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Atamira/Amaterasu through Norma Gentile
also published in The Sedona Journal of Emergence

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I have been asked to place this information in the public domain

 Eclipses of the Millennium


In the year 2000 there will be two lunar and four solar eclipses, for a total of six eclipses. Each of these eclipses opens the possibility for new energies to interact with your planet, which will impact not just at the 3rd dimension, but many other dimensions as well. We share with you this information in the hope that it will allow you to carry out your part of this moment with greater ease and clarity.

The first of the eclipses occurs late on January 20, 2000. It is a total lunar eclipse, and it opens our planet to the embrace of a large and loving female energy with which most of us are quite familiar. As a result we are apt to feel 'at home' in this energy, experiencing it as a strong support for our life's path.

Just two weeks later, on February 5, 2000, a partial solar eclipse brings a flood of totally different energy to earth. This energy we have described in the past as being part of the new Sacred Masculine energy. It will begin to be felt as the first eclipse wanes, about 3 or 4 days after it officially occurs, and will be unmistakable by the end of January.

The energy that this second eclipse supports has been felt before, particularly during the mid-portion of December 1999. The difference is that in its February appearance this energy will be quick to appear, but not quick to leave as it was in December. It is an energy that belongs to the opposite pole of creation than what we are used to dealing with.

A note on languaging here; the Sacred Masculine and Sacred Feminine energies are being referred to in this manner to indicate that they are opposites, not that they have to do directly with men and women, male and female, or even masculine and feminine aspects of the planet. In our language with you, the term masculine or feminine is simply a means of defining one pole or the other.

The feminine is being labeled as such because it is the energy with which you, the channel, and most of the readers, find more comfortable and familiar. With another channel, or a different culture, we might have reversed these terms, or used others, such as 'active' or 'passive', but again we merely wish to indicate that your interpretation of these energies will cause you to experience polarity, and so to experience them as opposites.

The energy from the February eclipse has as its basis opposition. That is to say, this energy builds on whatever end of polarity you don't accommodate in your life. During the time when this energy has the most influence, February through May, you are apt to create reverses in your life. For example, if you love watching TV, you may suddenly find yourself enmeshed in books. If you are prone to over-eating, you may find yourself drawn to walking or a movement-based activity. Your color preferences may suddenly shift to the 'mirror' color palate &endash; yellow to blue, orange to green, etc.

These changes are an experiment taking place on a planetary scale. You have lived in polarity, choosing which end of each polarity to explore. Your ability to explore the opposing end has usually been stifled due to physical and cultural rules. You are each bound into a societal web, where one person's changes impact all of those connected. Because of that, your changes are made very moderately, allowing others to 'catch up' and absorb the impact of your changes.

Now we are all at a point where there is the need to shift the entire planet rather quickly. Instead of releasing these cultural energy connections, we can use them to help you move as a group. One way of doing this is to flood the planet with this opposition energy, which invites everyone to explore the reverse of themselves.

For this reason people may feel 'out of sync' during the major times that this energy has influence. This is apt to be during late January and early February, again in late March, all of April and early May, and again in late June and early July. It might help to remember that these are all opportunities to explore lesser-known sides of yourselves and your personalities.

July of 2000 brings a major 'play date' for humanity. The first weekend brings a reinfusion of the masculine energy on July 2, then a shift back to the familiar feminine energy the third weekend on July 16, and then a return to the new masculine energy the fifth weekend, July 31. For those keeping count, that's an eclipses every other Sunday evening in July.

This seesaw of eclipses, lunar to solar to lunar, lets you feel the difference between the two energetic poles. And again, you are left in the new pole for an extended time. Just as in the spring there will be a time of integration of both energies, so too this will occur in September and on into the fall of 2000.

A final solar eclipse on Christmas Night, December 25 brings us an opportunity to blend celestial and profane into the holy, as we all feel the impact again of this new energy while many of you are celebrating the Christian holidays. This time the Sacred Masculine energy has the potential to emerge with a largeness and gentleness often associated with the Sacred Feminine energy. If it should be so, this will be an indication that you as a planet are beginning to bridge the space between the two ends of polarity consciousness.

Many other events will pass by quickly in the winter of 2001 which we will deal with at another time. The final event of this particular cycle of eclipses occurs during the summer solstice of 2001. As this solstice time is one of nurturing and fertilizing impending growth, a full solar eclipse will allow the masculine energy, in the most mature form possible, to flood into the earth. This will produce an amplification of the natural energies of the solstice. The extent to which there is spiritual clarity in the human body of consciousness on the planet will determine the extent to which the Christ body will manifest at this time.

The energy of the solstice, focused through the solar eclipse, will flood into the earth not just in present time but also in past and future time, with the potential of rewriting history. This is the most multidimensional of all of the eclipses. This energy flood may open up time in such a way that you gain the energy of memories from lives already lived. This sets up future (in linear time) potential projects to help us all regain powerful connections to our probable lives.

There is a long-term plan to introduce to your region of space the triune nature of reality, letting it replace the duality in which you now reside. Initially this trinity looks like an experience of Unity or Wholeness, but it is not. There are many concepts which must be learned and experienced before we can articulate this further. Stay tuned!

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