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How to Use these Meditations
It is best to plan on lying down and resting deeply as you listen. Do not listen to these meditations while driving or engaging with other activities. The general pattern of these Meditations is to begin with an invocation of Sacred Space followed by a bit of information. Then we weave in and out of gentle meditative states. Your guides and angels will work with you during these meditative states and for several days after.

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Meditation #39 from July 22, 2013

Grounding into Spirit
How to connect with those guides and Angels within the Earth and lower dimensions that support you.


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This meditation includes many healing songs. More of these songs, along with videos, can be found under Sound Healings or Recordings.

- Nature Spirits and Nature Intelligences is a term and awareness from the work of
Michaelle Wright

- Recorded on July 21, 2013 at
Corinthians Spiritual Center

A flow of spoken insights and healing songs from Spirit. Archangel Michael and the Hathors worked through me to create this experience of healing in words and songs. It includes many healing songs, improvised through me from Spirit.

1 As Above, So Below
What if all of the Angels existed not just in heaven but also within the Earth below us?
2 Three Healing Songs from Spirit
3 A new consideration of Grounding
What if we could connect into our Earthly Soul, just like we connect into our Heavenly Soul? How would this feel in our body?
4 Healing Song with two Tibetan singing bowls
(thanks to Amy Koch for playing with me)
5 Where is that aspect of Archangel Michael from within the Earth that is already connected to you?
An open Q&A brought some new insights on:
6 The Pure Energy of Nature and the First Dimension
An explanation of the terms and a demonstration meditation of their energies and uses in our capacity as Creator Beings
7 Notes on the arrival of the Sacred Masculine
8 Healing with Sound and Spiritual Energies
9 Closing Healing Song
What one thing does your Angel or Higher Self wish to communicate to you now? Then thanking and releasing the conscious magnified connection to them.
10 Release out of Sacred Space1 As Above, So Below

Our bodies are already and always tethered into the Earth. While we think of angels as beings of the higher realms or dimensions, they exist within the Earth and beneath us as well. In fact, the saying 'As above, so below' might very well refer to the lower dimensions containing and mirroring the same guides and angels as the more familiar upper dimensions contain. In my experience Archangel Michael exists within the first and second dimension just as much as in our third dimension and the upper dimensions.

Here are a series of spoken insights interspersed with improvised healing songs. Informally recorded (on an iPhone) the audio quality has been edited and enhanced, but alas, it is what it is. My sense is that while some words are not easily audible, the impulse of Spirit within both the songs and the words will awaken within each listener their own unique connection to Archangel Michael and other supportive guides and angels from within the lower dimensions. As I point out in the talk, when we consciously acknowledge and honor our innate connection to those aspects of our guides or angels within the lower dimensions, we have an even stronger connection to them in the more familiar upper dimensions.