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How to Use these Meditations
It is best to plan on lying down and resting deeply as you listen. Do not listen to these meditations while driving or engaging with other activities. The general pattern of these Meditations is to begin with an invocation of Sacred Space followed by a bit of information. Then we weave in and out of gentle meditative states. Your guides and angels will work with you during these meditative states and for several days after.

Meditation #45 from April 4, 2015

Your Choice Point
A meditation for the Transmutation of painful or difficult life issues

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Inviting the energies of our shared human consciousness, along with the presence of Archangel Michael and Nature, we open a portal in this meditation for transmuting painful issues into learning experiences. The moment we recognize the gift of wisdom that an issue has brought us, we stand in a place of compassionate honoring of the people, beings and energies that helped us create the issue. This honoring, along with gratitude, allows us to truly release ourselves from continuing to recreate the same painful lessons over and over again in our life.

I included an improvised song of mine,
Transition, inspired by my Hathor guide Atamira, who also provides a portion of spoken meditation after the song.

Listen to a sample: Redefining Sin

More of Norma's healing songs, along with videos, can be found under Sound Healings and Recordings.

An edited transcript is given below. This is not exact, nor is it complete. The audio version is meant as a healing meditation. The transcript is provided only for brain candy.

download text as a PDF
Your Choice Point
A meditation for the Transmutation of painful or difficult life issues

from a telephone conference meditation (#45) held on April 4, 2015
by Norma Gentile

1. What is it that you are needing to decide about now? Where is there a point of choice in your life?

I wanted to start with just a moment of thought, asking each of you individually to consider what it is that might be your major choice right now. Of course, choices often come about because of tension, because of uncomfortable situations in our lives. So, having something that's uncomfortable, that's creating tension, most of us recognize, ah, we've outgrown a habit. It's time to shift that.

Tuning into your own life, there's probably something that immediately pops to mind. As you consider whatever that issue might be, we're also looking at, well, what is the learning piece here? Our souls are infamous for never letting go of a pattern until we've really explored it completely, figured it out, learned something from it, and recognized ah, here's both the negative side of that particular habit, pattern, as well as what it has given us.

I find that in the moment where something is really up for change, where it's the most uncomfortable, that is also the hardest point where you can look at a pattern and find why it has served you. But in the moment we can figure out why a pattern has served us, then we can let it go. Then, our soul says, okay, I understand this pattern. I understand that here, in this world of polarity, if I create this particular situation, that it brings both these uncomfortable, as well as these comfortable things.

In some dialogues, we talk about this in terms of dependency and co-dependency. So sometimes, looking at a pattern, the positive side, the comfortable side that it has brought us does indeed fall into the realm of co-dependency, relying on others for money, for shelter, for decision-making process in our lives. That's a sort of co-dependency. The plus side of that, of course, is that we have learned that there are people that we can trust and that there are people that we can't trust. By relying on others for something that is vital to our well-being, we slowly begin to discern, what is that quality of honor and trust that we feel comfortable having with another person? Again, we often learn this by making poorer choices, feeling the results, and then making that choice again and switching to someone else who might choose for us.

This sense of giving our power away (in the example above by relying on others for basic life neccesities) is fundamental and is often behind many, many issues that we have in our life. Even those of us that have long ago left our nuclear families, still play out the family patterns in our lives. And so, since relationships are replicated throughout our entire lifetime, looking at those initial larger family patterns around power, trust, love, intimacy will almost always yield an ah-ha about how we're choosing to do things in the here, in the now, as adults.

By now each of you has in mind at least one major thing, one choice point, one something that's not quite fitting anymore. And underlying that, probably at least one causal energy, not trusting enough, orienting more towards fear, having a sense of not really having the power totally inside yourself, but giving it frequently to others or looking to others for their opinions. These are just ideas, not necessarily what you're working on. Just ideas, to prime the pump.


