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Meditation CD #30 from September 8,,2011

Resting Deeply
How your body receives grounding within the changing electromagnetic field of Earth.

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  *includes the sound healing "Gentle Remembrance" with Native American Flute player Lenore Wiand. Her album "Ancient Spirits" is available at and iTunes under her recording name of Aluna.

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1. Introduction
2 Confusion and Fear signal lack of grounding into body
3 Invoking Sacred Space
4 Polarity: we are both sides of the same coin
We are both Individuals existing within the skin of our body, as well as Beings capable of connecting into All That Is.
5 Meditation: What our energies feel like to us
What other energies feel like to us
6 How do your ovaries / testicles want to relate to your soul and the Earth?
7 Sound Healing: Gentle Remembrance
with Lenore Wiand, Native American Flute
8 Navel Chakra Empowerment
9 Releasing Sacred Space
10 Gaia and Earth and Us
We are all changing, and so we must remember to listen to each other in order to dance together easily
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As we have changed in consciousness, so too Gaia's consciousness and therefore the Earth has changed. The electromagnetic field of the Earth is constantly shifting and changing. More so now. This meditation is one way of helping our own electromagnetic field (our aura) listen and respond to the changes in the Earth's electromagnetic field and the consciousness of Gaia.

Here is a meditation inviting your body to remember its innate connection to your soul. Deeply relaxing, this meditation includes segments of releasing energies within your body and your aura. By inviting those energies that match your soul from within the lower dimensions to reestablish their natural connection to you, a fluid and ongoing energetic dialogue is created between your soul, your body, and the Earth. This is a new style of grounding which serves us well as we move into a new era of consciousness.

Our Western culture has cultivated such a dependence on our heads and our ability to think that it has also cultivated a disconnection with our bodies. We have ended up with lovely bodies that walk our heads around. Fear has become an intrinsic way of life. It has become our daily companion. This is because we as humans can not access our own body's knowing and telepathic experience of the world which lies within our navel chakra and within our enteric nervous system.

As we recover this lost skill, we will get better at feeling what is and isn't actually a danger to our body. As this happens, our level of fear decreases.


My guides during this meditation included Thoth, Shesat, Mary and Archangel Michael.