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Energy Sound Healing through
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a workshop and healing sound meditation
from Atamira/Amano

Led by

Norma Gentile

For anyone interested in expanding their healing abilities

In the summer of 1999 I began working with a guide who called herself Atamira. She is from a native peoples who have learned to live outside of time. Her intent is to help us learn to reconnect with an incredibly gentle and soft energy that simply exudes from the Heart of Light which exists inside of each of us.

When it is 'tuned' the Heart of Light provides an amazing amount of power to connect physical and spiritual energies. We will be using sound, toning, meditation, and the chants of Hildegard von Bingen to open and tune each Heart in the room.

I am very excited to share this with as many as possible as a way of placing it into the mass consciousness of the planet. I will be channeling Atamira for a specific meditation and healing with this new energy.

As part of the Heart of Light Workshop, I use experiential exercises in sound healing, visualization techniques, and a healing meditation to awaken the Heart of Light within each person.


-Enhance energy flow with your breath
-Consciously direct energy in your aura
-Connect to your own Heart of Light
-Channel an angelic healing guide into your own voice


- Basic vocal technique for speaking and singing
- How to hear energy and guides
&endash; An instant grounding technique

This workshop is especially good for energy healers, alternative practitioners, therapists, others who use their voices for teaching, public speaking, singing, or theater; those wishing to open their 5th chakra, experience greater personal expression, or who simply want to improve the quality of their voice. This is for everyone, regardless of your ability to use your voice.

The Heart of Light is being taught in a series of workshops. nationwide during the year 2000. Please see the
Itinerary for more information. You may also wish to read the original information on the Heart of Light from Atamira, or the Heart of LIght Update.

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