2. Invoking the Nature Sphere and Archangel Michael to create a safe and sacred space for this healing meditation

As you hold your ideas, let's create sacred space. Whatever it is that you're thinking about, that's going on for you right now, that is going into this great, vast soup of energies. As I call in the sacred space, it's going to reflect the issues that each of you is also thinking about right now.

We begin by welcoming the room or the space that you're in. Welcoming the nature spirits and nature intelligences of that space, those that vibrate at what they themselves consider to be their level of unconditional love, not inflicting upon them our human sense of unconditional love. Asking them instead. Nature spirits, nature intelligences of the room, how do they reflect their level of unconditional love? Which of the nature spirits, nature intelligences that are in the room where you are right now, which of them reflect their levels of unconditional love, what they consider to be unconditional love? Welcome those nature spirits, nature intelligences to step forward. All others, step back.

In the land directly beneath, the footprint of the room, the same. Those nature spirits, nature intelligences that vibrate at what they consider to be their level of unconditional love, welcoming them to step forward.

And the pure energy of nature, the grandmother energy, that quality of energy from which all form, all life comes. The pure energy of nature arising and forming, along with the nature spirits, nature intelligences of the room and the land beneath, a sphere all around the room. Allowing that pure energy of nature to join with the nature spirits, nature intelligences of the room and the land beneath to create a sphere all around that room. And letting that sphere reflect their level of unconditional love. And just take a moment. Just feel and sense the change already, allowing yourself to be supported.

This is a natural connection we all have. Our bodies come from the elements of Earth. We are literally little pieces of Earth, just walking around. So of course, when we ask those elements of Earth, the nature spirits, nature intelligences, and that pure energy of nature, when we ask them to step forward, of course they do. It's like asking a family member to come over. They are part of us. We are part of them. Our bodies feel it. And sometimes, our brains are the very last part of us to understand because this is a very tangible, physically kinesthetic connection that our body has. So, relax and just let your body feel whatever it feels.

Then, into this sphere, we welcome the connection to Archangel Michael, whatever your connection might be. Perhaps you know this energy by a different name. It's a large archetypal energy, and although I say Archangel Michael, it comes in male and female. It is that quality of energy that is neutral, clear, not white, clear light. It is neutral. It is neither black, nor white, simply neutral, clear. Because of Archangel Michael's neutrality, all beings, all energies, all consciousness can look upon Archangel Michael and not feel judged, but feel a sense of welcome. All energies can look upon Archangel Michael and sense within this neutral, clear consciousness that Archangel Michael brings. Within Archangel Michael's consciousness, each being feels welcome.

As we welcome that aspect of Archangel Michael that is naturally connected to each of us, we also welcome Michael in all the different dimensions. Just as we reside, for the moment, in the 3rd dimension, or thereabouts, Archangel Michael resides in all dimensions. Michael's energy can share with us a sensation, an image that lets us know that we are connected indeed to Michael in the other dimensions as well, for our souls also reside in the other dimensions. And in order to open the most profound connection possible to Archangel Michael, we first welcome Michael to descend into the deepest foundation of our shared reality. Sometimes, people will feel a little bit of a pull or a tug down. Sometimes, it's as if there is an upside down pyramid going down from the floor of the room. I just welcome that each of you might experience your unique connection to Archangel Michael. Michael's energies, dropping down into 2nd dimension, into the world of the nature spirits, nature intelligences. And from there, Archangel Michael going down, again, into first dimension, the realm of the pure energy of nature and Michael's energies, there, resting within the pure energy of nature. Our own essence, the drop of each of us residing within The Pure Energy of Nature allows us to have an awareness of Archangel Michael's presence alongside us

The moment we feel and let our bodies respond to the fact that we are indeed sharing reality inside of this first dimension with Archangel Michael, our awareness opens to us all of those upper dimensions. Michael and ourselves also exploring together the upper dimensions, and just letting us have a conscious magnified awareness of Michael's energies moving into the upper dimensions, going up to sun and central sun, moving beyond right and wrong, and anchoring just beyond our reality, which is very polarized, anchoring beyond our reality of polarity. Anchoring there into what some would say is passing through our sun, our solar sun, moving through solar sun, into, again, what some might call central sun.

