the 'zone', I noticed the energy was markedly distinct from the rest of Manhattan. Calm and smooth emotional energy was present, and the land was amazingly clear of any energy besides its own.

As I tried to find a way out, a police officer smiled and approached me. He directed me to follow a relief workers convoy up the street, and they in turn motioned me into traffic. The horns and cursing of typical Manhattan drivers were nowhere near. Pedestrians and cars bounced along once paved roads that were now dirt lanes, most often traveling against the one-way signs that grew at odd angles on the corners. A shear dust covered everything, a reminder of the rain of concrete and ashes which had fallen months before.

As I reached the outskirts of the WTC, I found the energies returning to normal. Horns sounded, pedestrians glared, and natives argued with invisible spirits at the other end of their cell phones.

Sitting in traffic I became aware of a beating of energies on the street. It was as if I was positioned in the center of two spinning vortexes &endash; which I was! To my left were the tall buildings of Wall Street and the souls adorned in navy blue business suits exiting for lunch. To my right those souls adorning themselves in jeans, shorts, skirts and t-shirts exiting from a meditation and prayer service in a beautiful stone church.

Here in one moment I found the paradox of September 11th. Two energy vortexes &endash; one of the Sacred and the other of the worldly. One need not engulf the other. It is we who choose which one to enter into, and thereby to which one we give our power and life-force.



As we mark the anniversary of September 11, I am drawn to ponder what we have learned. Last fall a dramatic opening of men's hearts occurred. I can still recall watching David Lettermen and Dan Rather cry on national television. I believe that as a result of this and similar demonstrations men, and women, are finding themselves more comfortable expressing personal emotions.

It is my belief that spiritual energies flow through every moment of our lives. As a result any event can release blessings. It is our viewpoint that lets us see and use those blessings as opportunities to create anew.

The emotional energies surrounding September 11 need not overwhelm us or motivate us as a nation or as individuals into violence. We are what we give our attention to. As such, we can create based on hatred, revenge and fear. Or we can create while bending an ear or a heart to our own spirit within. Although it may seem strange, the same words or actions taken in anger can be taken out of spiritual strength. The form may be the same, but the content differs, as does the result.



Fear of our own power is often at the core of personal challenges. As a woman, I am constantly reminded of what it means to 'take my power' in a male world. Yet, what type of male world is it now?

The male elements of the world, particularly those around business, are transitioning. Those embracing the sacred power of their own truth will step forward. The secular masculine energies which we had accepted as a means of functional survivability no longer serve as a basis for wielding power.

True power comes through both the male and female aspects of ourselves. The expression of true power never overwhelms another, nor does it dominate. Stewardship is one word that comes to my mind to describe the action of true power. When anyone is expressing their own truth, they are expressing the sacred power, the true power, of sprit. Power, in its most sacred form, is spirit in motion. As spirit comes through one of us, it becomes visible to all of us. As this visibility grows, we each have the opportunity to resonate from within our own wells of power, and open more deeply to express our own truth.



Many years ago I heard the expression 'sword of truth'. At the time I found it quite militaristic. As I ponder the world events, I open in awe to understand that this is a our own power to release what no longer serves us. At the moment that we honor spirit as being present and moving through each and every situation in the world, we hold the sword of truth in our hands.

By the very presence of the sword we affirm that we do not give our energy, in the form of judgments or reactions, to any of these situations. Rather, we give our alignment with spirit, and the power of spirit which moves through us. As that power moves through us in prayer, in words, and in deeds, the truth of spirit is revealed. The outer world events become an opening through which spirit moves.

Here is what is often referred to as creating a miracle. It begins merely by embracing your personal truth. As you express this, you are wielding your sword and releasing the anger, judgment, and beliefs that bind you into turmoil.



How you use your sword defines it as a sacred truth or a worldly truth. Practice tells each of us when we are moving with spirit and when we merely think we are moving with sprit. In this moment our planet is stepping into a rush of sacred masculine energy and embracing its power. As a result many older patterns of what was considered sacred or spiritual may no longer be accurate. Only your heart and body know, and can relay this to your mind.

Using power in a sacred manner means honoring the result of your actions. It means being open to learning, and receiving pleasure from your own heart. Standing in your own expression of truth is being vulnerable to spirit. You have the right to be strong and gentle at the same time. Yet another paradox of spiritual beings!



What can be said here? Love is the expression of your power of spirit. It is what is released when you allow your sword of Truth to be visible. Uniting our swords we become allies of love. As allies of love, we hold sacred each being and living essence upon the earth. As allies of love, we hold our swords firmly in our own hands; not giving to another the task that is rightfully ours.

The events of September 11th need not be revisited. We as a race have the ability of free choice. As we choose to move out of fear and into the completion of our soul's creation such events will cease. It is my firm intent that we each continue to grow and nourish each other in love and kindness, allowing compassion, not fear, to guide us.

Speak your truth, feel your power, and release your love upon the planet. Now is the best time to do it.


-Norma Gentile
(with Atamira and Amano)

Norma can be reached at: or PO Box 971020, Ypsilanti, MI 48197 or 734-330-3997.   She is available for private energy/sound healing sessions as well as workshops and concerts. For her schedule see her Itinerary., for more information on her music please see recordings. She has three recordings available of sacred medieval music of Hildegard von Bingen.

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