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mid-September 2003 Email Newsletter

a new meditation premiering this weekend

Dear Friends, due the recent cleansing/clearing, (some of which is ongoing in our bodies and hearts), I believe that we are ready for a deeper step in our process to use sound in a way that magnifies our own power as creators. Energies are arising from within the Earth seeking to move through our bodies and out into Creation. This meditation may be a part of this release process.

Creation Meditation (an extended time of intentional chant)

This meditation unites the energy of Nature, that which creates all form, including Earth and our bodies, with the energy of the Blessed Father, Spirit.

When the energies of the heart are linked both upward from the root chakra and downward to the navel, the desires of the heart are heard by the body. The body then resonates this desire to the outer world, drawing it to the physical body.

Using breath and tone, we will energize the central channel and prana lying along the spine. These channels are often referred to as carrying Kundalini, an aspect of the life force for the physical body.

Traditionally there were 2 snakes-like channels curving around a central channel. Recently an additional set of serpentine channels has become available to us. Gently, and with care, we allow these five natural pathways of Kundalini to come into our awareness. With intention, we allow this energy to open the channels between our root chakra and heart. Here is our ability to create manifested in our bodies. This is a sacred gift, a sacred power we each may use.

Placing our awareness in our hearts, we drop this awareness down, joining it with our navel. This is done in deep silence and stillness. The sensation is one of being so still that breath nearly ceases.

In this timeless space spirit touches our minds, and the thoughts that are evoked tune the kundalini. This type of thought arises from spirit, as spirit's will, not our own will. Our body responds to the impulse of spirit and creates thought, then form.

The body never lies. For this reason the thoughts created by spirit in the mind, according to the heart's desire, echo into the body. The body then tunes the outer world accordingly.

The cleansing we have experienced recently, the physical and emotional pain, have prepared us for this new ability as cocreators with the earth, and all those that dwell upon and within her.

I welcome all who feel drawn to join me on Saturday for this meditation, or in private healings on Sunday and Monday in Toronto.

-Norma Gentile
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