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Meditation #32 from February 5, 2012

Your Unique Frequency
How your Soul and Body create your Life's Journey.

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  *includes the sound healing "Loving Tenderness abounds for All (Caritas abundat", from Norma's newly re-released album Healing Chants (vol 1) Hildegard of Bingen,

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Why some Energies look Dark to us

When we see something on a psychic or energy level as being the color brown or black or simply dark, it is a way that most of us have of knowing that an energy is not in tune with our body and is not healthy for us to engage with. As it leaves, it need not change color, because it is still not good for you. We perceive it as a dark color only because our own instincts know that it is not healthy for us. Allow it then to be whatever color that it is. You do not need to change it. Let it be on its own evolutionary journey. Let it choose any changes for itself.

And that frees you up even more, because those energies all around you that aren't in tune with you anymore recognize that they don't have to change before they can leave. And you recognize that you don't have to change them before they can leave. It is not up to you to do anything with them except recognize what is no longer in tune with you and release it onto its own journey.

Our ability to vibrate at distinct frequencies, such as compassion and gratitude, or hatred and prejudice, allows us to be transmitters, sending these emotional frequencies out into the collective human consciousness. We are also radios, listening in on what others are sharing of their own experience into the collective consciousness. It seems so simple, but this rule of resonance is growing ever more important in our newly emerging world based on energies.

Here are meditations to help you navigate the many radio stations being broadcast around you, both of love and of turmoil. Learn to feel what isn't yours and "tune it out", while listening inside of yourself to your own unique frequency of love and compassion. Magnifying this in your life and in your world is a spiritual service that your body offers to All of Creation.



1. Introduction

2 Invocation of Sacred Space &endash; Why I do this

My goal in healings and these meditations is that my guides and your guides work together. When I take the time to invoke the Nature Sphere and Archangel Michael, it is much more likely that your own guides will share with you an additional story and complimentary ideas as I speak. If the words I'm using aren't quit what you need to hear, your guides can give you a memory, an image, a symbol or an idea that is more suitable for your life and what is going on with you right now.

Inviting that aspect of Archangel Michael that is always and already supporting you in your journey and the elements of Nature to create Sacred Space will magnify your healing process.

3 Why we Resist Releasing Thoughts, Emotions, Behaviors
Sometimes we resist releasing energies that surround us, largely out of habit. We have become accustomed to feeling the equivalent of pillows all around us, or many winter overcoats layered upon us. It can feel scary to let go of the Angels, guides or energies that have been with us for so long. And yet as we release them we are able to stand up straighter, and are more apt to hear the guides and Angels that are truly a part of our life's journey right now.

4 Defining Your Soul, here and now
That portion of your soul incarnating into your body now has a different vibration than the portion of your soul that looked down and decided to incarnate within your mother's womb. Who you were when you were born is not who we are now. Everything is changing, even the planet. Would your soul not want to take advantage of these new opportunities?


5 Meditation: Releasing energies no longer active in your life.
When a portion of our soul completes a task, or decides that the task cannot be completed in this lifetime, that portion of our soul leaves.

Here is a meditation to allow the guides and angels whose tasks have come to completion with us to ease out of our space. This applies to any being or energy who has helped us in the past. We need to especially consider those time in our lives when the cycle did not have the outcome we wanted, or if the situation seems to have not quite completed itself. In these instances we are most apt to override the natural flow, and try to hold onto those guides and angels who supported us during this time. We do this believing that the situation needs to resolve differently.

By releasing from all around our body those guides and angels that supported us through difficult situations, we are also releasing our mental constructs that say "this is wrong" or "the outcome was wrong".

As long as we label something as "wrong", we also keep the energies related to it such as ourselves, our guides and our angels from continuing their own cycles of evolution.

 7 You are a Radio Station (and a transmitting tower)

Each of us has a unique vibration. As our consciousness shifts, the vibration that our body holds shifts as well. The quality of consciousness that we hold is like a little radio tower emitting our frequency. And, we can hear the frequencies broadcast by others as well. Spiritual Emotions of love, gratitude or compassion move into the collective consciousness of humanity and become available to each person incarnating now. We can also learn to "tune away" from some frequencies that broadcast other emotions.

 Even if we do not interact with our external physical world, by meditation and feeling compassion, stillness, and gratitude within our bodies, we generate these same qualities. And they become more available, louder, within our shared consciousness of humanity.


8 Meditation &endash; Your Unique Frequency of Compassion

As you allow your body to vibrate with your unique frequency of compassion this vibration moves out into the space physically around you, and then out into that shared collective consciousness. Now it becomes available for others to listen to, in those moments when they may have forgotten that they too have the ability to express compassion. Your frequency of compassion is close enough to their own that their body begins to tingle and resonate a reminder from inside. Or perhaps you may forget, and it is someone else, sitting in meditation, who helps you remember your own unique frequency of compassion.

9 Caritas Abundat in Omnia (Loving Tenderness Abounds for All) from Norma's album Healing Chants (vol 1) Hildegard of Bingen
(and continued Compassion Meditation)

10 Final Clearing and Release of Your Angels and Sacred Space

Thanking and releasing your conscious magnified connection with Nature and your personal support system of guides and angels.

 When we release guides and angels from the past we free up the space around us for those guides and angels that are working with us right now. They have more elbowroom for themselves and don't have to yell at us from several rows back.

 Oftentimes when we feel like we have lost connection it is because we have too many guides and angels around us that we have called in. Our current time guides and angels are at the back of the pack, waving and yelling at us, trying to get our attention over the heads and voices of years and years of old guides and angels, most of whom have completed their tasks with us already.