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mid-September 2008 email Newsletter
The New Face of Prosperity
Moving through Fear and Finances
posted September 17, 2008


Dear Friends,

As I write, I am facing the same wall of financial energies that many are facing. Even those not directly impacted by the news from Wall Street or the resulting stress in personal finances are feeling the fear of many people. Given the financial news this week, along with the emails and phone calls I received today, I wanted to share some of what my guides have given me over the past year regarding finances and the newly emerging role of Spirit in money. This transition in our corporate and financial world reflects humanity's continued growth toward Unity Consciousness.

About a year ago I did an hour-long series of meditations on finances and Spirit subsequently entitled Healthy Wealth. Two of my guides, Thoth and Shesat, provided the insight that "We are being called to totally undo everything that's been built with a hierarchical format, everything that has been built without a sense of true heart.

"And as these things unwind themselves, what takes their place are what appears to be structures to us, but formations truly built on relationships of the heart, relationships of person-to-person, friendships and truer relationships one to another, even with co-workers… And part of this working together, this listening together of head and heart, is what this next two-year cycle is about."

A bit later in the series of meditations this information came:

"With things shifting so quickly in the external world, the news becoming more and more large and loud and impactful, it feels as if our feet are not just on two glaciers that are separating, but perhaps we're actually standing on eight or 16 little pieces of ice that are all separating out in different directions simultaneously. And the trick is not to try to hold all 16 pieces of ice together! But rather to look for which piece of ice our heart and soul points out to us.

"Because of these loud external circumstances, it becomes harder to choose while not in a state of fear or panic. Chances are fear is indicating that you've lost your connection to the pure energy of Nature, you have lost your connection to the Earth. You've lost some portion of your grounding. Meanwhile energy is pouring through from Spirit, and it has no way to move through your body into the Earth. So it simply bubbles around in your body, mind and emotions. We experience this as fear, panic, and a general sense of chaos. Simply knowing this allows you to open a deeper and trustworthy connection to Earth, Nature, and your own guides and angels."

Healthy Wealth, from which this was excerpted, is available as a CD. It contains meditations for grounding and healing personal finances as well as information such as what I shared above. It is available on my website at the AudioClass page.)

And from my Hathor guide, Atamira:

You as a race are moving into prosperity. While it may not seem that way at the moment, you are in the process of releasing that which no longer serves your financial world, which is indeed the underpinning of your society.

It is the motion of the Divine Feminine arising from within your business world that is disintegrating your corporations from their foundations. Fear not, or at least a little bit less, as their dismantling is nearly complete. This motion has been underway for several decades. You have simply not noticed it until now.
As each of you feels and receives the opportunities of this time, all others will share in it as well.


And a note that came just now from Archangel Michael:

Fear separates you from All That Is. Loves binds you to all those around you, and to All That Is. Choose one expression, and you choose the resulting influence in your life.

May each who reads this find blessings in their life,
-Norma Gentile

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