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Rainbow Tree Winter

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a sound healing from a live Meditation Concert
for solo voice 

As you listen to this song, be aware of your reactions to it.  Sections of the song are very soothing, while other sections are meant to draw out thoughts and emotions that are not congruent with who you are now.  As these thoughts and emotions come into your awareness you might also notice tension in various parts of your body. Whatever you notice, be it physical sensations, emotions or thoughts you are having repeatedly, ask them if they are really yours.  Such a simple act allows what is not in tune with you to move onto wherever it needs to be now.

This is the second of three healing songs meant to be used together.

1. Solace  listen now or watch video
2. Reflection
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3. Salve 
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Recorded during a live Meditation Concert

from January 2016 Newsletter:
I have long believed that world events reflect issues that we, within our shared human consciousness, have agreed to address. Healing entails noticing the obvious. We cannot change or heal what is not already seen and understood. Just as you donít put a bandage on a wound that you donít know exists, we cannot emotionally or spiritually heal what we donít see and understand. For this reason what is brought up into our human consciousness is usually a reflection of what we, individually and as a society, have decided to learn about, change and heal.

Having a publicly visible event (such as the recent weather patterns) or an individual person stand as an example of what is ready to change helps bring the energetic patterns behind the related issue into view. When someone or something stands at the forefront of our shared human attention, the pattern that they represent becomes much easier to see. In the western world we are healing narcissism and the many related behaviors (such as anger, violence and fear) that our American society has embraced as normal. Remember, we can only heal what we see and understand. What better way to do that than by placing people who demonstrate our wounds, and reflect what we need to heal, in public prominence?

Perhaps because of the recent floods my guides were giving me ideas of how we heal issues using the metaphor of rain. In my experience one needs rain in order for a rainbow to become visible.  The water droplets that light moves through in order to create a rainbow are already hanging in the air, but must be intensified in order to be seen clearly by our human eyes.  So too events in the larger world may serve to intensify and bring our personal inner issues more clearly up and into our awareness.  That is what I believe is now happening within the arena of American politics.  Anger, greed, fear and all the other bedfellows of narcissism are creating a huge storm. And this emotional storm is being brought into the physical world as well.  Emotions that are not expressed by humans eventually do affect the physical land.

What many of us are realizing is that reacting with anger, or even seemingly justifiable indignation, merely feeds the emotional energies of the political storm.  How can each of us let the raindrops fall without covering our heads out of fear or anxiously batting away at the raindrops? By remembering that for each action there is an equal and opposite reaction. And we are in charge of our individual reaction! Fear, violence and hatred are only useful to those wielding them if there is someone who will respond. For those on a journey of reflection it is possible to consider what a neutral response might be. I imagine this in two ways.

First as a tennis game. When I feel a ball of anger coming towards me, I simply don't return the ball. Angry words don't need to be responded to with more angry words. Rather, I imagine the words or action as being a tennis ball that has been hit over the net into my side of the court. In my mind's eye I imagine placing the ball of anger in the center of the tennis court at the net. Whatever of my own thoughts or emotions that have been stirred up by receiving the angry tennis ball are mine to understand, and release. Placing the ball in a neutral position in my mindís eye helps me remember not to react to the external person and to come to a neutral quiet place within.

A second way I have of deflating anger, violence and the related actions comes from my years of experience as an energy healer. My guides remind me that our soul chooses issues to address in each lifetime, and has already found people (other souls) that have agreed to help those issues arise in us. Sometimes these people are family members, but they can also be public figures like politicians. It is for the benefit of all humans that a soul agrees to publicly reflect a pattern that is ready to be healed in the shared consciousness of humanity. Souls that choose to publicly reflect compassion and love are easily blessed and usually have bountiful lives.  On the other hand, those souls who choose to reflect the uglier aspects that we need to heal, are seldom thanked for their service to humanity.

Public figures reflect the issues that our souls want to address. They are the mirrors of our culture. It is uncomfortable for us to see the wounds they so publicly display because these are also our personal wounds.   The western world is clearly seeing our culturally accepted anger, violence, hatred and fear being reflected back to us in daily news stories.  Rather than turn away or ignore what is pleading to come into view through the political and social media arenas, we can use this opportunity. First, we find our own still quiet place within. Then we can bring compassion to the mirror and forgive both ourselves and those public figures who are so brilliantly displaying the issues that humanity must first see, in order to heal.

Compassion allows our eyes to see the rainbow that is present, along with the raindrops.
-Norma Gentile

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Come and enjoy a warming weekend in an oceanfront Florida cottage with a small group of similarly curious healers, singers, and creatives. We will explore how music, energy and spiritual healing overlap.

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Sun Jan 31 - Tuesday Feb 2
Private Healing Sessions (north end of Anna Maria Island)

I am very good at helping chronic long-standing issues begin to free up and release. This allows the body - mind - spirit to better utilize other healing modalities. Sessions are recorded, so you can re-visit the information and healing energies. Most people notice the healing starts when they book a session and continues for weeks afterwards.

A few openings are available, primarily in the afternoons. Please email for an appointment time.

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