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Healing with Power
Healing with Love

-Michael and the Hierarchies of Heaven and Earth
through Norma Gentile

Healing through love is simply being with a situation or person. Healing using power has more to do with determining what the situation or person ought to do.

from Norma:

Years ago I was presenting along with a number of shamans in a Midwestern conference on psychological health. One of the other presenters, a curandera, gave me the fire element to hold during her healing ceremony. The physical flame was in a bowl. The etheric or true healing flame was invisible, burning under my hands, in which the bowl nestled.

The etheric flame was hot. I moved my hands around trying to lessen its intensity. But regardless of how I moved my hands, the etheric flame followed. Within just a minute's time, the heat became unbearable.

As I considered interrupting the ceremony to ask her to turn the intensity down, I realized that the flame was set high by intention. All I needed to do was to tell the flame it was hurting me, and ask it to lessen its heat.


from Michael:

Intention is the power of healing. Used by itself, it can cause harm.

The human brain creates intention. Because most of humanity still lives within a mixed consciousness of unity and polarity, when an intention is formed the opposite intention is also formed.

For this reason, each time you pray for peace, you are praying for war. Each time you bless the good in someone you give equal energy to what you find to be not good.

Power is the ability to create. As humans, you were given divine power by the Sacred Male, or the God force within and around you. When you think, you are using this same God force. When you love, you are experiencing the feminine face of God.


Q: How then can healing be pursued?

Internally. As you hold anything in mind, without intention, you hold it in love. The chalice of love is the chalice of the Divine Feminine. Regardless of what you hear or see around you, the chalice of love is for each and every one in the earth plane. The chalice of love is more than the possibility of experiencing love, it is the reality of being born and living within the same love which begot Christ and the consciousness he carried on earth.

You are indeed born and live (burn) in that same fire of love from which the consciousness of Christ is born. Before all of creation, you were a part of that fire, and you will be again a part of it.

More than just power and love, healing entails a type of focus which is both masculine and feminine. It is the type of focus which physically exists as the brain bridge between the two hemispheres of the brain. When you are able to hold this quality of focus, you are using both hemispheres, and exciting the pathways in the bridge quite fully.

Love, the feminine principle of creation, and Power, the masculine, co-exist for a reason. Separately they each have a function. Together they open the doorway to a new type of creation.

In this new creation the answer is not the healing, it is the question which is the healing. For example, as the flame burned hot under Norma's hands, she recognized that the situation was one of power, not love. By honoring the flame, not competing with it, she honored its power, but did not fight it with her own. Rather she brought the feminine principle of Love into her awareness, and using Love built a psychic bridge to reach the flame. She used love resonate with the energy of the flame. The flame then perceived her as part of itself, and responded to her request.

Let's say that instead of recognizing that Love was lacking, Norma had attempted to put the flame out or turn it down with her own power. That would have backfired, as Norma's energy would have drawn the attention of both the curandera's energy as well as the archetypal energies the flame was based upon. These two sources would have quickly overwhelmed Norma's own personal power, and the flame would have burned many times hotter, pushing itself up against a perceived threat.

Do you see? The use of prayer and healing intention is seldom without consequence. As you wish for less rain, you are getting less rain. As you wish for more money, you are getting more money. But you are also receiving floods, and unexpected illnesses and higher taxes. All things seek to come back into divine balance, despite what your brains may attempt to determine!

Healing with Power and Love

Healing with both Power and Love is an art. Love, the face of the Divine Feminine, is always available to anyone, anywhere. Power, the Sacred face of the Masculine, is just now peering out from behind many veils.

In your society you have squandered power. You have used it and treated it as a commodity. The sacredness of power is lost to you. The ability to direct spiritual energies is equivalently lost to you.

Power, the Sacred Masculine, is the ability to direct healing without determining the outcome. It is the ability to hold in mind the intention of sacredness. Power is the inherited right of consciousness. As you grow in consciousness, you grow in Power. Power is never the decision of the mind; it is the knowledge base of the universe.

from Norma:

When I am healing, I do not state the goal, but rather I ask questions. I ask what the situation wants. I ask what the next step in evolution is for the body or soul. I ask if what I'm perceiving is in the present moment.

I find that the more questions I ask, the easier it is to let magical twists and turns bring the person or situation to a new place. I would invite you each to try this. Below are a series of four questions that Michael has developed with me over the past year. I use them when I see or feel or sense an energy presence that is not in tune with the overall quality of someone. It might be in a specific area of the body, or more general emotional state.

1. Is this guide, angel or energy in current time? If not, release into whatever timeframe the energies perceive as current time.

2. Is this guide, angel or energy congruent with the male or female body in current time? (we often take on a parent's or spouse's guide as our own).

