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August-early September 2002 email Newsletter

(opening the stargates of our hearts)

Dear Friends,

The past day has been quite intense, and I've been sharing and hearing the same from others. I received information that may be useful, especially as it relates to emotions and the energy portals or stargates that are open until early Sunday morning (August 25). This information may be applied to similar energy openings planned during the next year.

These portals are being experienced in different manners. Our emotional energies are the power that is opening them. In the midst of deep emotions of any sort we have the potential to experience ourselves in other realities. In these moments we are seeing beyond the threshold of our linear world. We are seeing non-linear reality, or multidimensional reality.

As a planet we are not ready to integrate the other realities. Some may be anticipating this integration and experience a sense of deep fear, physical pain, mental panic and dizziness, or foreboding. Remember that fear is our body leaning forward into the portal, experiencing these realities, and saying 'but we aren't ready yet!" And we as a planet are not! So we will close these portals, for the moment, by early Sunday morning.

Meanwhile, we can take advantage of the experiences that are offered to us. For myself, I feel as if I'm at a party, surrounded by people in various conversations, but I can't quite hear what is being discussed. At moments of deep emotion they become clearer.

I believe that each conversation is a reality. Which one am I listening to? That is the reality then that I chose to live out regarding a certain issue in my life.

To approach this from an astrological standpoint, consider the planets as representing ideals or archetypes. The sun is currently in Virgo (the Virgin, one who is whole or complete within themselves). Jupiter, (the King) will be in Leo (the Lion Heart or Pure Heart) for the next year.

In this way the energy of the King magnifies the energies that we associate with the Pure Heart. Bringing out emotions, which are merely another form of power, we have the choice of birthing the dark or the brilliant King within each of our hearts. The Pure Heart (Leo) lies within the true King (Jupiter) and opens the portals or rivers of energy via our emotions. As we express our emotions truly, we open our hearts, literally, to the river of consciousness that connects us to the spiritual universe.

These past few days and upcoming weekend are a prelude to this coming year. At moments I have felt that the world was collapsing. No more than twenty minutes later I feel a joy that travels through my entire body. Which reality am I choosing? Whichever beliefs I am associating as my own.

One friend described a sense of fear that seems omnipresent. When we began to explore this, it became clear that she is aware of the conversations around her, and is anticipating being able to hear and participate in all of these realities. While her consciousness is there, her physical form knows it is not yet time, and so the fear is an appropriate warning to look, but not enter (yet).

From Atamira and Amano:
Your body is your physical form in this life to manifest male and female energies of a sacred nature into this earth. You do that on a daily basis. Whenever you step back from a situation and do not engage, you are withholding the blessing your body would bring.

Your body is designed to experience your emotions. Your body will not suffer if it feels your own emotion. The body physically only suffers when it is experiencing the emotions of another that you are attempting to process. Your own emotions will not damage your body.

There may be some chemical changes as you undergo emotional shifts. There will be chemical changes as you step into your spiritual being. The medical problems we've heard about arise from your trying to process another's emotions through your bodies.

You each have a unique energetic frequency for your body, as well as your emotions. It is therefore impossible for anyone to process another person's emotions. When you 'take on' another's emotions, the energy lies in your energy field and eventually works its way out through your physical body. The emotional energy of another then literally comes into your body as a chemical imbalance.

Your own emotions naturally flow through and are processed. Your bodies are wired to handle that much and be fine with it. So there is no need to hold emotions at bay. You can each feel what you are feeling. Your bodies can handle your fear, anger, even rage. Each of your bodies can handle the strength and power that exists as the core of these emotions.

Emotional energies are the engine for this transformation. As you feel, really feel emotions in your body that energy becomes the river upon which your true King enters in.

Emotions open the heart, and in the heart lays the holographic universe. The stargates do not open in the space beyond your planet, they open in each of your hearts. This is happening first in your hearts. Will your bodies follow? Yes, in time.

Blessings, and peace, to all

-Norma Gentile

(with much support from Atamira and Amano)


FALLS CHURCH (near Washington, DC)
Friday, September 6 at 8pm
(repeated in Ann Arbor Oct 12, Toronto Nov 2,see below)

This evening is dedicated to the fulfillment of peace, within and without

Surrounded by the sacredness of silence, Norma's voice is accompanied by Tibetan Singing Bowls and overtone chant from those present blending their voices with hers. Using the medieval chants of Hildegard von Bingen, Norma will 'lay' healing energies into the music and invite healing angels to embrace each one present. As an audience member you are invited to relax, close your eyes, meditate, or hum gently on some of the chants. These healing chants invoke both the Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine within each of us, drawing out whichever is most needful for our own journey.

Tickets $10 available at the door and in advance from:
Celebration Center of Religious Science
2840 Graham Rd, Falls Church, VA 22042, phone 703-560-2030

FALLS CHURCH (near Washington, DC)

Saturday, September 7 from 2-6pm Healing through the Heart - a SEMINAR FOR HEALERS / INTUITIVE/ MESSAGE GIVERS on channeling and Connection with Angelic Guides

--------Yes, those present will get a chance to practice and utilize this technique during the workshop-------

$45 by September 1st, $50 thereafter. To Register in advance send $45 to Healing Chants, PO Box 971020 Ypsilanti, MI 48197 (Same location and registration info as concert the night before)

FALLS CHURCH, VA (near Washington DC)

Sunday and Monday, September 8 and 9,
HEALING SESSIONS (2 or 4 hands)
734-330-3997 or email if you wish to schedule a session.



Saturday, September 14 from 2-5pm
Healing through the Heart - a SEMINAR FOR HEALERS / INTUITIVE/ MESSAGE GIVERS on channeling and Connection with Angelic Guides

-----------Yes, those present will get a chance to practice and utilize this technique during the workshop-------

$35 by September 7th, $40 thereafter.

To Register send $35 to Healing Chants, PO Box 971020 Ypsilanti, MI 48197 or call 734-330-3997. This seminar takes place at From Within Health Center.


Saturday, September 28 from 2-6pm

Healing through the Heart - a SEMINAR FOR HEALERS / INTUITIVE/ MESSAGE GIVERS on channeling and Connection with Angelic Guides

--------Yes, those present will get a chance to practice and utilize this technique during the workshop-------

$45 by September 14th, $50 thereafter.

Call Bethany at 440-449-2817 or
Sunday, Monday, September 29-30,
HEALING SESSIONS (2 or 4 hands)
440-449-2817 or revderricott@prodigy ___________________________________________
Saturday, October 12 at 8pm
Temple Beth Emeth/ St. Clare's Episcopal Church
2309 Packard (just south of Stadium)
Tickets $15 at the door and in advance from Healing Chants, PO Box 971020, Ypsilanti, MI 48197.


Saturday, October 26 at 8pm
Tickets available at the door and in advance from:
StarLight Events 416-873-1514 or

Saturday, November 2 from 1-6pm
416-873-1514 or
Cost: $89 +GST before Oct 15, $99 + GST after

Monday-Wednesday, November 4-6
Brigitte at 416-873-1514 or to schedule a session




Chicago concert January 12
Ann Arbor Art Museum Concert Feb 6
Cleveland Concert March 7
Cleveland Chant workshop March 8
Portland, Tucson, San Diego, Florida 2003 TBA


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