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The Gift
by Norma Gentile

November 2, 2000

"Your towers, O Jerusalem,
glitter and gleam with the dawn,
and with sacred incandescence,
and with all the finery of God…"

-Hildegard of Bingen (1098-1179)

This poetry, written nearly nine hundred years ago, reminds us today of the highly sacred nature of Jerusalem for many religions. This city, although made of stones, has its true foundation in millenniums of prayer and praise, in many tongues and manners, made to the God of all Creation.

As Marianne Williamson points out, the region of the Middle East has been declared a sacred land over and over again. In declaring anything sacred, there is an invitation for Spirit to move through the land, and through all those inhabitants of the land. Wherever there is the motion of spirit, there is cleansing. That which is not fully in agreement with Spirit is washed away.

Much like a river overflowing its banks, the movement of Spirit through the Earth and through individuals carries away loose stones and fallen trees. Perhaps we might see it as a clearing away of the non-sacred, and a call to plant anew those seeds that will flourish within Spirit.

For us as individuals this may feel like a striping away of things that help us define who we are to ourselves. This may include losing a job, finding a lack of fulfillment in a career path or course of study, dissatisfaction with close relationships and family situations or losing possessions. Any thing of the material world that unbinds your certainty about who you are is apt to be swept away by the rising tide of Spirit.

To the extent that anyone hangs on to that which is being swept away, there is anger, pain and separation from the Divine within. Putting effort into maintaining the external world which is not being created and recreated moment by moment on the wings of Spirit drains away mental, emotional and physical energies. Eventually it exhausts the human body.

This holiday season we are invited to release into the river of Spirit that which no longer serves us, and plant the seeds and ideas for our next steps.

The winter solstice has a way of finding those thoughts and desires that are on the edge of our awareness &endash; those yearnings for expression which we don't quite allow ourselves to imagine as being possible &endash; and planting them as seeds in our winter garden.

Eclipses allow us to examine the reverse side of ideas, or to experience that which we don't consider to be a part of ourselves. This year has been full of eclipses &endash; and the final one occurs during the night of December 25 into the morning hours of December 26.

Many people find the Holidays to be a time of separation &endash; the family of birth is not necessarily the family of loving support that each one of us deserves. During this particular Christmas that distinction is apt to be more clearly illustrated. As a result, you may realize that habits, beliefs and even emotions you assumed were part of who you are, may not be! In this moment of realization they become like stones and fallen trees, being washed away by Spirit.

A suggestion for this season might be to committee yourself to remembering who you are for 10 minutes each day. Even, and perhaps especially, in the midst of travels and family gatherings or parties. Journal, meditate, do yoga or continue with whatever similar practice that you have in your daily life now. And bring the gift of who you are to those around you.

Blessing to all,

-Norma Gentile


Norma Gentile is a singer, teacher and clairvoyant healer specializing in sound healing through the Heart of Light. Her healing recordings include Unfurling Love's Creation, chants by Hildegard of Bingen, and Meditation Chants of Hildegard.

Norma is now leading a series of workshops across the country based on the Heart of Light. For the one nearest you please see her Itinerary.

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