3. Is this guide, angel or energy in tune with the part of the soul legally incarnating?

4. Is this guide, angel or energy reflecting the series of choices that have led the physical body to this reality?


TIME as a quality of healing

Time is an invention of human minds. I like the comment that we invented time so everything won't happen to us all at once. It is accurate, as we seem to be victim's, not the creator's, of time.

Taking back our ownership and creator status around time is the first step in healing. We simply can't heal or change energies that aren't in sync with our own time frame. The only place they can be healed is in the time to which they belong.



We each have a unique vibrational rate of the atomic structure within our bodies, according to Archangel Michael. That rate is determined in part by the gender of our body, as well as our soul, and the time frame we are calling the present moment. If I am sitting with someone during a healing, then the moment we are sharing is the present moment. I ask if energies are in tune with or congruent with their female or male physical body as a simple way to begin to loosen up energies from a spouse or parent. As energies begin to loosen, the person may experience momentary flashbacks to the person or situation involved.



When I psychically look at the soul, I see a level of energy much more complex and profound than what can fit into a single body. I see an energetic river of party streamers that dips into a number of bodies simultaneously. As each body grows, I see that a few of those party streamers may be exchanged. One part of the soul may want to have a do-over of kindergarten, another part may want to try that adolescent age again. A few streamers may want to experience birth, but may not need to continue in the body. In this way I see that the soul exchanges parts of itself within a single body.

A soul shift occurs when one or more of these parts or party streamers is exchanged. Our experience may be not to notice it at all, or to notice a short-term confusion. You will go to do something you normally do, such as put the key in the car ignition or operate an ATM machine, and it will feel foreign to you. The new part of you is integrating the human experience. Most soul shifts occur while we are sleeping. I have had a large one occur once while channeling for a workshop. I knew it had occurred when I stared at the sign "women" on the restroom door and didn't know what it meant!

Occasionally the soul shift will be so large that there is a change in careers, marriage, eating habits, and life-style. In these cases those friends and family left behind did nothing wrong. The part of the soul incarnating in the body simply finished the journey, and rather than die, the body received other aspects of the soul. If you have witnessed this process in a loved-one, please know that the part of their soul that loved you still loves you, and they are simply needing to complete much more in this lifetime than just the contracts and loving commitments they had with you. As you can release them into their next cycle, they learn and grow, and bring that new experience back to the part of the soul that you knew.

This leads naturally to the subject of 'walk-ins'. From time to time the soul that starts a physical body leaves it entirely, and a new soul enters. While I believe that the part or parts of the soul that start a body are seldom still with the same body by age 25, the process of a complete walk-in is different.

A soul that walks into a body usually has an ongoing relationship with the soul that is already in the body. The moment of exchange may appear as a near death experience. It may also be a process of sleep for a number of days. Not all near death experiences result in the exchange of souls.

I use the term 'legally' incarnate because it sharpens up the energy boundary of the part or parts of the soul that are choosing to be in the physical body. Because various parts of the soul come and go throughout our lives, defining the exact parts running the body at a given time is crucial.



The last question is new, and relates to the events that have been occurring since this past June.

Our 3-D bodies can only live in one reality at a given time. Every time we make a choice, there are a number of parallel realities created where other choices were made.

The portals between these other realities are opening to our spiritual awareness. Our soul may travel through these portals, gathering healing and returning to us with new insights from choices not taken here, in this reality. But our body remains here, just as each of our other bodies remain in its own reality.

As we are able to tether, or anchor our bodies more and more securely into this reality, our soul may venture further a field into alternate as well as parallel realities. If we are not grounded, we may experience fright or a scattering of our energies, as the soul is not able to reintegrate with our physical forms.

By focusing on each chakra (or the physical location that seems appropriate) and asking if the energies present reflect the series of choices that this physical body is built upon, I am honoring that there may be energies from choices not made, but strongly considered, that remain lodged in the body. This is inhibiting the guides or angels that are supporting our choices from effectively supporting our bodies.

This is especially true around the lower back. I see that the guides supporting how our soul incarnates into our body connect into us behind the navel. As this area clears, the pathway and forward motion of this lifetime usually clear. Often the stumbling blocks become more visible, so that they may be turned over and mastered as stepping-stones.

Not coincidentally, the navel is a primary pathway of prana. As the core of the navel chakra is cleared, how we manage our life force becomes clearer. We may still choose to use our prana in ways that do not support our bodies, but we will feel the results of our choices more clearly.


from Michael:

This system is based upon Unity Consciousness. It honors that each being has a rightful and meaningful existence. I, and we, the Hierarchies of Heaven and of Earth, honor that each one has a journey to complete. As each one of you move through your cycles of learning, so to do those that you refer to as guides, angels, or simply energies each have their unique evolutionary cycles. When you release any guide from serving you, do so with loving appreciation. We welcome you into your growing roles as co-creators with us.

Our love and blessings to each of you,

-Archangel Michael, and the Hierarchies of Heaven and Earth

through Norma Gentile