And as Michael's energies anchor beyond right and wrong, good and bad, anchor just outside of our reality, that neutral quality of energy, that clear energy also creates a tube or an elevator shaft. That elevator shaft or tube is how other energies can go home. Without doing more than simply acknowledging that there is a way, there is a path that beings and energies and consciousness's may move to go to where they need to go to now. Simply honoring that, we can begin to feel a shift in the space around us and in our bodies. All those patterns, all those energies that we've been hanging onto can now depart and they can get to where they themselves need to go now.

Sometimes, we do hang onto energies because we ourselves are not quite ready to turn the corner, make that change, do something different. Other times, we hang onto energies because we have some agreement with them. We have some agreement with them that they came into our life, our body, our space in order to teach us something. Often times, that lesson was learned and there may have been some discomfort about it, but we learned something. Because we asked them to come in and usually the invitation is at a soul level, they haven't left yet because we really have to thank them. And that sense of gratitude that we often feel at the end of a life lesson, that sense of gratitude is how a connection is made between these energies that have taught us something and Archangel Michael.

Even without doing the big invocation of Archangel Michael, just feeling a sense of gratitude and taking the time to feel it; not think it, but feel it allows energies to depart from you. Getting into a feeling that is deeply still and full of thankfulness allows the energies that helped direct you to make certain choices, maintain certain habits so that you could learn a lesson to recognize that their task is done. And with that sense of completion , they may now depart.

3. Tips for Driving Your Race Car (or are you watching from the bleachers?)

How to more easily engage with the energies of this moment


from Norma's Hathor guide Atamira

Even if you don't know why, it is perfectly normal to feel a sense of gratitude, and perhaps even tears of relief during the healing process. All that you are as a soul and who you are as an incarnate being drew to yourself patterns to explore and learn from in this lifetime. And many of these patterns are no longer needful. Likewise, the guides and angels that assisted you to follow the promptings of your soul have completed their task. You have learned so much in this lifetime and your soul, that portion of your soul, right here, right now, knows best what the next explorations will be.

Certainly at this time in the planet, there is a unique opportunity for those of us in form to explore things that simply will not be available to us again. And despite how our human capacities look upon the chaos and the violence that results from our current explorations, our soul looks upon all these things as opportunities.

This point in time and previous cycles of time have a metaphor in your reality. It is somewhat like the type of gas you put in a car. The more powerful the gas is, the more the chance is that you're driving a racing car. So, while those of you who feel into your human side, your human side might say, you know, the VW Beetle is just fine. Max speed, 60 mph, okay&emdash;the ones I (Norma) grew up with&emdash;that's just fine. Another soul on the other hand says, wow, look at the possibilities. Let's go for that 300 mph, potential. Let's get something that on a straight away can really moves!

This soul sees possibilities. The soul says, wow, I haven't explored this yet. I haven't a sense yet of what happens when I can drive so fast…and so the soul looks out and begins to create a lifetime with (from the soul's vantage point) spectacular possibilities of new experiences). So some souls decide that they want to drive that 300 mph racing car on a straight away. Other souls say, I think we'll be in the grand stand. I think we'll be the observers. I think we'll be the ones standing still, observing. (This is equivalent to holding a sacred space in healing. )


From Norma:

For those of us that are standing still and holding space, for those that are feeling that sense of deep stillness, know that we are simply the observers; the witnesses to those souls that are taking advantage of the incredible power that is available on the planet right now. It seems counterintuitive to say that as we simply hold space with neutrality, without judging how souls are using the power available to them, that we actually support a smoother ride for all of us. But this is what I sense to be true. When we try to help other souls adjust their course, that's when their car speeding at 300 mph hits a bump and turns over. Our interference is causing more bumps on the road. We cannot know the choices that their souls are making. We cannot adjust their course. Being able to stand in our own neutrality and simply witnessing means less bumps for those that are choosing to drive their car very fast.


