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Releasing Fear
and a sound healing video (O vos flores)
celebrating St. Hildegard's Feast Day (September 17)
with voice and harp

Dear Friends,

It was my intention to share this essay with you when it first came through me in late July. Somehow I forgot about it completely until this evening. As I was feeling a spiritual urge to share something, I recalled this particular essay below. Here it is now, along with information on upcoming events (Private Sessions Mon, Sept 17 near Santa Cruz, a Concert, Workshop and Sessions in Ottawa Oct 20-23, Niles MI Oct 14 with Shepherd Hoodwin) along with links to my new free songs, chants, meditations and videos page.

New! - Free Songs, Chants, Sound Healings, Meditations and Videos
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O vos flores - You who are Rose Blossoms (voice and harp)
Medieval Chant by St. Hildegard of Bingen, accompanied by harpist Gordon Johnston of Ottawa

Renewal A sound healing with Tibetan Singing Bowl and Voice
(with multiple photos capturing Spiritual Energies in the room as I sang)

What are You here to do Now? Two sacred geometry mandala videos

Releasing Fear

"Fear acts to inform you of your distance from your true Self, and from those who most love you."
- Archangel Michael

There are moments when fear is an appropriate response to a situation; for example standing on the edge of a cliff or driving much too fast. Both situations should elicit fear responses from your body. But we also experience fear during times when our bodies are not in danger. I define this fear as being the result of a disconnection from Spirit.

Most of us live in a state of partial disconnection from our own bodies and our own souls. Our senses register that we aren't quite as fully present as we might be within our bodies, and not as clearly connected to our soul as we might be. This generates a small but constant awareness of disconnection within us.

It is indeed so constant that our brains don't register our usual level of disconnection. It has become habitual. We only notice being ungrounded or feeling out of sorts when we are more disconnected from our body or soul than is normal. Life unfolds, and we function adequately until something profound occurs. Suddenly, all of who we are is needed to address a situation. In this moment we become aware that our connection into our body and soul is not fully complete. We cannot access enough of ourselves. We experience fear.

Feeling the chasm between who we are (a personality with a body and soul) and who we are meant to be (a soul fully embracing a body with a personality) brings about a fear response. Most of the time the actions we choose to take while experiencing fear are based on our fear. This is not heard to imagine! But what if we could, in these moments, remember that fear is actually a recognition by our personality of disconnection from our bodies and souls. Nothing more. Just a recognition of the need to reconnect in order to move forward.

Oftentimes when we experience fear we give our energy to the disconnection that is generating the fear. We try to make the fear go away by hiding the disconnection or convincing ourselves that we are not afraid. I know that if I feel fear, I can choose to turn and notice what it is that I am afraid of, name it and tag it as fear, and then I can look at why my disconnect from Spirit is happening. As soon as I name a fear, I can choose an action that reconnects me (my personality) to my body and soul.

This is one in a series of essays based on naming some of our most common fears, what they might be connected to in this lifetime, as well as how they might be reflected in the larger journey that our souls are making upon the Earth.

We expose 'fear of death' patterns in order to heal them.

When anyone experiences a situation in which they might die, it brings up 'fear of death' patterns in their energy field. How many decisions do we make based on our fear of dying? Many more than you might believe.

During a recent flight a friend of mine experienced an emergency landing. The cabin lost air pressure while at an altitude without sufficient oxygen to breath properly. The oxygen masks did not deploy, and people were struggling to breath. My friend became especially fearful when he sensed the airline attendants were themselves panicking. As he struggled to breath, he asked internally if he was going to die. When his body replied 'no', he relaxed. Eventually the plane descended safely and landed. Over the next days and weeks this experience revealed a series of energetic fear patterns held in his chakras that related to dying. But they also related to choices he has since made about living.

According to my guides, our fear of dying is within our DNA. Passed down through the generations within our cells are memories from ancient times upon our planet. In this long-ago past, living in community was the only way to assure food, fire, and protection from wild animals…in other words, survival. Stepping outside the rules of the community meant death. Our bodies hold this wiring deep within our cells.

