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the drug of choice
by Norma Gentile

A note from the author:

I 'gave up' coffee and caffeine many years ago, based on the effect it had on my eating habits and blood sugar. In December of 1999 during a particularly sleepless and psychically demanding series of concerts and workshops my guides suggested that I drink a small amount of coffee.

As a result I began to notice changes in myself. I must confess to being very human, and sometimes not listening to the guides' suggestion of 'only one-half cup'. My experience helped me to understand the importance of acknowledging caffeine as America's drug of choice.


We speak to you today of a subject near and dear to your hearts. Literally.

Caffeine changes the relationship of your blood to your heart. Normally the flow of blood excites the heart into motion. Caffeine causes the formation of a thin layer of energy around the heart muscles. This energetic layer causes the heart to pump out of step with the blood flow. In other words, the heart speeds up and takes off without the flow of blood causing it to speed up.

This same energy which surrounds the heart muscle is mirrored, not exactly but as one note sounds in a different octave, by an energy that runs around the physical body. It lies within the area traditionally thought of as the etheric layer, but it is not actually a part of that layer. It simply happens to have a spatial relationship to the body in the same area, when viewed in the 3red dimension.

This energy, as we have said, relates as an upper octave to the energy around the heart. It too promotes a motion of energetic flow which is out of step with the normal flow of the etheric body. This caffeine energy (we will name it a bit later more specifically) flows at its own rate, and overtakes the natural waves of the etheric body. Over time (a few hours) we see a build up of shallow hills and troughs in the etheric body, with very little natural movement.

As a result there is a lack of communication with the physical body and the surrounding subtle bodies of the aura. This may appear as a bit of disorientation, or of disconnect. The mind loses its ability to consult readily with the spirit, and becomes, often, fixated on achieving or completing tasks which may or may not be the actual will of spirit.

From the standpoint of a psychic, the effect of caffeine may appear as a movement of the general aura both upward and forward from the physical body. This exposes the backside, particularly the tailbone, small of the back, and the kidneys. There is a perceived loss of support and surround from spirit in this very venerable area, and oftentimes a very real fear of attack emerges.

Remembering that fear is simply the acknowledgement of spiritual disconnection, it is clear that in this state one finds it difficult to receive energetic feedback which might correct and bring to balance the physical body.

Likewise, it is nearly impossible to connect with others in form, trusting and communing with them at the level of sacredness. Because of the disconnect from spirit, there is a greater dependence on the outward opinions of others. The I AM is not heard inwardly nor heard easily from those trusted confidants around. "Am I doing well?" becomes a constant, even urgent question to which each person around you must outwardly respond, since you can no longer hear their inner I AM.

But before you give up on caffeine, let us reflect on other aspects of its interactions with the human body. There is a reason that so many are ingesting so much of this substance at this particular moment.

Those of the mystical paths know that caffeine acts to open the inner vision. A paradox is it not? A small amount will connect you with spirit; but any amount more will disconnect you. How perfect it is that you are in charge, so blatantly, of this spiritual doorway.

Just as with all connections to spirit, we are always and forever available to you at all times. We have never stepped away. By using your inner sense, you know this to be true.

For those psychic and others out there interested in knowing more, we continue.

Caffeine has the ability to open the 6th chakra, also known as the 3rd eye. It works on the innermost portion of the chakra, that which we would see as the core. Now remember that each sees and understands these things in a different manner, and each understanding adds to the greater whole of understanding.

For us, coming through this particular channel, we would call the core of the chakra that part which intersects within the pranic tube. The core of each chakra is timelessness itself. It is without a spatial reference, and contains all of each body. Opening the core of the chakra opens the person into new realities. By opening the 6th chakra, just a little, one connects more intimately with their own psychic power.

(The channel herself interupts and asks &endash; But I was told the lower 5th was the psychic area?)

Well yes, but here we are dealing with the mind, that which is the 'god' to you Americans! We are speaking in terms of the mental psychic abilities that you have found and prize. In time you will notice that what you deem 'psychic' can be applied to the body, emotions, surroundings and animals. This is just a beginning point for you.

The 6th chakra contains a number of interesting structures, which at this point in your evolution you typically keep closed. Ingesting larger amounts of caffeine causes the grids on these structures to decay. This allows the influx of energies into areas of your psyche that are private, and not meant to be shared. As a result there is a sense of being attacked by energies with a few words from a stranger, or from even the atmosphere or environment itself.

Your sense of privacy is heightened, and yet it is unattainable. Your ability to 'read' other's is increased, but their pain, anger and other experiences seem to flood into your psychic mind, and lodge deeply in this core area of your 6th chakra. You become a channel for the world.

Another vantage point is to note that the energies of other's truly aren't entering your mind. Rather, the shared experiences that exist in higher dimensions that link you with all others are being exposed. The grids on the core of the 6th chakra serve as a covering to multi-dimensional portals. When the grids are dissolved, as caffeine may do, the information from other lifetimes and probabilities can be accessed.

As a result, any energy to which you are exposed will trigger similar energies from all lifetimes, from all dimensions, from all probabilities to come into your awareness. No wonder caffeinated people tend to over-react! Since you as a race tend to notice what you call negative emotions much more than positive ones, you are apt to see these first.

It is noteworthy, as we said at the outset, of the timing of your society's fixation on coffee, chocolate, and all things caffeine. As a planet you are at the outset of feeling the 4th dimension in a day to day fashion. To be clear, you are not yet living in the 4th dimension, but certain ones among you do visit it frequently. In group meditations especially we do see you.

Trust your own sense of connection. We want to welcome you into the knowing that comes with seeing through the dimensional veils. Yet we are aware that this must occur at your own time. For this reason we have shared this information with you, so that you might knowingly judge for yourself how to use this drug.

May all who read this be so blessed,
Atamira and Amano,
through Norma Gentile



Norma Gentile is a recording artist and intuitive healer. She combines her musical studies (master's in Voice) and esoteric training (channeling and psychic healing) into private sessions, workshops and concerts of sound and healing. Her CDs include Meditation Chants and Unfurling Love's Creation, both music of Hildegard von Bingen. She can be reached at: or PO Box 971020, Ypsilanti, MI 48197.  She teaches voice and shares private healing sessions, conducts workshops and sings healing concerts of medieval chant. For her schedule see her Itinerary.

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