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Binding Spirit to Matter

Atamira and Amano
through Norma Gentile

September 13, 2001

More and more you are called to exercise the energy healing abilities in which each of you have found skill. At the present moment we would suggest that you consider 'binding' (or as the channel would say, piggybacking) your healing energies to those of the world at large.

Just as two energies moving in opposite directions cancel each other out, attempting to 'heal' the current emotional upheaval merely cancels out your own energy.

Instead, we would suggest using the flow of energies already available to you - that of the media. When you choose to watch the television, be aware, be conscious of the quality of energies broadcast. Do not attempt to change them. Engaging any energy with the intent of changing it merely allows it access into your energy grid.

Notice how you perceive the energy of the television broadcast (or newspaper article, or radio show). Use your own skills to find within yourself the quality of safety, of blessing, of honoring the life within All that makes you feel relaxed and comfortable.

Now allow that quality to 'ride' on the energy of the broadcast. It is a bit like letting chocolate fudge sauce pour gently over glistening vanilla ice cream. Simply allow your own sense of ease and compassion to be in your awareness while you view, read, or listen to the media reports, and it will slip into the current, gently riding on top of it.

This then allows each person viewing, listening or reading to respond to either the energy of the event, or the quality of ease and compassion which you have placed alongside it. In this manner each may chose which energy to 'feed' to their body, mind, and emotions. And so they will choose which energy creates their reality.

In moments such as these it is natural to withdraw and seek safety. Certainly it is prudent to find spiritual center, and that unwavering core connection to the Higher Self or angels or guides. And by sharing that knowing through the media others remember this connection within themselves. For those who would ask us, yes, it is appropriate to use the symbols of Reiki, placing them gently in the media stream. Remember, you place any energies as an offering of healing, as a reflection of your own inner contentedness, not as a command.

Some of you may also be noticing a band of energies coming through, especially in televised live reports. What you are perceiving includes a mix of emotions of the event and emotions of those reporting the event. The reporting aspects include all the live reporters, as well as editors, camera crew, etc.

For those who feel they can isolate the quality of the event from those who are reporting it, you might envision the gentleness of those souls, both in and out of form, who are engaged in the land nearby. If your specialty is finding the quality of soul within those who are reporting the event, take care not to send energy to these people. They have quite enough, thank you!

Rather, you might carry energies away from reporters; especially those who are the familiar faces and major network anchors. In this time we are noticing that the event is playing out primarily through the bodies of those who are physically effected by the events, and those reporting the events.

It is notable that the beings who have thus far owned the body of your President have, for the moment, vacated. There has always been, from last autumn, the determination on the part of a group of beings to create a joint leadership position with both the White and Dark Light. Look now to those leaders to the side of the spotlight, for here such combinations of energies have already occurred.

It is never our place to instruct or judge that which would be your next steps. Our role is only to support, promoting in each of you the deepest connection to that truth which reveals itself from within naturally.

Our deepest blessing to each of you,
Atamira and Amano

-through Norma Gentile

Norma Gentile is a singer, teacher and clairvoyant healer specializing in sound healing through the Heart of Light. Her healing recordings include Unfurling Love's Creation, chants by Hildegard of Bingen, and Meditation Chants of Hildegard.

Norma is now leading a series of workshops across the country based on Sound and Healing. For the one nearest you please see her Itinerary.

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