*us refers to both humans as well as guides and angels. All beings are witnessing this unfolding of events.


This is, of course, a very simple metaphor for all that is passing on the Earth right now.

Let's return back to our individual life. Whatever our own issues are within our own lives, it is the equivalent of us driving our car at 300 mph. Whatever our issue is, it creates chaos and disturbance within our life. Many of us share similar issues, and there is a natural resonation among these similar issues. Therefore as any one of us resolves our version of the issue, others resonating with that similar issue feel, sense, or comprehend in some way that there is indeed a resolution. A message travels out on the spiritual ethers like a bell ringing at dawn: someone changed this pattern, and you can do it too. In this way we allow that what we do might also be gently offered as a gift to all in the world who are facing the same issue.

Again, just bringing to mind whatever it is that you feel is before you right now. And just asking internally what one lesson are you learning from this particular issue. And how can you allow the learning that you're doing to move tangibly into your life now? What does it mean in day to day terms?



4. Why Energies Release (and why sometimes they don't)

Sometimes, the information comes in a few words, in a quick image, or simply in the body feeling different, a deep sigh, a tingle. All of these are ways that our body, our consciousness processes information. Continuing to allow that information from Spirit to process through your body, letting it be your experience, letting it be your experience of change. How does your physical body want to feel now? Where are you now? Is all of you truly present, here and now? What an odd question. Of course, you are, but I'm betting that you are sensing that no, there's parts of you that really aren't here and now. So, those portions of you, however you feel them, sense them, those portions of you that are no longer vibrantly engaged with your body have absolute permission to be on their own journey now, to travel to wherever it is that they need to go to now. Knowing that these pieces, these energies were absolutely serving you at one point in time. But now, they have a different journey, unique and apart from your body. Again, they can move through Archangel Michael, through that clear, clear light of neutrality. They can go to wherever they need to go to now, recognizing that there is a consciousness within them that will lead them to where they need to go. We do not need to do anything but truly honor that there is a consciousness within other energies that will lead them and guide them on. As we have a sense of gratitude, compassion, it lets them know that yes, we are finally ready to let them go. And there is indeed a connection into Archangel Michael's energies that they can make.

Sometimes, it's difficult to explain things in a 3D manner that exists so far outside of 3D. It's not like we're building a roadway between them and Archangel Michael, and it's not necessarily as if they've been appended to our bodies, like little pieces of fiber or clothing. It's simply that the vibration that they live at is no longer the vibration that we live at. So, that idea of transmutation comes in here. At one time, we vibrated the same as they, and now, their vibration and our vibration is distinct, different. Their vibration is perfect for what they are, and we honor that their consciousness recognizes this and will simply transport them into a world where their vibration can be of service and into a world where that service that they offer will continue to help them grow, change, evolve, move on their path, whatever that might be.


5. What if 'sin' meant something that impedes evolution and change?

One of the ways of defining sin in our culture is by bad things, and yet, the reality is something bad is merely out of place. So another way of defining sin is by a lack of change. What if sin were defined as hindering or impeding evolution? What if sin were considered stopping or holding someone or something back from changing and growing in the way that their consciousness truly wanted them to grow? With this understanding, we give permission for all those energies, consciousness's, beings, even guides and angels that have helped us, even those guides and angels that have helped us in the past, all beings, all energies that have completed their service to us, we thank them and release them on to wherever it is that they need to be now. Sometimes, it's simple things like guides from clients or friends that we were offering counsel to. Sometimes, it's more complicated things like guides and angels that helped us grow up in a culture, in a society, in a family that had rules, that as children we needed to follow in order to be safe.