When we experience a moment of potential death in this lifetime, we awaken this memory of fear held deep within our cells. This fear tells us 'don't step outside the communal rules, or there will be no water, food, fire or safety, and the body will die'. Naturally when we feel this we choose to keep our mouth shut and our head down, continuing to do what we are told to do. If we follow our inner guidance, we will be different from the tribe, we will be noticed as being different, and we will be ostracized and left alone outside the protection of the tribe. This will lead to the death of our body. Therefore 'don't be different' is one of the principle messages we here from within when we experience fear.

I believe that most of our small fears in this lifetime relate to this deep fear of death held in our body's cells. And it is for a reason. If we can actively recognize when we are experiencing a small fear, we can choose to respond to the actual situation, rather than responding directly to the fear. Each time we notice fear and then make a choice that is not subject to it, we build energies that help us uncover the pathways between small daily fears and the deeper fear of death in the cells.

As we become aware of any energetic pattern within our cells, we can actively clear it.

Typically the fear of death pattern within our cells has smaller fears related to it. These are fear patterns that we create for ourselves in this lifetime. Some common ones are not fitting in with the popular kids at school, being ridiculed for being too smart, stupid, tall or short. These are all ways we have of creating fear patterns in our aura and chakras in this lifetime. These smaller patterns resonate with and therefore help to expose the fear of death held in our cellular memory.

It seems silly that our fear of not belonging to a popular club in school could connect us to our cellular fear of dying, but it does. As we fear not fitting into our community, we experience a genetic memory of being expelled from our ancient tribe. As we fear a boss, a spouse, or authority figure telling us our actions are wrong, our cells fear the tribal leader judging us as unworthy of receiving a share of the tribe's food and water. Receiving criticism escalates internally into "Am I worthy of surviving?" Our cellular memory magnifies our fear of losing another's approval into a fear of losing the food provided through the approval of the tribal leader.

As you are reading this, are you suddenly aware of feeling anxious or uncomfortable? This is your way of perceiving your own fear energies. They are being exposed because they are ready to leave, and your body and soul are ready to let them go.

Oftentimes in healings, just talking about an issue allows us to release its power over us. We have named it, told a story about it, and therefore come to understand that the issue is not as overwhelming right now as we thought it was. The fear of death pattern within our cells is from the ancient past. It is only showing up in our present experience because we are ready to release this memory from our cells. While I certainly can't prove it scientifically, I sense that as we tag and release this pattern within us, it will not pass onto the next generation.

How does one release the fear of death? Not by putting oneself in dangerous situations. When the time is right, the pattern will be revealed. And once revealed, it can be released. Sometimes this happens when one has an experience that is fearful, like my friend. More often it happens in tiny pieces when one is engaging into their body so completely that there is no longer space for patterns that our soul is ready to release.

Remember; all those smaller patterns of fear built during our lifetime are miniature portals into this larger memory of fearing death. Facing and addressing whatever fear is in our lives right now leads us to slowly releasing a portion of our cellular fear of death.

Notice right now what feels uncomfortable in and around your body. These are patterns of energies that are ready to go on their way. It is up to you to thank them and release them through your gratitude. Why would you want to thank them? Because they did their job. They kept your ancestors alive and healthy enough to have children who in turn had children…so you have your body in this moment of time, here and now. Your job is to release them onto wherever they need to go to continue their own process of growth, change and evolution.


A Final Note:

We do not always recognize when we are experiencing fear. Fear manifests in many ways, including holding back in a situation even when you want to contribute, feeling self-conscious, being nervous, or assuming others are judging you. Physical symptoms of fear include the obvious; a racing heartbeat and sweating, to the less intense symptoms related to low-grade ongoing fear such as having to urinate frequently and sudden dryness in the mouth. I am convinced that adrenal fatigue is largely caused not just by our consumption of stimulants like coffee, but is the end result of living with a pattern of chronic fear.

Noticing that you are relating to a fear pattern is the first step. Then you can begin to question internally if the fear is really valid. Is it really true in this moment in time? Also, is the fear you are experiencing completely yours, related to you and you alone?

These are a few questions to ask yourself whenever you find yourself feeling fear. And keep in mind that one of the greatest indicators of being ready to overcome fear is indecision. What is your soul ready to do now that you are having trouble deciding to do once and for all? In all likelihood, it is fear that is holding you back. And the root of that fear is ancient. It no longer applies. By facing and naming our fears in today's life, we move beyond having to follow the communal rules written so long ago.


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