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1 October 2000

To Whom It May Concern:

It is my pleasure to recommend to you Norma Gentile and her work.

The concert of music by Hildegard, in the candlelight space of a neighboring chapel, was both beautiful and inspiring. Through her singing talent and her own presence, Norma brought to life the spiritual depth of Hildegard for our experiencing that evening. On some chants she invited the 'audience' to add drones to accompany her. Thus, the evening became even less a performance concert and more a meditative communion.

Then at the workshop in our sanctuary the next afternoon, Norma shared her spiritual and musical experience with us. Her lessons were useful both to singer and non-musicians alike. Simple vocal techniques and meditation devices enhanced our awareness of our bodies as media of self-expression. Singers learned how to gently use the whole body as the instrument, and everyone learned ways to be more fully authentic through our physical nature.

Beyond the concert and workshop, it was enjoyable to work with Norma in planning, preparations, and presentation. Her gentle strength of character demonstrates her own deep spiritual life, and by examples, speaks as clearly as her music and her words.

We at Grace St Paul's look forward to her return soon for another concert in Tucson and additional workshops.