Gently, thanking and releasing all those, all those guides and angels, all those beings and consciousness's that helped us grow and grow safely within the container of family and society that may not have vibrated with who we truly are. These guides and angels helped us mitigate the energies external to ourselves with the energetic promptings that we felt internal to ourselves. There may be many, many layers of this particular release. There is no hurry. There is always later and tomorrow and tomorrow.

6. Patience allows the full potential of a Healing to be revealed.

Let the body release the layer and level that it is recognizing now, that it can and is able to release. Patience is often touted as a virtue, and I would say that patience within healing brings a much deeper potential. Trying to push everything out the door that suddenly feels uncomfortable won't really work. Recognizing that there may continue to be some unease, some discomfort simply acknowledges, hmm, there's a few more ah-ha's to download, or hmm, maybe there's just a little bit more that my body needs to assimilate of the new pattern so that just like our baby teeth are pushed out by the adult teeth, the old pattern is released as that new pattern fully comes into our lives, into our bodies, into bloom.

Turning focus to who you are now, your body, that portion, that chosen portion of your soul that is incarnating right now, that has agreement to be in your body&emdash;what I tend to call that portion of your soul legally incarnating, that portion of your soul that has its agreement to be fully engaged with your body, right here, right now, in this moment, in this reality. That portion of your soul knows what fits, what doesn't fit, and it knows the choices that it wants to make now. Just allowing that portion of your soul, right now, to more fully engage with your physical body. Just allowing that portion of your soul that your body has chosen to be supported by to come through your body now, letting that portion of your soul that your body desires to come through every cell of the body, every cell of your body, to come through every bit of space between the atoms, and even within the atoms. All that space between what we think of as solid bits of ourselves, all that space inside the atoms and between the atoms, that's where the soul resides.

And feeling down in the low body, down into the pelvis, feeling that first chakra, the ovaries, the testicles&emdash;how is it that your soul, right now, is present? How is it that your body, your ovaries, your testicles, your first chakra, your low body, how does this portion of your low body want to be supported right now? Let all those energies that reflect your soul legally incarnating into your body. How does your legally incarnating soul come through your ovaries, your pelvis, your first chakra, your testicles? How does your soul come through this area of your body, joining with and embracing your body to create all those energies that nourish your body, that reflect that unique quality of who you are?

Just breathing from your low body, just that natural, natural sized breath&emdash;let it very slowly begin to arise, to start from your low body. Let the origin of the breath be from the pelvis, from the low back, and as you breathe, any tension that you encounter, ask if it's really in tune now. Is it really yours now? Is it really in tune with your body now? Is it really in tune with your male, your female, whatever gender you identify as, body now? Is it truly in tune with your body now?


7. Releasing Guides and Angels that supported old habits, previous choices.

And continuing to release whatever it is that is no longer in tune with your body or soul. Just allowing all that your body is ready to release now to be released with thanks and gratitude. Letting these patterns of energy move to wherever they need to be, to wherever they need to go to, knowing that the habits, the choices that they have been supporting are also releasing, and it is now up to us to recognize when we make a choice that is no longer supported energetically by our soul&emdash;that it has simply now become a habit. It feels empty, it feels unsupported, it feels not quite us anymore. So, here's the difference between a choice that our soul is making and a choice the personality naturally makes, that rut that becomes habit.


8. How to help anchor new ways of being into your life

So, as you go about your life, particularly in the next hours and days, recognize when you do something out of the habit of personality versus out of the choice of the soul. These things are often first noticed in the most mundane fashion. Oh, I always wear this color on this day. Or, oh, I always associate having to eat this particular food when I feel this particular way. Recognize and simply be more present each time you're making a small choice.

We tune in one last time. We tune in one last time to Archangel Michael, to that quality of Michael present, and we ask for one last sense. What is that message that that still quality within our hearts might decipher while consciously within that magnified connection to the neutrality available within Archangel Michael. As we have become quieter, more neutral to the chaos in the world and perhaps, in our lives, what message might we be able to discern now?



