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Meditation CD #11 from October 14, 2008 Full Moon
not Heaving,
into Transition

Meditations and Teachings from Mary, the Ascended Masters, Thoth and Shesat, through Norma Gentile
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These meditations help ease the old energies to where ever they can move onto, and make space for the new energies to enter. The more the old consciousness is bashed about and treated as if it is being thrown out with the trash, the more violent the change is for our physical reality. If we can find a space within ourselves to recognize the value of the old consciousness in getting us to see and clarify who we are becoming, we can more easily make the transition ourselves. Hating anyone or anything only reveals the violence within ourselves.

1 Introduction (3:27)
2 Reflection vs. Reaction in Moments of Crisis (11:03)
We are learning how to be steady in the midst of chaos. As we deepen our ability to find within ourselves a calm center, we offer that same security and connection to those around us. Beyond holding steady in moments of crisis, this let's us also learn about our own process of ascension.

3 Creating A Divine Feminine Sphere (3:45)
By creating Sacred Space we create a container in which our body reflects and resonates with Nature and Spirit. In so doing, our conscious connection to Spirit and Nature is magnified. Whatever connections you have and healing changes that you make in this state will resonate out to others.

4 Using this Nature Sphere to find Balance amid Chaos (6:55)
When the outer world seems chaotic frantic and scary, this connection to Nature, Nature Spirits and Nature Intelligences can be something you remind yourself of. You can come back to them. You can feel the support they offer and know that this is the foundation of our world.

5 Invoking Your Connection to Michael Michaella (3:55)

6 Exhaling Chaos into Spirit - Cleansing Mediation from Mary (8:00)
As that unique mix of Spirit and human you have the ability to project your internal dynamics into your external world. You do this frequently without quite realizing this when you project onto another person your own anger, shortness of temper, prejudice or lack of understanding. Now we offer you the possibility to do this not out of a lack, but rather out of abundance. Allow that sense of ease and quiet that is existing within you, to also exist external to yourself

7 Chaos and Stability &endash; A Teaching from Thoth, Shesat and the Ascended Masters (9:07)
When we hang onto energies, ideas and beliefs or systems that no longer serve us we create chaos. The more deeply we move into silence, the more keenly we are aware of what is chaotic. So too this is what is happening in the larger world.

8 A Centering Meditation and Song from Mary (4:58)
As each of you stands within your own core, breathing and knowing yourself as your own unique vibration of Spirit, you carry this remembrance with you at all times. Standing next to someone in fear, will spark their own remembrance.

9 Releasing Michael and Mary, Nature and the Sphere (4:35)

Total Time: 57:15