9. Thanking and Releasing Archangel Michael and the Nature Spirit Sphere

And gently, bringing your awareness back as we begin to thank and release all those beings and conscious connections that have supported us in this meditation, starting with Archangel Michael, that aspect of Michael present in the upper dimensions, much like that upright pyramid from the ceiling of the room. We thank and release the conscious magnified connection to Archangel Michael now. Letting that connection to Michael simply dissolve. In reality, we are always connected. We're simply releasing the magnification of this conscious connection to Michael now, so that we might go about our daily deeds in the vibration that is more suitable for our world. So, releasing the conscious, magnified connection to Archangel Michael in the upper dimensions. That uppermost pyramid often just seems to dissolve or crumble. And releasing Michael as well, from the conscious magnified connection into the Earth. Releasing Michael, that conscious magnified connection to Michael from second dimension and first dimension. That upside down pyramid from the floor of the room going down also simply dissolves.

The third dimensional connection that our bodies have, that our spirit has to Archangel Michael always, always remains. It always remains at a slightly more conscious level than the other dimensions do, but that aspect of Michael that is truly yours, that truly relates to your body now continues to relate, simply stepping back into whatever connection is natural, is normal for you in your waking state. And releasing the rest of the conscious magnified connection to Archangel Michael.

The sphere around the room that has been so helpful for creating sacred space, thank you so much to all the elements of the sphere around the room. We start with the uppermost portion of the sphere, which has been held near the ceiling of the room by that pure energy of nature, that grandmother energy that creates all form. Letting it clear and cleanse the upper portion of the room, the upper portion of the sphere, any other guides, angels, energies that came in, that entered through the pure energy of nature. We thank and release them for their service now. And we thank and release the pure energy of nature from holding the uppermost portion of the sphere about the room, and we release our conscious connection to the pure energy of nature with this gratitude.

In the room itself, the nature spirits, nature intelligences all about the room, those at their level of unconditional love that have been holding the sphere all about the room, we thank them so much, letting them clear and cleanse themselves, clear and cleanse the room, clear and cleanse the sphere, anything that is no longer in tune with us that we're ready to release. All these energies, the nature spirits, nature intelligences of the room can gently escort to wherever the energies need to go to now.

This is a whole other level of clearing and cleansing that we'll get into another time. For right now, trust those nature spirits, nature intelligences can do what it is that they know how to do and escort the energies to wherever these energies need to go to. We thank them so much for their service and we release them from holding the sphere, as we release our conscious connection to them, letting them step back into relation to the room and to us in whatever way is appropriate now.

And the land beneath, the footprint of the room, the land beneath, the nature spirits, nature intelligences, the same. Those that vibrate at what they consider to be their level of unconditional love, we thank them so much, letting them clear and cleanse, again, any energies that are no longer needful. Letting them escort these energies to wherever the energies need to go, thanking and releasing them, the nature spirits, nature intelligences of the land beneath. Releasing them from holding the sphere and releasing our conscious connection to them. And just releasing all that they have been holding in terms of the sphere.

And thanking and releasing any guides or angels that naturally came in to support this particular healing process. We may continue the relationship with them in a normal waking state, reunite in a meditative state, or in dream state, whatever is best so that your body, your soul may continue to function in a normal, awake, day to day state now. Thanking and releasing the conscious connection to them.


10. Final Thoughts

And so, we've come to the conclusion of another meditation. As part of that conclusion, I also want to thank and release my conscious connection to each of you, and to any of the guardian angels that have been present. I would allow each of your guardian angels to receive back to you all the energies that are truly yours, and I would receive from you all of my own personal energies back. I thank each of you for your participation and I am so glad to hear from any of you via e-mail, at a later point in time. Let yourself simply, for now, rest. Feel the spaciousness. Feel the spaciousness that is now within your body. Notice the stillness of the space all around you. Let yourself carry forward and make the choices that seem most appropriate to maintain the journey of your soul now.

-Norma Gentile